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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good-Bye April!

Now that we have reached the last day of April and are looking toward May, I just can't believe how the year just seems to be racing by. There are lots of good things about May. We have lots of birthdays in May. Mine is Friday and I think I will ignore it this year.

This was the defining moment of my life. It was my eleventh birthday. See my Mom in the background.
She is so sick with cancer. By the time my next birthday would come around, she would be gone and I would have a new step-mother and three step brothers. Life is so full of twisting and turns. Had not all of that happened I would not be who I am. I can say, I am thankful for it all. Though, I admit to this, it is what I remember every year, this birthday.

Ron was reading one of his Bonsai books and he found this from a book called " Shohin Bonsai, Unlocking the Secrets of Small Trees."
The concept is called Wabi-Sabi.
" Wabi-Sabi is a key concept in the art of bonsai. Wabi-Sabi understands beauty to be imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. Nothing perfect, nothing lasts forever, nothing is really complete.
Nature is perfect in its imperfection imperfection is valuable in bonsai. You could call Wabi-sabi and intuitive appreciation of the transient beauty of the physical world. there is a bittersweet quality that exists in a modest, rustic, imperfect or even decayed item that communicates the impermanence of all things."

As I thought about life and where it has led me. I thought about the beauty in the imperfections. Life sometimes leads us in places we would not go. Sometimes things happen that we would rather not go
through, but in the going through them we find we are in a place better than we ever dreamed.
"If God is almighty, there can be no evil so great as to be beyond His power to transform. That transforming power brings light out of darkness, joy out of sorrow, gain out of loss, life out of death."

So as I thought about the art of Bonsai, and how the work that goes into each tree to make beauty, I thought, yes, life is like that too. We are carefully tended and molded and loved. Like Bonsai, we have to be shaped, cut and wired. I watch as Ron takes those little limbs and wires them so that that tree will have a curve, or take a branch that would keep you from seeing the shape of the tree. So it is with us. For me, I see how God has caused in my own life the beauty of the imperfections, to make me  and to keep me dependent on Him for my life. I always see my weaknesses, my flaws and my failings. When Ron read the Wabi-Sabi to me it was like a light came on, because it is the beauty in the imperfections that draw us to the beauty that is all around us.

Thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings. Thank you so much for that. As I look through my life today, I am thankful for the gifts that overflow into my life. As always the good far outweighs the hard.
I wish you blessings upon blessings today.

 "Their souls shall be like a well-watered garden, and they shall sorrow no more at all."
Jeremiah 31:12


Anonymous said...

Only God can work ALL THINGS for good - as we can see, that doesn't mean we will be happy all the time about everything, but that he can make everything work toward our salvation, which will be a kind of good we can't even imagine.
Thank you for a wonderful post.

Beth said...

God is great and is the master planner in what happens in our lives. Although it may not seem so at the time it was meant to be.
Such a sad memory though for you on your birthday! HUGS!!

Debbie said...

This was such a good post! Loved your thoughts on all of this. And the analogy you made too. Sorry that you have that sad memory of your last birthday with your mom. How hard that had to have been to be soo young and lose her. And yet, look what has come about as a result of all He allowed. He does work ALL things together for our good, doesn't He? Hope your day is a good one...stay cool!

Debbie said...
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TexWisGirl said...

a happy day to you, then, as i won't call it a birthday. :) twists, turns and challenges - you've had plenty in your young life.

Alica said...

I like reading your "ramblings", Kim. You always have something encouraging to say! I'm sorry about the sad memories you have of that last birthday with your Mom. I can't imagine! Although you're "not celebrating" this year :) I wish you a happy one anyway!!

Willow said...

How enlightened you are , and I appreciate that you share it.
We have several things in common with our lives.
My birthday too is in May.
Years ago my father found out for certain he had lung cancer on my 30th birthday so I can understand the melancholy of which you speak about the occasion. We were fortunate that after removing one lung he was with us for quite a while longer.
The concept of Wabi Sabi has always been fascinating to me, I actually had named one of my cats Wabi Sabi years back.
Enjoy the day my friend along with it's amazing imperfections, I know you will :)

Miss Debbie said...

Such a good post today! A great analogy... and so true! Glad God chooses to love us and use us in spite of our imperfections!

Catherine said...

Dear Kim, I relate to your "ramblings" and find them wise and sincere. I think what the Lord gives we may never figure out the "why", though it brings us from day to day and defines who we are.
Blessings dear. Catherine

Jacque. said... always, your words bear much weight and give us something to ponder. Thank you. xo

Julia said...

May is full of new beginnings for you as you turn yet another page of the calendar. It's hard to believe that we are still waiting for warm weather here yet you are having hot weather already.

Sadly May also brings some sad emotions of your last birthday with your mom and you were so young and cute blowing those candles and probably making a wish....

Keeping you in my prayers Kim... at this bittersweet time in your life. You are exactly where God wants you to be.


janzi said...

Happy birthday to you on Friday, despite the bitter sweet thoughts of your dear mother.. at least you had known her for a good while, but losing and then having another family to get used to, must have been hard.. I like your posts, so hugs from across the pond and many happy returns and many more of them too**

camp and cottage living said...

I learned something new today-Wabi Sabi. I can certainly relate to your comparisons..
I'm so sorry your B'day is a reminder of a bad time in your life, Kim. But it was a very traumatic event!

Kim said...

This made me cry.
Hugs, Kim

Pom Pom said...

I will pray for your surgery tomorrow and pray for you on your birthday! Eat LOTS of cake.
Your words today are true and good.

Debbie said...

awww Kim, I think birthdays are wonderful, I always look at them as a new beginning. I think of how lucky I am to still be here, and of all the people who have passed at such a young age!! So sad about your mom, I'm sure she is happy to see all the great blessings you have in your life!!

Gumbo Lily said...


Unknown said...

This is so insightful and beautiful. Would you mind if I used it as morning devotions with my students. There are so e hard times for some of my little guys right now. This would make sense to them! Love it!!!! Hugs to you! Thank you for sharing from your heart!
Love, heather

Nellie said...

I am late with my blog visits, though I know today is a surgery day for you, and you probably will not be able to read this comment today. Thinking of you! xo Nellie