June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Twaddle

It is late in the afternoon. It was so warm today I put my new chicks out in the yard for the first time. They have been very happy, safe in a cage. I have sat outside with them when I can and watched them. In the past my flocks have been peaceful and calm. Not this bunch. They peck my hands when I am lifting them out to clean the cage. They jump and fly and just get themselves so worked up I am afraid they are going to hurt themselves. Even so having chicks is always a nice thing to do.

I was working in my flowerbeds today. I have had a few comments about the weeds if I have a garden as big as I am planning. As I was bent over tugging and pulling and ripping and then grabbing my hula hoe to chop out weeds. I thought to myself, out in the pasture I never work as hard as I do in my flowerbeds. Out in the garden the soil is sandy and loose and every thing just comes out like a hot knife though butter. Not in the flowerbeds. I will never have perfect flowerbeds just because they are more work than anything I do. Though I do have zinnias coming up in my back flowerbed now.

 Clean flower beds always makes me so happy.

Okay this just in, Ron won a contest with one of his wire trees. He won a 500 dollar gift card. This is the tree. It is a oak tree. He was driving down the ridge coming back from L.A. and he was looking at all of the oak trees and he came home and made this. He is just amazing. I told him he needs to enter more contests.

That is about it from around here. I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday.

"When I grow up I'm going to stay up all night long every night until I die."
---Thimble Summer---Elizabeth Enright, 1938

I told my Mother this very thing every summer evening when I was young...

~ Kim~


  1. fabulous oak! congrats to RON!!!

  2. His trees are INCREDIBLE! Of course he won. He needs an etsy store :)

  3. Congratulations to Ron! The oak tree is so beautiful!

  4. Congratulations to Ron! He did a great job!! I'm enjoying the pictures of your pretty flowers...won't be long now! My perennials are starting to stir! :)

  5. Ha-the things we think are possible when we are young!
    Congrats to Ron. No wonder he won, it's so real looking.
    Your flower beds are so pretty. It's just wonderful you can get out and enjoy Spring.

  6. I love my chicks too, Kim,and I am so looking forward to my Zinnias. Congratulations to Ron His wire tree is beautiful, I agree he needs to enter ore contests.
    Thanks for sharing, always enjoy my visits.

  7. Will he buy $500 worth of new wire? ;-)

  8. Congrats, Ron! Kim, your pictures always make me long to be outside more often!

  9. Your husband has an incredible talent, Kim ! So very beautiful.
    Zinnia's are my favorite flower ;) Pics of your Zinnia's would be nice !

  10. Your flowers are looking so beautiful !
    We are a ways behind yet weather wise. It will be great when I can plant my zinnias :))

  11. Congratulations to Ron for winning the contest. That tree is wonderful...
    Love your flowers.

  12. Hi Kim! I'm glad you like your package!
    You are a busy bee in the garden, and I can predict that this is just the beginning for you (a long summer of dirt digging and sunflower loving!)
    Ron earned that prize! WOW! Yay for your artist/arborist hubby!
    I've had a busy week full of meetings and after school stuff with family.
    Have a happy and productive day, friend (I know you will!)

  13. Morning, Congrats to Ron, way to go...Love all the pretty flowers, can't wait to get out in the garden, Blessings Francine.

  14. Can't imagine him NOT winning with that beauty! And wow, what a prize!

    Love all your pretty flowers ... I'm anxious for our flowers, but will "settle" for looking at yours until our flowers start blooming.

  15. Funny image of those little chickens flying about! Congratulations to your husband! That's a great win and a lovely tree! xo Nellie

  16. That is some tree he made...congrats to Ron!! Sounds like you have some frisky chicks...glad they are doing well!

  17. WoW, that wire tree is just amazing!! i would be shocked if he did not win!!

    pretty blooms today, kim!!


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