Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Perfect Morning in May

Today is a perfect day, just hot enough to make it feel like home. When you have lived here forever. There is something comforting about "normal." When the kids were all at home, and the berries in my back yard would begin to ripen, we would postpone school until I had the berries picked. I remember picking berries planning for the next school year. I would be able to think and find direction. As I picked berries this morning.

The smell of the dust, the ripe berries and the red staining my fingers. I thought about how comforting it is to look back on the years, and see how faithful God has been. Today, I thought about our oldest grand daughter and how five years ago today she was born. How thankful I am for the gifts of children. Children keep my feet on the ground and keep reminding me of what is important as they grow so fast.

I know you can't really tell what this is but on Monday morning we went out and this is after we tried to save tomato plants. We came up with this planting mix and it smelled so good when Ron was mixing it and it was filled with all sorts of good things for tomatoes. Well, I guess it was smelled good for skunks too. That skunk dug a pit and totally made a mess of our carefully planted tomatoes. We tried to get what we could back in the ground. It smelled so strongly of skunk. Ron is going to put a hot wire around this area now. Which I dread, and I forget it is there and guess who gets shocked and falls over the silly thing?

A bucket of hollyhock seeds
One year I grew lots of hollyhocks. I picked and picked the seeds but I left them in the pods and never did anything with them. Ron brought them to me and I sat and emptied the little pods. I wasn't sure if they would grow. 

 I did finally find seeds from double hollyhocks I have been looking for those for years. I hope they do really well where I have them planted. 

The Hydrangeas are going so pretty. I am enjoying them so much.

The plums have a long way to go before they get ripe, but I just love this color. I would love to stitch something this color. Isn't it wonderful having color? I will never take it for granted again. 

The apricots are storing up sunshine. I always think that is what apricots taste like, sunshine. 

I finally finished this rug. I-AM-SICK-OF CHICKEN RUGS!  Getting this finished was like trudging up hill every step of the way. I am going to take a break from chicken rugs. I have a couple other patterns that I want to work on and I am still unsure which one I will do. I need to dye wool and I need to decide what colors I am going to use. I have missed the ole dye pot. It will be so nice to do that again. That is my idea of a vacation, dyeing wool. 

Have a lovely Wednesday, 

Rose of Sharon
If you would like some hollyhock seeds drop me a comment and I will email and get you get your snail address and mail them to you. The colors are red, or white or pink.


Debbie said...

starting with seeds, so much more rewarding!! your gardens look plentiful and beautiful kim, enjoy the weather!!

TexWisGirl said...

your rug is really cute, but i understand why you'd be sick of chickens for a bit. i hope your hollyhocks grow - and the dang skunk!

dixiesamplar said...

Love your rug finish...sorry that it became a bit boring though. Your flowers and fruit all look awesome...wish I had a green thumb :-/

Jacque. said...

Gardening and hooking...what could be a better combination? You are so grounded. xo

Beth said...

I can't imagine having those wonderful fruit trees in my yard!

I like your chicken rug!!

Nellie said...

Oh, yes! I'd really enjoy hollyhock seeds!

I'm envious of those apricots. They are probably my absolute favorite fresh fruit. I'm not sure why. Probably because they are available here for such a short time - plus, they are very expensive here, too. Probably about $3.99 a pound! Sometimes less, but usually that's the price.

Yucky old skunk! Perhaps now that your vision is better, you won't trip over the electric fence.

xo Nellie

Catherine said...

Looks like your garden is growing beautifully. A rewarding labor of love. Blessings, Catherine

Sue said...

OH! I am so sorry about what the skunks did to your tomato plants, Kim, we are battling with slugs eating our plants, and opossums trying to get to my chickens! Your fruit looks absolutely yummy, I have tried to grow plums with no luck.
I also have tried hollyhock plants with no luck.
Be careful with the hot wire, I would forget it was there and trip too!
Thanks for sharing of your day.
Blessings, Sue

Kessie said...

A skunk?? Stupid skunk! At least you have berries and everything. I'm so glad you're better!

Miss Debbie said...

Sorry about your tomatoes..bad, bad skunk! I spent two hours planting impatiens last night. This morning, I found a squirrel had plundered one of my pots...bad . bad, squirrel!! Hope your hot wire works!! Do holly hocks need sun? My yard is mostly shaded.

Kim said...

I never thought I would hear you say you are sick of chicken rugs! It is really cute though. Take a chicken break. Seems like we are both tormented by skunks. It's only a matter of time before that little bugger sprays me. Arrghh

Gumbo Lily said...

The berries look so delicious! And the plums and apricots too. What a blessing to have such fruit growing at home. I struggle to get an apple tree to start. Still trying though.

That fertilizer must have smelled like something yummy for those skunks to dig up you tomatoes. Rats! That really does STINK!

Alica said...

I look at your fruit, and my mouth can't help but water! Mmmmm...that looks so good! I can't believe you're that far along in your season already! I would be so mad at that skunk. How dare he?!?!

Nancy's Notes said...

Skunks can do a number on anything! Chicken rug is adorable, know you are ready to move on and your next little vacation of dying wool, can't wait to see!

Julia said...

Your fruits and berries and hydrangeas are doing so well and I can hope that your Hollyhocks grows well too.

I was just thinking that you need a hot wire fence around your gardens and if you get zapped once, you'll remember the next time. That skunk will learn a lesson...We keep the cows in the pastures with hot fences and it works well.

Pom Pom said...

Argh! Skunks again? I'm so sorry!
Bill is on a mission to deter the bunnies. I'll tell you more about that in an email!
Plums and apricots. Mmmmmmmmmm!

Three Sheep Studio said...

We have lived in our home for 28 years now. You are right, there is a comfort in that. It is like a big hug, full of memories, tears, joys and raising children. A full life !
I would love some hollyhock seeds ;)

Anonymous said...

What a sad tomato story !! Skunks are just never good news on the homestead; if it's not the tomatoes, it's the chickens, or something. I hope you don't have any trouble replacing your plants.