June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lessons I have Learned This Week

I was thinking that I learned lots of things this week. When it is hot I just sit and don't do much. In fact, the brain pretty much sits idle. It is cooler today so the brain is coming around.

1. Always soak the ice cream maker before you start to make ice cream. I have a White Mountain ice cream maker and if you don't soak it a day before the wood doesn't seal and the ice as it melts which is what freezes ice cream pours out the slats.

2. Never be a referee in Brazil for a soccer match or maybe a player.

3. That saying " Mad as a wet hen," isn't true. When it is hot, chickens like water to stand in and run to the hose to get in the mist.

4. For the first time in my life, my son told me I was acting like a housewife because I was watching Psyche on Netflix in the afternoon. I never watch T.V. during the day. Ever. I never have. Hence the name calling.

5. It is possible to sweat when you get out of the shower. Then you have to go swimming to cool off.

6. I am really grumpy.

7. The one good thing about the heat, is it is too hot to eat.

8. My back flowerbeds are full of white chickens during the day. My flowerbeds are full of dust bath holes and my flowers will never be the same.

9. Trying to walk even early in the morning is a chore. I look like a commercial for a exercise company after one lap.
10. People are really grumpy too. This really happened at the grocery store.

I had my basket full of groceries like normal. There were only two check stands open. A older gentleman came up behind me and he had only a couple of packages of shoe strings in his hand. I said, " Sir, would you like to go ahead of me." He looked at me with a frown and said, " You need to learn to read, can't you see the sign, that says express ( there was no sign.) He said, you need to go back to school."

I stood there not saying a word, as you know as my Dad always said, " just because someone else is rude you don't have to be." ( My Dad didn't say the word rude, he used a different one but you get my drift.)  I waited while he paid for his shoe strings and left. I asked the checker " This isn't express is it? " She said" No, there was no sign any more they had changed it." I told her what the man said, and she said,"  why didn't you say something?" I just said, " I never do, my mind always goes blank"

I once heard that we are what we are when we get bumped, the heat does that to me and I don't like what I see. I have to tell you one more thing I learned. One of the things I have always wanted to be is a Titus 2 woman. The verse says, " and that older women likewise be reverent in behavior, not slanderers nor enslaved to much wine, teachers of that which is good; (Titus 2:3)

I was patting myself on my back that I am pretty good and I am not a big fan of wine. But then as so often happens, not enslaved to much wine, became enslaved to much Whine.

That has been me pretty much lately. I am trying to change that. I hope you have a nice week. It will only be 99 here this next week. I will take any kind of break.



  1. oh, Kim, I love the heat! It's better than COLD anyday! I love the summer dresses vs the wintercoats. I love feeling alive and healthy rather than just numb. Bring on the summertime! Tell you what, I'll take any extra heat you don't want, and you can have my cold in the wintertime. Deal? :)

    You did right by not snapping at that man in the grocery store. It's hard to bite my tongue sometimes. Just recently I sat behind a mean older lady on an airplane for 12 hours straight. She threw her coat over the back of her seat covering my tv. I moved it a little so I could see my tv, but didn't complain. She grumbled at me randomly when she saw me in the aisles of the plane, but I smiled and was polite. Then she cut in front of me and stood right in front of my at baggage when I was attempting to get my luggage. I so wanted to be rude and say "excuse me!!" real loud, but I bit my tongue on purpose, as she didn't need someone to be mean back to her, she needed someone to be nice to her, to show her how to act. Besides, it takes work for me to be mean, it's easier just to let things go.

    Have a great Sunday! I just sent you an email asking for advice with my mother hen, by the way! :)


  2. I think the overall lesson here is We hate to be hot...It can makes us grumpy, rude and idle.

    Hope it cools off soon.


  3. Once in the airport in London a grumpy old man layed into me for no reason other than he thought I was an American. After a few minutes of ranting and yelling at me, when I hadn't said a word, but just looked at him smiling, he decided maybe I wasn't American after all and started ranting about having to take the shuttle to the next plane. lol It was London so he couldn't have used the too hot excuse but maybe he was just having a bad day. I actually felt bad for him making such an idiot of himself in front of a crowd.

  4. ONLY 99...good grief. I would have bitten my tongue and merely asked the man, accented with all the southern 'charm' I could muster, to please point out the sign to me. Idiot. Drives me crazy when people act that way. Hot or not, be nice. I have trouble being nice in the heat also but I just stay home instead of putting others through it. LOL

  5. It is hot and in your case, hotter than here and people are reacting to stress caused by the heat and bad sleep. Tempers seems to be short when people are tired.

    I think I have good sense of humour and sometime my sense of humour can be a bit dry but I don't mean to be. If that would have happened to me at the check out I probably would have answered him in humour and not taken it personally. Maybe he just had a sarcastic sense of humour and didn't mean to offend you. Just not a very sensitive person maybe.

    Talk about getting grumpy and serious about a soccer game in Brazil... now, that's grumpy.

    The poor chickens are having a real hard time in the heat. The heat is hard on the cows too as they give less milk due to heat stress. I hope that you'll have a change in weather with some good rain to cool things down.

    Your Titus quote just reminded me to go take out my bottles of wine from their boxes and to put them on their side in the wine rack to age. I don't think that you are whiny, just exhausted from all that heat like everyone else.

    Big hugs and wishing you some cloud covered sky.


  6. i'm glad your chickens are finding relief in water and dust. :) i wouldn't have been able to bite my tongue in the grocery store. #2 was absolutely dreadful. i cannot imagine witnessing any of that horrendous mob scene...

  7. That was so kind of you to restrain yourself with the grocery store grump. If only I could keep my mouth shut sometimes...especially at home... life could be a bit more peaceful! :) I hope you soon get some heat relief. It's crazy hot and humid here this week too...I'm ready for fall!

  8. I was taking out the trash today, and it was already so hot. It's trying to be over cast and humid again, and I thought, wow, it's August. Then I remembered we just started July. My body is already so tired of the heat. You guys will eventually get marine air. Darn heat waves.

  9. You have had an eventful week, Kim. I hope today is a relaxing day for you. Oh, our children need to see us in a different light sometimes.:-) Keeps them on their toes.:-) xo Nellie

  10. Hopefully with the cool down (lol!), everyone will be less grumpy!
    Love all your lessons.
    Hugs :)

  11. It is hot and humid here today too!!

  12. We are all guilty...of being grumpy and whining!! Glad God doesn't let us get away with it though! :-) Sorry it is so hot there. We are having a mild summer so far. I don;t think it has been much over 90 yet. The rain has kept it cool. Glad you have a pool to cool off in!

  13. *augh* I don't like it hot & humid. It makes everyone miserable. Stay cool!

  14. Good for you for not getting angry, but I imagine it was hard not to. Two places I don't like to be in the heat- grocery store and on a busy highway...people have become so rude!

  15. With the degree of heat you guys had, I don't think it would be normal not to get a little grouchy. We have had our own heat wave, although I'm sure you wouldn't call it one by your standards in CA. anyway I can hardly stand to be outside. I usually have my coffee on the deck in the mornings but the humidity is suffocating. Aren't you amazed at people. A few years back there was an actually fist fight at my grocery store because someone had more than 14 items and the person behind her went berserk. Hope it feels better tomorrow for you.

  16. I've never heard to soak the ice cream maker and have been making ice cream for decades. Thanks for the tip! As for number 4...I watched t.v. today, first time I've ever done that...strange.

  17. Your sunflowers seem to like the heat! I'm glad you didn't snap back at that man.

  18. I would have asked the man to show me the sign! Then smirked at him. But the heat makes me cranky and whiney so it is probably good it wasn't me in the store.

  19. Love your post! Rudeness...I just shake my head at how some people behave. Love the header photo. xo

  20. Good morning! Goodness I enjoyed this, haha. I have NEVER been a daytime TV watcher either. If mine is on my kids know I am sick, haha. And that man?! Oh my, haha. People are amazing. Enjoy your cooler week Kim!

  21. I'm like you ... my mind always goes blank, although after the fact, I can always come up with the perfect comeback. Of course, I'm never sorry that I keep my mouth shut.

    Praying that you get relief from that heat soon, dear one.

  22. Kim,
    I am sorry. I laughed the whole way through your post. Was there a sign that said we couldn't? Oh, my. This weather is everywhere which means cranky people everywhere. Your story about the gentleman reminds me of that commercial for a red sports car. It was parked along the sidewalk. The older gentleman started yelling at the parked car, "Slow down!" I think he yelled some other things too. The tag line was that the car even looks fast... Oh my. The first part, I would give him, but the "Can't you read?" part kills me.

    I think that this summer's weather has been the worst ever. I can't breathe outside either from the humidity! We just bought a second window air conditioner after the other one broke. I tried to survive with just the bedroom one and a fan to shoot out the cooler air. All it did was give me a headache and make me cranky. I was a bit cranky with hubby and the dogs. I am delightful now (lol) in the cool. Just don't make me go outside.

    Here's hoping and praying for cooler weather!

    Blessings and a side hug (a real hug would be too sticky!)

  23. at your 'whiniest', you're still an angel.

  24. I really didn't enjoy coming back to the heat after 70's all weekend. :) I want to go back!

    Ben lifted up the couch last night and we found your watch!

  25. Wait - you offered him your place in line and he reprimanded you for not obeying a sign that wasn't there? Hmm. Maybe he was hearing impaired. I often miss things when I'm not wearing my hearing aid (which is all the time!).

    We had a little heat wave here in Juneau (it never got hotter than 85).


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