June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

An Update

First of all I want to thank you all for your prayers. I think on Monday after I posted the little sleep Ron was able to get came after the prayers were being lifted up. I know you prayed for me, as such a spirit of calmness continues to wash over me.  He continues to improve. This is such uncharted territory for us. I have done searches and read and while I can find symptoms, nothing says how long these things last or what else happens.

 His muscles continue spasm and he has involuntary jerks of his feet and hands. At least the legs have stopped. The toxins settled into his joints. Yesterday, he broke out in the worse case of hives I have ever seen, every place the joints had ached over the last three days. I think the hives are a good sign as the poison is leaving his body.  He sleeps each day a bit better. The sweat is continuing to abate. We have only made a few Spiderman jokes.

His hands have finally returned to normal warmth. I know that each day something new happens. He said yesterday that now he just feels like he has the worst flu he has ever had in his life. Which is a improvement over feeling he could die. I find I am so thankful for tiny things. I woke up this morning and listened to him breathe as he slept. I am thankful, when I make him laugh and hear him chuckling. I am thankful he is eating.
I am so thankful for warm hands. He sleeps best when he can hear me going about a normal routine. The sound of the washer and dryer, the sound of the dsihwasher. The sound of my keys typing on my keyboard.
Things like this narrow my vision, and blessing comes in the smallest things.

I just want to say, thank you, and when Ron was very sick on Monday, he would read your comments and they helped him so very much. Just to know he was being prayed for, gave him strength.
I of course, have always known, I have the most wonderful friends in the whole world.
It is one day at a time.
Thank you so much for your kind words and your prayers.


  1. i am so glad to hear he is resting better and things are returning to normal (even as other things crop up!) still, what a terrible thing his body has been going through!

  2. I'm so glad he's able to sleep! I prayed for him all day yesterday.

  3. Dear Kim, I've been thinking of Ron and you a lot throughout the last couple of days and I was just about to email you and saw that you had posted. Thanks so much for the update. I'm so glad so many are praying for him to return to good health.

    Something good is bound to come out of this but I don't know what it is. Maybe a stronger sense that we can't take life for granted or a stronger faith or stronger bond with family, who knows.

    I saw images of the destruction a bite can do and it's frightening.

    I'm keeping him and you in my prayers.

  4. Continuing to pray....keep up the progress reports, please! I've been even more mindful as I poke about in the garden and garage....that's for sure! Hopefully more and more improvement is happening - even today!

  5. I know he is far from well but thank you for posting his progress and we thank God that He has kept Ron and will continue to protect him and ease the discomfort!
    Love and hugs!

  6. I am so glad he is helping! Prayers and thoughts still coming your way. I still can not believe the doctors just sent you home! Do you even have to go to your family physician for any follow up?

    1. Thank you so much for praying. No, no follow up of any kind. I didn't even think of that until you mentioned it.
      He is doing better now, thank you.

    2. We will keep praying. Thank you for the update and I wish good health for you both.

  7. That was supposed to say healing not helping!

  8. Thank you for the update; I was just wondering how he was doing It's very good to read he is improving, and I pray it will continue, and speedily with full recovery and restoration. I have learned from this just how dangerous spider bites can be; I had no idea.

    Also, you may notice my blog is no longer there (I have closed it for the time being and am not writing) but I will still be visiting you and my other blog friends every day.

  9. Oh, Kim! I have been away from Blogland for a few days and just read about the spider bite - the image of you driving Ron to urgent care and getting lost was so moving to me, as I could easily feel with you the anxiety of those moments. I know I would do and feel something very like that. I'm glad to hear that a black widow bite is not a death sentence. A friend of mine was bitten, they think, by a Brown Recluse once and he was in the hospital for a long time and almost lost his hand that had been bitten.

    God bless you both and give you rest and peace.

  10. Such good news to hear that Ron is improving, even by little bits.
    As you know, we are continuing our thought and prayers for Ron and you, and your family.
    Thank you for the update... we all are anxious for good news :)


  11. I have no idea how I missed this I am so happy things are improving. That had to be so frightening for all of you. He is going to be OK now the worst is over and the prayers surely did make the difference. Sending my hugs and prayers late but still sending for a complete recovery. Hug B.

  12. I know one night I could not sleep I felt it was the perfect time to keep praying. I don't have God's email or anything but I thanked him for answering our prayers.

    I will keep praying that total healing comes quickly.

    Good sleep tonight and sweet dreams, both of you.

  13. More prayers for Ron's continuing recovery.
    Hugs :)

  14. Oh Kim, I'm a horrible blog friend!! I've been way behind in my blog reading and missed your post about Ron. I'm so sorry! I'm glad to hear he's improving, and will pray for a complete recovery and relief from symptoms!!

  15. So good of you to update us, Kim, and I'm so glad that you're seeing Ron improve. Thanks be to God!

    I'll bet the Epsom salts baths is really helping Ron's joint pain and probably magnesium oil rubbed in would too. God bless you all as you work to help Ron heal and stay comfortable. I also pray for your rest, peace, and wisdom.

  16. Soo glad I decided to pop on here tonight and see this update. i have wondered how he was doing on and off during the day and have lifted him in prayer every time he came to my mind. May the healing continue and be thorough and swift! Can't wait till this is all behind you.....Blessings!

  17. Dear Kim, I'm so sorry to hear about this-I'm on vacation for will be praying for Ron. When we lived in northern Ca. we had blac widow spiders to. But I think I feared the rattlesnakes more. Our pest control man said they were more toxic to dogs than humans. It sounds like Ron had a severe reaction; it would have scared the wits out of anyone. May he feel better soon with no lasting complications. Hugs, Noreen

  18. Prayers for Ron. Beautiful yellow flowers...

  19. I pray each day is a little better in this recovery process !!
    (If you're reading this Ron - maybe you could pick a different way to take some time off work next time !)
    Will continue to pray for a complete recovery.

  20. I'll keep praying. Go slow. I know that isn't easy for energizer-bunny Ron. God be with him and you! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  21. I'm just catching up a little this morning and so so sorry to hear about Ron, but so glad that by now he is getting back to normal. What a scare! You are so right Kim, we begin to appreciate all the little wonderful blessings when this kind of thing happens. I pray he continues to mend and life gets back to "normal". :)


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