Friday, May 9, 2014


One of the things that I realized yesterday, was I have a jealous streak a mile wide. How did this happen and I didn't know about it? I don't know, but it happened to me yesterday.

Thursdays are my errand days. This was the first time I have been out of the house in a week, and yesterday I was going by myself. I got in the car like normal and put on my sunglasses that have been my friend this last year, and I couldn't see to get out of the driveway. They were my prescription sunglasses.

I had to dig through my console to find a old pair of sunglasses from when I last could see like a normal person. They are just the cheapy kind that I buy as I am constantly breaking them. I could see like normal. I thought to myself, I think I might be able to think of gardening. Since I can see again.

I am sick and tired of being on the fence about a garden. I have beets and a row of sunflowers and seedlings on the porch. But that is it. I decided to go crazy and go to Home Depot. I really had no business going there. Kind of like a recovering alcoholic going into a bar to use the phone, you know what I mean right?

 It was really early so no one was there yet, except the lady who worked the register.  This is when it happened. She said hi and how was I and could she help me. I told her I was coming in to just look, (Ha) I knew that was not the truth, I was already in the throes of obsession. She started telling me about her garden. She was already picking tomatoes, harvesting squash and had been using her pressure cooker. It came over me, and right there in the garden shop, I became the green eyed monster. I had garden envy so bad that I just lost it. I grabbed a basket and went crazy.

I bought more tomatoes, peppers and three egg plants. Two normal egg plants and one Japanese  kind.
I texted Ron and told him where I was and what I was doing. He texted back, " Bad girls whatcha gonna do?" I am staying outside Saturday until that darn garden is all planted. I will just fight the bugs and the heat and the weeds. I am tired of living on the fence. Then those little seedlings that I have coddled and fooled with, tomorrow is the day, they are going to fish or cut bait. Out in the ground they go. Not to mention the thousands of pumpkin seeds I have. Yep, all of it is happening tomorrow. Bright-and-early!!

I did tell that lady, just because I felt like a total gardening looser, I had berries.

Not to mention baby sunflowers.

Since it is true confessions here today. I have another problem. I have a problem with thread. Over at Blackbird Designs they are going to be doing a sew along. They have a free pattern and next week the sew along starts. I would love to be able to do one, but I know I am just too busy. But it gave me and excuse to buy thread. So I did,
Look at these yummy colors.

Last night, I just kept thinking of them and went and sat with the thread in my hand, because, now I can really see colors again. Colors make me feel so good. It has been so long I thought I could see them last time but now it is just mind boggling. It feels like the best dessert you ever had in your whole life to my brain. Does that make sense? I can't wear my regular glasses at all now. It is only habit that makes me grab them. I am so glad that I am here today and not last Friday, I know now, I am back.

Just a picture of my girls. I am so happy with this little flock. They are so sweet. They have grown so fast.
Soon, though they will have to be put with my other girls. I keep putting it off, because the other girls are really grumpy about the new chicks. I saw both of my bantam Silkie roosters, out by this cage, showing them their muscles. I think I overheard some promises being made. I made those bad boys leave. I told the girls to not believe a word they heard. That is when I really wish I spoke chicken. I could tell my little hens, it was all lies. 

Have a delightful Friday and weekend, I will be wearing my Farm Girl hat all weekend. Playing in the garden.


" Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot will be shot."
---The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, 1884---


TexWisGirl said...

SO glad you are back in fine, spunky, crazed form! :)


Larkrise garden girl said...

Your garden looks wonderful!

Debbie said...

oh kim, i always have garden envy!! when i come here i have craft envy. jealous and envy.....two different animals!!

have a weekend filled with joy!!

Alica said...

She's ba-ack! :) Have a wonderful weekend in the garden!

Beth said...

I am so glad that things are getting better for you! I will try to spell hallleluya!!! Misspelled but you know what i mean!!

Julia said...

The true you is back... that feels so good.
Go at it.. dig,dig, dig....plant,plant plant. Garden envy is rampant here too, lol... You're not alone.

Kessie said...

That is hilarious! I read this aloud and everybody laughed. I'm so glad you're getting back to normal.

Nellie said...

"If you plant it, it will grow!" Now we know where to go for fresh garden vegetables.:-) I'm so glad to hear your vision is permitting you to experience colors this season! Lovely thread colors! xo Nellie

Susan Kane said...

You go, girl! Now I am the jealous girl who eyes your berries and cherries with envy.

Your calla lilies (?) are exquisite. My daughter has some, and they are such hussies.

Gail said...

Enjoy your wonderful weekend.

We have had a blessed slow rain off and on today. Far better than seven inches in one 24 hour periods. Things should pop now if they were not first washed away.

Meg said...

LOL! Yes! I'm so glad you finally just went and did it! You will be so happy to grow things! I love your thread colors, they are so pretty!

Pom Pom said...

Your garden will be lovely. It's supposed to snow on Mother's Day, so no planting for this mama.
I bet it was fun buying all those plants.
The thread IS gorgeous. I think I'll start buying it.
Have a great day of work tomorrow, Kim!

Kim said...

I am laughing so hard at your jealous confession. I'm a tad jealous of your sunflowers sometimes because I can't grow one to save my life! And your talking gardens?? We have yet to see one leaf on any tree. Not a single leaf

camp and cottage living said...

Kim, don't over do it on Saturday gardening. You don't want to be down in the back!!
I'm so glad you're able to do what you love once again.

Gumbo Lily said...

Have fun "farming" again! I hope you have a bumper crop this year. Still too chilly here to plant much. The potatoes are in and so are the onions. I hope I wasn't too early on the onions since it's supposed to get chilly again.

Beautiful floss. It's a cheap addiction.

Debbie said...

Soo been there, done that. Not with plants and seeds, but with fabric and patterns. I tell myself to just step away from the stores, lol. I am soo happy you are digging in (no pun intended, lol) and getting it planted. Enjoy every minute and don't work too hard. I got myself some yummy new threads this week too. Yours are soo pretty!

Miss Debbie said...

Well, I hope the planting goes well. Hubby has tomatoes, peppers and green beans in the ground. They are looking good so far. He has big plans for canning beans so I hope he's not disappointed!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Plant, my friend, plant! Enjoy it all!

Jacque. said... so happy that you are back to normal. The confession was eye-opening...~grin~ Have a great time planting today! The floss is all lovely...I need to get some this next week for a small embroidery project. Nothing had interested me before this, so I will finally have something fun and exciting to work on while watching tv. xo

Anonymous said...

Wow - your chicks are adolescents now!
I bet you were out all day planting and I hope we get to hear about it on Sunday!

Sue said...

You sound just like me Kim, sometimes I feel I meet myself coming in the door, but for some reason it all falls in place. By your photos everything is looking great! Enjoy your gardening! Hugs, Sue

Will and Tracy said...

Your green-eyed monster buying spree made me laugh aloud. I hope that you got them all in. I keep thinking that I have planted all that I am going to plant but each day I find another seed envelope and plant more. My sweet peas came up!! Your gold ladies are so gorgeous. I love my gold hens the best (Moms aren't supposed to have favorites but I do) They are so sweet and easy going. I am so glad that you sound so much better. Happy Mothers Day. I hope you were able to have the grands over and have a BBQ outside......if you could still walk lol I love you.