Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today's Odds and Ends

I personally think I am in a blogging slump. I can't seem to come up with anything to say or write about. I thought I might write about a few things that consumed my mind this week.

I went for my final, and I mean final eye exam. No more eye poking or prodding. When she took out this contraption yesterday and pushed the button on the side and three needles popped out that she was going to stick in my eye without numbing drops, I broke out in a  cold sweat. My least favorite part was the oops part.  She said that three times. Then I asked the doctor why my first lens isn't as clear as the second lens and he said, " Well that is my fault, do you remember when you first came in and we took measurements? Well your eye  was so bad that the machine couldn't read your eye so I had to guess." 
So there you have it, it took six months. I went to my first eye visit on January 4th and finished up on June 4th. I feel like I have got out of school.

 I finally found some green mason jars. I didn't find them in quarts but I am on a quest so when I make pickles I can put them in green jars. I still like blue best but these are very pretty. Along with keys, scissors, needles and pin cushions, my other thing I am crazy about is jars. I do love canning jars.

Yesterday was a beautiful morning, I took my devotional things outside on the porch and was really deep in thought when I looked up and what did I see?

My new little hens on the porch railings.

I had let them out earlier and I hadn't noticed them at all, and then to look up and there they sat. I think maybe I have fooled with them too much, they all want to be held at night before I shut them in, they all jump up on the door and wait as I pick up each one and pet them, they just pour out their little hearts to me in peeps. I know I shouldn't get attached to chickens but I can't help it.

Remember earlier in the spring when they hauled truckload after truck load of asphalt for days? Well they opened the road on Tuesday afternoon. Now you can get from one side of town to the other on the nice four lane road until you get to our road where it suddenly goes into two lanes. The road is to be finished next spring. Then the nice four lane road will go right in front of our house, I am still waiting to see if the city takes all of the houses on the block and takes our front yard. I expect a letter any day. As of yet no word. Trying to trust God and walk by faith has been a test for me.
I am constantly giving every thing I own and all that I am back to the Lord. This is his property, we are but stewards. As I have learned with the eye trial. I knew that God could have just healed my eyes, without me going through it all, but He didn't. He wanted to teach me that trusting Him was better.

No one could have made me believe that I would be able to see like I do now. Going through the surgeries and all of that made me wait and watch and trust in ways, I haven't done for awhile. So as I wait to know the outcome of the road, I keep hearing " Will you trust Me?"
So I do, even if, we do move, even if they take all of the houses, even if... God has a plan and as I am reminded daily, being able to see, and given this gift, is better than I could have dreamed, God has a plan and it too will be better than I have ever dreamed. So I will trust Him.


I am always surprised to look back at the things that seemed so scary and huge and to find that none of it was and that it was all good and all of it for a wonderful reason, to make me a better person and to trust in ways I never thought of before. 


I hope you have a lovely rest of the week. We will hit the ole triple digits this weekend. I keep hoping I will have time to sit and stitch again. Not to mention blogging. 
Have a wonderful day,

   "This earthly life is a battle," said Ma. "If it isn't one thing to contend with, it's another. It always has been so, and always will be. The sooner you make up your mind to that, the better off you are, and the more thankful for your pleasures."

---Little Town on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder, 1941


TexWisGirl said...

happy eye graduation!!! woo hoo! 'oops' is not a good word to use around eyes! :)

fingers crossed on the road crapola. love your hens!

Debbie said...

Soo glad all the eye stuff is finally behind you and you are experiencing soo much beauty now! And NO, no one wants to here "oops" anywhere near your eyes, lol. I LOVE that your hens are attached to you...didn't know chickens could be. Love that quote from Ma. So much wisdom there. Enjoy the rest of your week. Your going to be a little hotter then we are expected to be. It is saying high 80's!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You always do find something very meaningful to say and this post is no exception. Ma Ingalls was a wise woman.

I know if I had chickens I'd be spoiling them with my attentions too. And why not?

Kessie said...

I love your little hens pics! That's too bad about your other eye not being as good. That's scary how bad it was that the doc had to guess!

The road ... Ugh. Hopefully they'll just slice it off the field side, right? I mean, to take the houses, the city has to fight the county, right? On th field side, they only have to move some power poles.

Nellie said...

Love this post, Kim! Glad you have had your "eye graduation." I would have the chickens spoiled, too. Reminds me of the chicken our daughter and son-in-law have. She follows them around everywhere, talking to them as she goes! Such a cute thing!

Love the quote. You have a lot of good ones that you post.

Take it easy on yourself, Kim. I'm always happy to read your blog.

xo Nellie

Alica said...

Yeah...I think I'd have cringed at the "oops" too! Don't mess up around my eyes, thank you! Love the green jars!!

Beth said...

The morning glories are beautiful Kim! All of the photos are great!

Pom Pom said...

Hello Kim! I love those green jars! I need to read some books about canning. I have no skills.
It just stopped raining here, so I am going out to plant and hoe (with my Hula hoe!)
Triple digits. Yikes!
The hens love you. You're lovable!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I LOVE those jars I have never seen any like that they will make great pickle jars.
I am glad no more poking and prodding and sorry he had to guess but it is so much better than it was. That is truly a blessing.
I hope the road does not take your land but I understand the gas pipeline will be taking more of ours. Progress:( Hug B

Meg said...

I think I would have walked out when I saw needles. I think your hens are very sweet, there's no such thing as handling them too much. And the house next to us is getting ready to go on sale, so if you move you could always come live next to us. :D

Julia said...

I don't thinkI would sit still to have three needles stuck in my eye. Ouch. I only have two permanent eyes and I'd love to keep them, lol. You are brave... I'm glad that your eye exams are done with.

Your blog is never boring. If it was, your followers would not follow. I'm sure everyone misses you when you don't post.

A post can be any thing you want. It can be a thought, a little poem, a book review, photos of your gardens and plants, an update on what you're working on, your chickens, your family. I always love reading your post and I miss it when you don't post.

Slowing down isn't easy and I'm the same way. I don't know what to do with myself when I don't have things to do.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Is there anything that can be done to make your first lens as clear as the second?m I've been so frustrated lately because all of a sudden my eyesight has changed, and I'm having trouble seeing ... Getting headaches, etc. Then I am reminded of you and your trials with your vision. My troubles aren't so bad after all. (I do have an eye exam scheduled for Monday ... I'm sure it's just a prescription change.)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello! Ewe eye exams don't sound fun! I found the green Quart Jars at Target in a 4 pack.They had them in 2 different areas.I have the smaller Blue newer Ball Jars too I wish they had made those in the Quarts as well.I love them!


Three Sheep Studio said...

I have never seen green canning jars. I have a few cases of the blue jars and they are my favorite also.
Your post was so well said. I had a close friend tell me once...
"Sometimes, the things which are our greatest struggles, become our greatest blessings."

Sue said...

Hi Kim, I am so glad your eyes are well, and you have finished with the Dr's visits. I believe like you the things I have gone through and will go through, that God is teaching me to trust Him.
You have done well, through this trial dear friend, I will be praying with you about the matter of the road.I also agree with you we are His stewards taking care of what He has entrusted to us. I just love your chicken stories, we have just acquired two small turkeys, our grandson and his new bride bought them for us, while visiting. I have been so busy, gardening and preserving what food we were able to salvage from the flooding, plus replanting. I will finish the squash, strawberries, and potatoes this week, and will be getting a small but short break!
Thanks for sharing, I alway enjoy your posts, when I can get to blogland.~smile~
Enjoy your weekend.

Willow said...

You have a wonderful way of viewing things ~ in your heart.
I am glad to hear you are now viewing things much better with your eyes too !

Debbie said...

Awesome news about your eyes Kim!! Such pretty blooms today.....I love canning jars, I use them for everything but canning :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Deb said...

Hi - I am a new follower of your blog. Loved this post about trusting God. Hope all turns out well with your eyes. Those green canning jars sure are pretty. Good luck with the pickles! God bless you with a wonderful weekend. said...

I relate to the bottom quote so much these days. I am also praising God for your eyes and the success of healing. The green jars are great and when I look at my own morning glories I always think of you. Blessings...and sending my hugs

Miss Debbie said...

God is so faithful...seems that it would get easier to trust Him, but we have bad memories and we go through the same song and dance over and over!! So glad He is patient!

Gumbo Lily said...

Love that quote by Ma Ingalls. She was such a wise woman. May your trust and joy be in the Lord.

Debbie said...

i missed the "punkins" sign last time i was here. very clever and just too cute ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, well, I do hope they don't take some of your property....but as you say, God can help you to handle whatever comes, and give you a new place where your chickens can sit on your porch railing in such a charming manner - I do SO love that scene. Let us know if you get that letter. :-(