Thursday, June 19, 2014

Being Thankful

Sometimes it is just nice to sit and think and be thankful for all of the small gifts that seem to show up unannounced.

1. The breeze that blows in making the wind chimes sing and the air feel full of refreshment.

2. The boys telling me stories about that blue jay that follows them too. I love that they notice things and how when one son who was going out to pick plums, said, " I could hear birds singing and talking in the trees, I came out the gate and all of sudden it was silent, and a flock of birds flew out of the plum tree and I went to pick some and I could feel bird eyes watching me as I picked and I found bird pecks so they had been having a feast. As soon as I went in the gate they started back up the chatter."  I was thankful that they notice things like that.

3.I am thankful for our growing garden, I love seeing the little growing tendrils of the climbing plants. I love seeing how they are putting out these corkscrews reaching to climb what ever they can.

4. I am thankful that I go out in the early morning and I have sunflowers to greet me and the day. They never fail to give me joy.

5. The gift of sight. Think of the best dessert you have ever tasted. That is what being able to see feels to me. Every time I open my eyes, blessing washes over me, the colors, the textures, the grains of sand in the soil, that look like bits of diamond, ruby and jasper. Or the multifaceted crystals  that are the drops of water that shimmer in the early morning light.

6. The God gifts of chance meetings. I was in the toy section yesterday and a young boy helped me pick out boy gifts for a birthday present. He was shopping, spending his birthday money. He told me what he thought five year old boys would like best. I was and am so thankful for the sweet people God continues to bless me with that come into my life. Every day.

7. One of the many things I am thankful for is that God tells me no. Without those many " No's" I would not see the glory and magnificent answers to prayers. I always dream too small. I am always thankful too that after a trial, I am able to see so much clearer than I was before the trial and in the midst of it. I will continue to learn that, " His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are not my ways and His ways are higher than my ways.

8. Gardens are jam packed with surprises every single day. Around every corner and at every turn there is something waiting to give joy.

9. I have sat in and watched so many people in the last six months. Being out of my comfort zone allows me to see things I might not have noticed before. I am thankful that God gets me out of my selfish complacency and reminds  me that the world does not revolve around me. He became a servant so I might be one too.  ( I have lots and lots of room here for improvement.)

10. Of course, being thankful for Ron who continues to listen to me.  Who never complains about what ever harebrained idea I might come up with. He goes to work every day so I can stay home and do what I do. He is just fun to be around not to mention, I imagine I would be a couch potato with roots if he wasn't always full of energy. Laughing at my jokes is always a plus. Still.

I hope you have a lovely day, full to the brim of things that you love. Thank you for stopping by today.
It is nice to be right here, right now on this perfect day in June.


"I have no time to grow old...I am too busy for that,
It is very idle to grow old."
---" The Golden Key,  Dealings with the Fairies,
George MacDonald, 1887


TexWisGirl said...

sweet list. :) couch potato with roots. ha! loved the little boy who helped you shop.

Kessie said...

I'm always so blessed by your thankful posts. It's so nice and cool this morning, we're all sitting on the porch.

Pom Pom said...

That's so sweet that you asked that little boy for some shopping advice!
Your garden looks so good, Kim! Yay!
Bluejays like plums? I didn't know that!
Take care today. Put your feet up. I don't think you have a lazy bone in your body!

Julia said...

Somehow I can't imagine you as a couch potato...with roots attached, you're so funny. You are such a hard worker in your home.

But I know what you mean about being thankful. Being in the yard tending to my gardens give me a new perspective in God immense gifts that he gives to us in abundance. I know... I don't care for the mosquitos, or the weeds, haha, but they are there for a purpose that I don't quite get. I'm thankful for feeling much better today

Being thankful, fills up the heart tank full... Hey, I can't believe I came up with this saying.
My gift to you to hook or stitch. hahaha.


Debbie said...

Couch potato with roots, NOT! The garden is rewarding you abundantly and I adore the sound of wind chimes!!

Alica said...

What a lovely post of thanks! Every time I hear you mention your sight, I am thankful for your restored vision!! said...

You have a grateful heart Kim, and it reflects in your words, and attitude. I LOVE that! I also LOVE your beautiful garden which I am so in envy of. We can only water 2 times a month now with the sprinkler, and I carefully water my pots of flowers by hand. It is hot and dry. Your garden always looks so healthy and flourishing, makes me happy!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Around here, morning devotions are begun with a blessings journal that, sometimes, becomes a prayer journal. I have a lot of blessings but seem to always be thankful for the same "small" blessings...a quiet morning, birdsong, rain, sunshine, health, beloved companions, clean drinking water, food. All the "smalls" that make up a large life.

Buttons Thoughts said...

What great luck in finding a boy who could help you with choosing a gift, I can imagine that was fun. So much beauty surrounds you I am so happy you can see it so well now, a true gift most of us have no idea about. Garden looks great. I love the early mornings and the sounds of the birds. Have a nice weekend. Hug B

Three Sheep Studio said...

Wind Chimes always remind me of "porch sitting". I love #7 in your list - when God says "no". It can cause anguish at the time, but often God has something MUCH better waiting for me - I just didn't know it, because my vision was so narrow.

Kerin said...

So many wonderful things you have to be grateful for.
We all have so many blessings. It's good to stop, ponder and reflect on our many blessings.

Love how your gardens are growing, and those sunflowers.... pure joy!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

All your commentors have already said everything I would say, so I'll just say thank you for this lovely post, reminding us all of the importance of intentional living, with open eyes and hearts, with gratefulness always.

Lynn said...

Lovely, Kim. You write the most beautiful posts. It sounds like you have so much to be grateful for, and you are spending your energies in good ways -- being grateful! Good reminder to thank our Father above for all the goodness around us.

Bonnie K said...

Well said.