Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Thankful Thursday Post

How is your June going? Ours is going very nicely and quickly.  The weather is almost perfect. The last few years we have had such hot weather, I have forgot what June used to be like. Like when the kids were small and they wanted to swim but it was too cold. I am very thankful today, for nice memories like that. The smell of chlorine, and songs on the radio, with all of them singing in the back. The lazy days of summer.

Yesterday, the boys who live here, and Makenzie went to the beach for a day.  I was home all day by myself. I thought it would be day that I would enjoy doing what I like to do every minute of the day. I didn't.
I was lonesome, Sasha doesn't talk much. Nor do the chickens. I did things like I hooked and dyed wool. I went for a walk and cooked. Still it wasn't what I thought. I decided that I am not really Queen material. I am more of the peasant kind. I think being a servant is better. I find more fulfillment in that.

 To me, I think I am happiest when I remember, I am a servant willing to serve the the people
God brings into my life. 
Serving mean people
Nice ones
Funny ones
Sad and lonely people
Angry ones. Even those people who
post things on the internet that are hurtful and full of malice.
People who need love.
Jesus says it best.
" But I say to those who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who mistreat you...But love your enemies and do good and lend expecting nothing in return." ( Luke 6 :27-31)

   As  I go about my mornings, I think about the fact that a servant is one who can be counted on to do the work no one sees. To finally arrive at what I wish I were, and sadly, am not, I am still to full of self.
My ideal is this." A servant...will let himself be" lost." It is a great principle of the cross that He takes up---out of his own loss comes another's gain, out of his discomfort another's comfort.
My marching orders are as follows:
1.Leave myself behind.
2.Take up my cross.
3. Come away with Jesus. ( Because I can't do this without Him.)
     (Whoever cares for his own safety is lost.)
 4. But if a man or a woman will let himself be lost for My own sake he will find his true self.

I thought this summer, I would be doing lots of me things. Then I had one whole day. What-a-boring-long-day. I guess if dogs reflect our real selves, I am a Border Collie kind of person. I like jobs. I like routine. I like order because in order I find tranquility. Just don't keep to Sasha's routine and she goes bonkers. I realize I am just like my dog.

So today I am thankful, for a houseful of people, for laundry and for cooking and for cleaning house. I am thankful that I am surrounded by people. I am thankful today for this life I have been given. One in which to serve, and not be served. I am just not cut out to be a queen.
Have a lovely June day.

“Dear old world', she murmured, 'you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”
---L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


TexWisGirl said...

you're a border collie person. i'm a lab person. i prefer to just laze about and soak in whatever's around me. :)

i soak in my quiet and alone days.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Kim, that is a beautiful post!!!! In today's world everyone wants to be noticed but like you I don't need to be a queen. I do want to do right by God and grow into a loving person no matter circumstances come into our lives. The greatest tragedy of a persons life is if they come to the end of this life and are the same person when they started. Thanks for reminding me that we need to love even the mean people because but for the glory of God goes I . Hugs and have a good week Cheri

Christine said...

You are a lovely special person Kim! You give so much of yourself!
It is wonderful to know that you are in the place where God can use you, for there is only one you!

Kerin said...

Yep.. we are border collie people :)
Except, my border collie is pretty easy going,
and naps .......a lot!!
I too am happiest when I can serve others.. it's easier to forget your own troubles and thoughts when you are anxiously engaged in service :)

Getting used to an empty house does take time, as you remember.. it took me a while to adjust.

Hoping that you are enjoying this day, and everyone being home once more :)


Debbie said...

I can really identify with this post. As a general rule I enjoy being busy. Without many close around me I HAVE to have something or someone I am bust sewing for My best days are those full of people...just doesn't happen as much as I like

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I enjoy being busy, but not just for busy's sake. I always wish I could serve more, and I try to find worthy things that I know will bring happy to others..I really love helping with the food pantry in our little town..I guess that is my favorite. And of course- I have grands and a husband keeping me busy here, so my "me" days are few and far between.

Kessie said...
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Kessie said...

I saw their beach pictures--looks like they had a good time! I know what you mean about being a servant. When I do my own thing, I get so mean. I'm much happier serving.

Although, when the baby gets ahold of the jumbo container of yogurt, and eats/plays in it with both hands ... yeah, that makes it harder.

Julia said...

A lovely post Kim.
I don't know what kind of dog I am but it's my zodiac sign. hehe. Like you I like to keep busy and working behind the scene. I don't like to bring attention to myself but i love to serve. I never seem to have enough time to do what I plan because I serve those who need me. Putting other people's needs ahead of myself has been a way of life that I learned from my mom's example. I've learned a long time ago that it's in giving that you receive. That's the way it works.

One difference with me is that I love to be alone as I can accomplish so much more and I love to have something to do and there is no shortage of things I love to do.

When I'm alone, I ponder a lot and I get some great insights that comes out of the blue. It's my quiet time with God. Gratefulness fills my cup.
Enjoy your perfect weather.
I mowed the lawn after supper and it felt so good after a wet and cold few days.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Kim your flowers are so pretty...I enjoy a day to myself now and again, but not on a regular basis...I like helping and giving to does the heart a world of good...My days are now spent in the garden...happily...with Travis by my side...Have a great weekend...Julie...

Three Sheep Studio said...

What a lovely post, Kim.
June has had a wonderful start.
I am dreaming of one day to myself to see what kind of person I am !!