June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Goodness! Its Wednesday!

We have clouds today, from Arizona or Mexico. Or both.  It makes for pretty skies, but humidity comes with it and well...Just not a fan. I think there is a big difference between 100 degree days in June and 100 degrees in August. I think August is hotter and longer.

My flowers are showing signs of the weather too. Not many to take pictures of and my chickens look so bad, well I think they would be embarrassed for you to see them in their half clothed states. The molting process is just around the corner as feather are starting to go every which way. 

My son Peter went back to College. Poor guy, I just don't see how he is going to do this school year and have a life. He goes to school 9:00-9:00. He also has a job and he does worship at church on Sunday. I know he has to sleep and do homework, I just don't have any idea when he is going to do it. Oh, and have I mentioned his cute little girl friend, who has as many classes as he does. She has a job too. I think they will just wave as they pass each other on their way to and fro.

 I have everyone going in different directions and I am having a hard time adjusting to the different schedules. Right now, Ron is up at 4:00 ish and starting his day. This is only Wednesday and I am feeling more zombie than human.

I know that once the heat breaks I will be back to my ole happy self. I hope your week is a nice one.
With the beginning of fall on the way. The really odd thing around here is the trees seem to be changing a bit too. Either that or they have decided enough is enough and are just flat out going to give up the ghost.

Wow, not very a very upbeat post. I will stop here. I am dreaming about a mountain cabin right now. You know one without electricity or WiFi and with a creek chuckling to itself next to the porch. With no forest fires close by. Yep, I know a dream.

Have a lovely day,

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all."
-   Stanley Horowitz


  1. I keep fantasizing about renting a cabin somewhere in the mountains and hanging out for a week. Somewhere with a stream. It's monstrously hot and humid here, too. The weather says that this week through Sept 3rd is when we usually have our record high, and sure enough, we're slated for a major hot spell.

    Something has been broken here seems like every day. I had pest control come on Monday, so of course we're all sick now. There's a lot fewer bugs around, though.

  2. that sunrise took my breath away, gorgeous kim!!! the blooms are also beautiful. i too am waiting for our heat to break, even indoors in the a/c i feel it draining me!!!!!

  3. I know! It's too hot! I whine. I'm at dance class with Millie. When I get home tonight I am turning on the air and putting my feet up. I hope things cool soon, Kim. Yes on the cabin. So serene!

  4. Come east, Kim! We are having cooler temps! Fall is in the air! Bless Peter! Hope he is able to keep up this mad routine. xo Nellie

  5. My flowers are waning too. Maybe if we get a little rain this week, they'll perk up. Your son sounds like a busy guy.

  6. What a wonderful quote you put at the end - autumn being the mosaic of them all. In total agreement with that! We are looking forward to cooler days here too, while trying not to melt.

  7. That last shot is just amazing....So beautiful....I totally agree that August's heat seems hotter. My flowers just look weary right now too...Fall seems just around the corner....

  8. We are just coming out of winter, and I'm not sure I'm ready for the heat of our summer. May you get some respite in the heat soon.


  9. August is always the hottest and humid month here and the flies and the spiders are at the most plentiful at the farm. I've been taking down spider webs and they are rebuilt almost as soon as I take them down.

    Peter is young and can probably handle less sleep but hopefully he'll have a day here and there to catch up on his sleep.

    September is getting real close. I can't believe how so very fast time seems to slip away.


  10. once fall begins, you'll get a hop in your step again. :) i understand long days, again.

  11. Our temps have been fall like for the past few days it has even been chilly at times already and our trees and gardens are starting to show the summer weathering now yest this summer has been much cooler then most . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  12. I am glad for the ending of this hot summer- it cannot come soon enough. Thank you for the new study idea- I finished the other and have been looking online for a good one. My granddaughter has sixteen hours at college this semester, but her days are not as long as your sons. That makes a long day for sure!

  13. You have many blessings in this post.

    First and foremost is the fact your son is in college, working and studying. Do you know what I would have given for my girls to have done that? No one listens to me.

    You have flowers and chickens and sunshine...and the fires are not in your yard.

    Hope you feel better soon, Extreme heat will do that to you.

    Have a blessed evening.

  14. Always love reading your posts :)
    Beautiful picture of the sunrise!! Wow. It's nice that Peter has the option of going to school and working, but I know how you worry for his health and well~being also. It is a good thing he's got youth on his side.
    I do hope that you get a spell of cooler weather soon. It is always such a lift for our spirits when the seasons change :)

    That cabin certainly looks like an inviting place!


  15. ❀ミ
    Passei para uma visita.
    Suas fotografias são muito lindas.
    A primeira e a última são fantásticas!!!
    Bom restinho de semana, amiga!

    ♡ه° ·.

  16. Well it does seem as if your son is going to have a very busy schedule, but first of all how proud you must be of him, and how wonderful that he is willing to work soo hard! It will pay off someday and he will be glad he did. Our weather has been just miserable hasn't it? I will be glad to see August come to an end, and honestly Sept as well, lol. I am just over being hot! Your pictures are soo pretty! Hope we don't melt away, and the rest of your week is good!

  17. Your flowers are so, so beautiful! We are terribly hot here, too. Unfortunately, we are in for several more weeks, if not months of it. Please tell your husband to exercise his frozen shoulder everyday...it will make a huge difference. Diet too will help. So glad there are other "believers" out there! Just read your comment on my blog. Keep it up!

  18. beautiful flowers bringing smiles to everyone.........................

  19. Love your photos, especially that last one. Is it your yard? Beautiful. Our flowers are not at all good this year. We really can't spare the water to water them, so almost all of them just turned to dust, as you'd expect. I see one lone yellow dahlia out there. Sigh. And it is too hot to do much in the kitchen. Guess this is a fine time of year to lose a pound or two. Here's hoping to cooler weather soon! I think this weekend is supposed to be better.

  20. Such lovely flowers. I guess I didn't know you got humidity I thought it was all dry.

  21. for several mornings it's been 42 here...flannel nightgown weather!

  22. Hi there, Your flowers are simply beautiful. I can understand the heat getting to you-we've had hot days as well as fall days. It's the humidity that makes it worse. Hope everyone adjusts to the new schedules.
    Hugs, Noreen

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Beautiful photos! My flowers are starting to look like they have given up too. It's that time of the year. Wish I could magically keep my flowers looking like they do in the spring all colorful and green, all year round. Seasons come and go.


  24. My goodness, Kim, I would never step out of the house in that heat! Humidity makes it hard to breathe.
    Your flowers look pretty to me. I suppose I will be worrying about frost getting mine anytime now!
    On a personal note: Can you refer me to any source where a person can buy used homeschooling curriculum? My daughter is looking for used Oak Meadow books. I thought if anyone would know it would be you!


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