June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Odds and Ends

I keep taking pictures of the hydrangeas so that I can look back this winter and remember how pretty these bushes are and how many blossoms there were on them.  I have enough I could cut a few and bring them in the house, but I really do enjoy seeing them grow.

I have worked in the garden all week. I have to go outside and start working before 7:00 A.M. because on a hot day, working to 9:30 A.M. I come in the house I am a bit shaky. The heat is incredible out there but the plants love it. Then I start my house work. It feels so nice to be doing spring/summer cleaning. To be cleaning out cupboards, drawers and closets.

Here is some pictures of the garden.

Here is the gourds. I do hope we get lots of luffa  sponges. I really do enjoy using them to scrub every thing from bodies to sinks to what ever I have that needs scrubbing.

There are also lots of other kinds of gourds planted. I had some seeds from those kind that produce giant basket gourds. I would like to carve on those.

All the lovely pumpkins. I worked out here about three hours, getting them all weeded. After a year of no pumpkins, it is a labor of love. I have such plans for those pumpkins.

This is one of the middle beds, it has squash, corn, green beans and cucumbers. Every thing I want to can is growing here. I should have maybe planted more corn, and I still have room and plenty of seeds. I also need to plant another row of sunflowers, but it has taken so much time to keep this weeded I just wonder if I have the energy.

The beets are coming right along and I do have sunflowers out here and okra. I am thinking of letting my hoe slip on a few of the okra plants. I have never planted it before and I have heard that it is prolific., so maybe I don't need so many plants.

That is a tiny Japanese egg plant. I just love watching egg plant grow. This has doubled in size in one day.
I spend way to much time out here I think. It is such a peaceful place to me. The last two years, I was loosing my sight so fast, I didn't enjoy gardening. For one thing the colors were all messed up because of that first cataract being yellow. The sky instead of being blue was a dirty brownish color. I would try to weed and I would miss so many weeds that it would look that I hadn't done anything, so it felt I could never catch up. My plants all looked ill because it was me that was seeing something that wasn't there. Not to mention always, the feeling of impending doom that I just couldn't get away from.   Not to mention out of a seven day week, three of those days would be spent with migraines. I haven't had but one since that first surgery. To me that is a bit of a miracle. Not to mention seeing blue sky, and green plants and stars. I couldn't see stars either.

I was sitting out on my knees weeding the pumpkins, and I was listening to the birds, and the ground was still cold on my knees and the wind was blowing and I could see the trees shimmering in the sunlight. I could hear the sound of the wind in the trees and such a feeling of blessing washed over me. Being thankful for all that has happened. I am constantly amazed at the world around me. Fear of the unknown is a terrible thing. The what if games that I play in my head. All of it takes away the joy of living. The beauty that brings surprises every day. I feel like I have been gone for so long. One of the things I had to do, as my sight left, was I had to keep buying bigger and bigger tapestry needles just to thread the needle. Last night I used a needle with a tiny eye. Each time I threaded that needle, I just laughed to myself, seeing the eye of a needle is such a gift.

I have rambled on an on. Time to get the day underway. I really do like short weeks, but I have been behind a day all week. I hope your Thursday is nice.

Thank you for reading along, on these ramblings of mine.


" We will wait, For God is in the waiting."
---The Trumpeter of Krakow, Eric P. Kelly 1928


  1. i really have trouble threading a needle these days. *sigh*

    love your morning glories! and i do hope you're drinking a ton of water while you're working out there in that heat! don't wait until you come indoors!

  2. It's been so hot! My basil is growing like gangbusters, though. M so glad you can see again.

  3. Your garden looks just amazing and so large. I can't imagine that you can use all what you grow.

    I love your hydrangeas and you're like me, I'd rather look at the flowers where they grow as opposed to bringing them in the house. I always say that I should have a cutting garden.


  4. Garden is looking great! And you have a way with words.... sight is such a lovely sense we take for granted. xoxo

  5. Beautiful post. ..enjoy each and every minute in your garden and with your sewing. I believe in miracles too.
    Blessings, Catherine

  6. Oh how I hope my hydrangeas bloom this year! I just love them!

    What a garden you have ... Makes ours look like so, so tiny! We have a tomato and several blossoms on a couple of our tomato plants! I can't wait. Our zucchini is holding its own.

  7. Yes, so wonderful you can see again Kim!
    And what a wonderful way to pass your days-in the garden.

  8. We love okra here, so my hoe would not be slipping around the okra plants.:-) If you gather okra often, that is what motivates it to bear more. The hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful! xo Nellie

  9. Everything looks so good! I didn't know you were growing luffa. I might steal a couple for soap. ;) I'm so glad you have a big garden this year and you're enjoying it.

  10. And you have morning glories in your garden!
    I like to have flowers scattered among the vegetables, too. Where I planted fennel as a vegetable, those seeds don't seem to have sprouted but volunteer nasturtiums are coming up! I don't suppose nasturtiums will grow where you are? I never knew what one was until I moved away from the Central Valley.

  11. Kim, your gardens and plants look wonderful! I can tell from your post that you are a woman full of gratitude for all of her blessings ~~~ big and small.
    Thank you for sharing your feelings of gratitude with us. Makes me stop and take more notice of all of my blessing too :)

    Best of luck with all your gardens this growing season!
    Hope the luffas work out great too. I've wanted to grow luffa gourds, but never have. Maybe some day.

    Smiles :)

  12. You are such a gift to us. I love hearing (reading) about your garden and your plans for it. xo

  13. No wonder you spend many hours in the gardens!!!
    Your morning glory are beautiful. The center just glows. I planted some seed yesterday, but I don't have too good of luck with them.
    Hugs :)

  14. Wonderful garden things growing! Your soil looks very sandy. Is it? My garden is finally in and beginning to come up. We have a pretty short growing season, but I enjoy it. Every bit of homegrown food we get is a gift! Loving your thoughts about enjoying all the moments.

  15. Hello friend! I did not know that about egg plant! I must buy one and put it in the Peter Rabbit garden!
    Your garden is so ambitious! You are so ambitious! I can't believe you come in from all that sweaty gardening and THEN clean your house. I think I'd have tea and a nap! And THEN second breakfast.

  16. Yes, okra is prolific! It will grow tall and you will have plenty to freeze, sell and give away!! ha! ha! Hope you have lots of pumpkins and I would like to see the loofahs!

  17. the gardens look fabulous kim, that must be a ton of work to keep up with.

    your hydrangeas are gorgeous, mine have not bloomed yet!! have a wonderful weekend!!

  18. I love your garden. Thanks again for sharing this year's pictures. I took some similar pictures this morning...my first morning glory and yellow sunflower. I hope you are doing great and I am hoping to be back to visit more often. Blessings and hugs

  19. Holy Moly your garden is huge! I bet it keeps you busy. It looks like you have big plans for everything. Can't wait to see your harvest.

  20. Kim, I am so very happy for you.. Lovely :)

  21. Although you might have not been able to see clearly all the beauty around you, I think you had it deep in your soul. Until you wrote about not seeing well I would never had suspected it. It goes to show how positive you are.


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