June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mid Summer in July

Yesterday was my fourth year blog anniversary. I went to collect stats so I could brag a bit and I found that a porn site was using my blog to bounce from. I was so upset and sat on Google to try and get it off that by the time I got off the computer I just didn't know if I wanted to blog anymore. I know they will disappear just like they appeared but still it is the idea.

I worked in my garden and my flowerbeds for the two days it was under 100. I knew I had a very, very small window or by the time it cools down again it would look like the amazon out there.

 Oh by the way, these photos today are from a year ago on this day in July. I don't have any sunflowers that have blooms yet. I was working in my garden this week and I have decided I am going to keep my garden this small next year. It is lovely to be able to work the whole thing and just play and not feel like I am doing a sprint for hours and hours. Like Goldilocks, this one is just the right size. I will just organize it better. Like a patchwork quilt.

I have hooked and stitched a bit this week. Oh and read books. I haven't gone to the library since last November. When I did though, I picked up 14 books on Friday. As I was going to the car, I thought " what in the heck am I doing, I don't have time to read these books!!" It has been nice though to read in the evenings. When my hand just says, " No More!!"

I buy a lot of patterns from Pineberry Lane. She did a series with this little witch named Fancey Blackett.
This one I am working on is called Fancey Blackett and The Butter Churn.

So on the days it is too hot to sit with a wool rug on my lap, I have been doing a little stitching. These little motifs just make me smile the whole time I am stitching. I would like to do the whole little series.

It wasn't until I put my 1820 Sunflower down on the carpet that I saw I was using the same color wool for my back ground that is on my carpet. I thought that was so funny. I guess I like that color. But I did something you should not do. I thought I had enough to finish up the background and I ran out. Completely Out. I went through every single bag of wool worms in this house and did not have enough to finish this. I was so mad at myself. Now I have to order more before I am done. I bought this pattern from my favorite pattern maker Cathy at Red House Wool Studio.

I decided I needed to finish up those rugs I started before the wedding now. If I get to hook today, I am hoping to finish this one up.

Taking a break from this one is what I needed. I love this one now. In fact I worked way longer than my dumb hand wanted. It was complaining so much about it that I just ignored it. Weeding and sewing and hooking is just too much for my hands. Life is just too short to listen to my body complain. I said to my hand. " Hand, you can just complain all you want because you can rest when I am dead." I can't wait until I get that new body that is promised to me. I will run and not get weary. Not to mention, I won't have to eat in heaven unless I want to, and I think that will be awesome.

So just a bit of odds and ends. Heat will be back now I think until after our fair now which is at the end of September. I hope you have a great rest of the week and your weekend is just fantastic.

Bye for now,


  1. WOW...4 years of blogging...and we are all very happy that you are. Your rugs are looking really so good, Kim. Keep up the good work, but do take care of those hands. xo

  2. Kim, how did you discover what was happening to your blog... I wish you would explain.

  3. i'd have a tough time doing rugs in your heat. i'm trying to get motivated to start a drawing and am thinking the a/c won't be enough.

    happy 4th year blogiversary!

  4. I found the same thing on my stats. Uggh. Guess I will do what I do best and just ignore it. Happy blogiversary to you. And many more, or at least as many more as makes you happy. :)

  5. I'm with Mary- how did you find this in your stats?

  6. I am totally with everyone else...HOW did you discover that on your blog??...kind of scary! I LOVE seeing your projects. I get some of those body complaints over here too sometimes after a day sitting at my machine...back, neck, etc. But I feel the same way..."I am doing this body, so just work it out", haha. I purchased the fabric for my runners but am having to wait for the templates as they had to be ordered. So today I will take Jeffie to a summer matinee. Enjoy your day, and stay cool!

  7. Hi Kim, I just checked my stats and I've got a link on there which is probably what you are talking about. It's starts out like an animated hand drawing video of a person and how to lay some fish or something. I just turned it off right away because I hate to even check it out.

    It's infuriating when some assholes does this to our nice blogs. (excuse the language). That's the reason I refused to use Google +. I don't want all sort of stuff on there.
    I suggest that you all go check your stats.

    Congratulations on getting 4 years of blogging. Wow, that is something.

    Your sunflower rug looks great. Too bad about running out of that background wool. Love the little witch with the butter churn. What count is that Aida cloth. It looks mighty small to me.


  8. It was a nice little break from the heat, wasn't it? I'm sorry it's over. :( good for you for telling your hand off! Unfortunately that doesn't really work so be careful you don't so permanent damage. It's good to get up and stretch about every 20 minutes.

  9. I had those things on my blog too, hundreds of them. I didn't even see them, so I closed all comments except registered users, which means the comments are less, but so far I think there is no more porn. I'm afraid to go and look! :(

    I like the smaller garden idea... it's not overwhelming, so it stays fun and manageable. Right? Not as if I would know! :)

  10. Well I don't know how to look to see what is connected with my site and I am sure I wouldn't like it either....ugh!
    Your rugs are wonderful! Always wonderful work. Your flowers..well even from last year are so beautiful. Our son's wedding in Italy in September is going to be sunflowers!
    Glad you are enjoying your garden...I didn't get one in this year, so maybe next year.

  11. Happy Blogaversary, wow!!! 4 years, that's a long time.....love your flowers, so pretty and your stitching, To hot to hook for me.....sweet rug though, Blessings Francine.

  12. I haven't had a problem with your blog but one of my favorite blogs had a porn app that would pop up every time I went to it so I had to just quit going to it. they finally moved their blog so I am back following it. It is such a shame that you can't stop that trash. I wish we could do something that when they did that an electric current would go back and fry their computer. I love your blog!

  13. Happy blogaversary to you! I, too, am curious how you were able to figure that out from your stats ... maybe I should go check mine to see if I can tell. Good for you to tell off your hand - hate to think that you would have to stop doing something you enjoy so much because your hand wasn't cooperating. ;-) I need to tell off my back before I head back into the sewing room. ha!

  14. You've been busy... hooking and stitching, gardening and cleaning, reading and cooking. Of course, you are ALWAYS busy!! :-) You are certainly making the most of your summer and I am glad you are embracing this time in your life...good for you!!

  15. Happy Blog Anniversary! Looks like you do all he things you enjoy. That is awesome.


  16. It's happened to me a couple of times. I check my stats and I'm linked to a sketchy site. I hate it. It makes you feel all scuzzy but it does eventually go away.
    Love the rugs. You hook very fast. I feel like a turtle

  17. Four years...congratulations!!
    "Your" sunflowers have just opened this week, while I was gone at the beach for a few days. I'll have to post a picture for you soon. The one is a beautiful color that I would call either red or rust. Gorgeous!

  18. Congratulations on four years blogging! I have also seen questionable sites bouncing off my blog...I don't know if there is much you can do about it...they do eventually go away.

  19. congrats on such a huge blog milestone!!

    you are always so busy and so creative, while it's hot, i too have been working on some inside projects and crafts!!

  20. You are such a fast rug hooker!
    Will you go to the fair?

  21. I thought about you almost every time I stepped out of my house yesterday. We reached 101 degrees yesterday. I know you are use to that kind of temperature, but wow was it ever hot. Imagine Kim, just that little piece left and you need more wool. Both rugs are so lovely. Enjoy your weekend!

  22. Congratulations on your four year blogging and please don't stop....I would miss you too much...I am sorry that you found those sites attached to yours...I have not looked but will now....

    Your rugs and flowers are both beautiful..You are so talented....

  23. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing all your fun projects. Bee-yoo-tee-full!! And happy blog anniversary, too. So sad that nogoodnicks are out there, doing rotten Internet things and connecting with innocent bloggers. It is discouraging. But please don't stop blogging! Your site is always filled with lovely thoughts about farm, garden, home, family, crafts.

  24. Congrats on your 4 Year Anniversary! That's great. My hands start to complain when I spend a lot of time doing embroidery and such. I try to do finger/hand exercises to limber them up. I think it helps somewhat. Here's the link to TTapp for the hands/fingers. I promise, no porn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxGBzftkYg4


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