June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Fires

It is that time of year. Though I think California has been burning all year. On Monday night the air quality was so bad that it looked like we were either having a dust storm or it was foggy. It wasn't, it was smoke.
Here is how the sunrise looked.

The poor people who are living in its path and all of the firemen have been in my prayers. They tell you that if you can see the smoke, that you are already breathing the particles. It makes looking out the window feel wrong.

If you look to the right of the sun, you can see the layer of smoke that is so thick.  We had a fire burning last night south of town so more smoke has been added to this.

After I showed you the pictures of our yard in my last post, which was when we watered the grass, I thought I would show you our poor yard now. Most of the yard is now dirt. We have watered enough to keep some of the trees alive but I am afraid we will have a lot of trees to take out in the winter. Ron had already removed two in the front. The good thing is we might not have to buy firewood this winter. It is funny that it really even looks greener in this picture than it really is, I never realized how tiring to my eyes, that brown makes me.

On Mondays no one is allowed to water anything. Our temperatures here at our house hit 110 that day. My poor hydrangeas look like someone held a blow torch to them.  I didn't want you to think that after my Mondays post that things are always like Pollyanna. Most of the time I can see the good things all around me, but I wanted you to see what it is I am trying not to see. Does that make sense?

Now, the good part, drawing out rug patterns. Dog patterns. I can't wait to start on hooking fun things that keep me from looking out the window.

So glad it is Wednesday. Are you?

P.S. Pray for the poor firemen who are putting their lives on the line for the west. I think the fires are much worse in Oregon and Washington and Idaho.

"Speak that word to me today, dear Lord; peace. Let your calm spirit---though the many potentially rough minutes of this day, in every task---say to my soul, be still. (A Lamp for My Feet, p.122)
"--- You will keep him in perfect peace, whose
mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You."
Isiah 26:3


  1. How dreadful for all concerned in the fires. I pray they will soon be under control and lives spared.
    Enjoy your rug hooking!
    Best wishes.

  2. How about Hume Lake, with all those kids up there in the path of the fire? I've been praying about them all morning. It's smoky out here, too. Monsoons are supposed to start up next week, so hopefully that will help.

  3. The fires have been so worrisome for all.
    If only we could get a break in the heat, and what a blessing it would be to have rain!
    Our prayers are with the fire fighters, and everyone that is affected by these fires.
    Glad you have rugs to keep you busy, inside, and out of the smoke.
    One thing about the smoke, it sure makes for some pretty sunrises and sunsets.


  4. So sorry to hear of the smokey plight.
    Heart rending to say the least.
    So many give so much of themselves.
    I think often, we should just take time to
    be thankful for the small good things.
    Because so many have to deal with huge
    hurtful battles, such as the fire, or sickness,
    disease, or pain and suffering.
    I try and remember my troubles are small compared
    to so many, and walk in humble gratitude.
    Looking forward to your doggy rug photos!
    Bless you.

  5. Fire fires are never pretty but many are caused simply to the elimination of controlled burning. Even Native Americans used to do that to avoid the chance of fire. When Dad was small the yards were dirt and trees were far from houses just because of the chance of fire.

    Do you use your "gray" water? That was also a common practice, you used your gray water to water what you needed. The soap does not hurt the plants or it didn't use to hurt them.

  6. i am hoping the drought you've had for years that is now hitting the northwest too will break soon!!!

  7. So sad. I'm so sorry about how bad it is. All the lawns in Washington were brown and dry.
    Rug patterns and hooking sound like cheerful pursuits.

  8. My heart goes out to all the people who are suffering with shortage of water right now and to the firemen putting their lives on the line...I am definitely praying for rain to come soon. You are an inspiration with how you find some good no matter what. I will be looking forward to seeing these rugs....

  9. It is just brutal for all of you I don't take our lush green for granted as much anymore and I make sure I conserve water even though we have plenty.

  10. Kim,
    I just loved your last post and that family picture of you and hubby and all the grands is just too sweet.
    We all need to say a prayer for the firemens' safety. My heart goes out to all that are in the path of the fires.
    Hugs :)

  11. It's so sad about all the fires and the drought. Loosing grass isn't as bad as loosing trees. Grass goes dormant but trees aren't as lucky.

    You always think positive even in moments like this.
    I'm glad that you have your rugs and patterns to keep you busy.
    One positive thing about a brown lawn, you don't need to cut the grass and save on gas. I've stopped cutting mine until the heat wave is passed. Everything is so dry but nothing like in California.

    There has been some very bad fires out west here in Canada and so many have lost their homes too.

    Prayers for the firefighters for their safety as they battle fires.


  12. I just can't fathom the magnitude of the fires raging ... not just one small area. So sad. Praying for the firefighters as they battle those fires. I don't think it's wrong to have a positive outlook. A pessimistic attitude is so draining ... and not just for the one who's pessimistic, but those around him/her.

  13. it's such an overwhelming drought you have all been through!! i always save all my cooking water to water my vegetable garden. it's a good way to conserve and it's suppose to be very good for the plants. (cooled of course)!!!!!

  14. We're getting smoke from the fires in Canada now. You'd swear there was fire nearby, but it's the way the weather moves smoke around. Thankfully, we've had over 2 INCHES of rain this past week! I was praying for firefighters tonight while taking a walk in the smoky night air.

  15. May the Lord help us! Our parish in Sitka at this time is having torrential rain and mudslides, one that buried a whole house....

  16. (By "our parish" I mean one in our diocese.)


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