June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, September 10, 2012

Reflections on Cleaning House

I was cleaning house today, as I was mopping I was thinking about this chore. Here are some things I thought about today.

1. No matter how much I spend on a mop, I must be like Bam-Bam or something because I break the handle.

2. No matter how good the mop is, I must still get on my hands and knees and mop the base boards and all the places the mop can't reach.

3. Putting on glasses when I am cleaning house is scary. Being blind is bliss.

4. When we built this house I had six kids at home who helped. Now I am the only one here full time. Guess who cleans house now...by them self...everyday.

5. When I lived in my tiny house two houses ago, it took me 4 hours to clean the whole house once a week. Now this one is never as clean as I would like it.

6. There are  six cats, one dog, that live in the house with the people. That is six cats too many. I do not own a cat. My cats belong to the kids and some of those kids are adults  married with children. I also do not own a dog. The dog is my son's. But try telling all of the animals they are not mine. I need to burn the Dr. Doolittle hat.

7. I really, really need to buy a new vacuum cleaner. I wonder what would happen if I dropped the vacuum cleaner and the mop off the roof?

8. I was thinking of what would happen if I hired a house keeper? I would work harder than ever because I wouldn't want someone to come in and see this dirty house.

9. I am not Lizzie. I sweat and I get dirty and mop water runs down my legs into my shoes.

10. Why did I want a house with 4 bathrooms? Why did I want a house with all of this tile. Why on earth did I want white grout. Well, it's clean now, but mopping gives me all kinds of thoughts, next time I need to wear a head band to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Who needs a gym membership.

Just what I was thinking about when I was mopping and trying not to get mad at the mop handle.
I hope you are having a nice Monday,



  1. I hate cleaning my house. I do however like having parties. The whole house gets spic and span. I love how your mind works. You are always thinking.

  2. Great, great post. And beautiful pictures.

  3. this was great. i, too, need a new vacuum cleaner! i'm hesitant to trust the reviews on them, though, as the last one i got for my husband stunk even though the reviews were really good.

  4. We must think alike. :) Especially #8....I considered it before but couldn't for that very reason! lol!

    I won't tell if your vacuum cleaner takes a fall off the roof. :)


  5. I love my vacuum cleaner, we have a special relationship, first morning chore...vacuuming. While most people need a cup of Joe to get moving... not I... I vacuum. Four bathrooms? wow...honestly I do have a friend who does indeed clean the night before her cleaning lady arrives...I know this must sound strange, but I do indeed enjoy cleaning my humble home...I hope the cool weather heads your way soon! Hugs, Julie....

  6. I feel exactly the same way about cleaning. I hate it but I do it because I like a neat house.

  7. Oh my gosh Kim, your post is too funny. I love it. I got the giggle just reading your ranting. Have you thought of being a stand up comedian?
    I know the feeling of having a big house to clean too and mine is never stays clean either. I only have three bathroom for two people.

    Your house is beautiful and so are you.
    Hugs, JB

  8. I love it! Keeping it light is the way to go...gotta laugh a little in the midst of all that cleaning. Our house is too big to clean...and to old to keep clean once it gets that way...so why do I bother?! :)

  9. Great post. I'm still smiling.
    Hugs :)

  10. Housework is just a good time for deep thinking about stuff. :-)

  11. At least all that deep thinking keeps your mind off the drudgery of cleaning! LOL!! Love your post...... great minds think alike!!
    Cathy G

  12. love your insight! I like the roof one the best, you made me smile with that one!
    PS, all the fur babies would be ousted for good if I had to do all that. I'm sure they live better than I do. 4 bathrooms indeed! I have 1 and a half, and need at least one more. I am blessed of God, my husband cleans his half!!!!

  13. Heh, yeah whenever we start talking about building a house Ben says all these things he wants and I look at him and ask "Would you like to clean it?" He says, yeah good point, and then we talk about how we want a house not much bigger than we have now. LOL! Well, at least you do get a good work out.

  14. I'm with you on No.3 exactly - I NEVER wear my glasses when I clean house or after - too scary!! Well i'm off to clean - a little bit of house for now!
    Thanks for the smiles!

  15. Sounds like a lot of work! It seems as soon as the house gets clean... it immediately gets dirty again... i do love the fresh smell of a just cleaned house though! :-) Since your window post you've inspired me to get a jump on the Autumn cleaning here. It just makes sense. Why waste my favorite time of year cleaning... when I could get it all done earlier and enjoy the Autumn days! :-)

  16. Hi Kim!
    I need a new mop. Really, you get down on your hands and knees to wipe the baseboards? I knew it! Okay.
    I need a new vacuum cleaner, too. I do like to buy them and I haven't for over a decade. What kind will you buy?
    A clean house is a good house!
    We got stuck with hand-me-down cats, too. They are gone now and so are the dogs. It's a lot easier to clean, for sure!

  17. Ugh...housework. Mopping is not my favorite chore, but I would rather mop than iron. Ironing, to me, is the equivalent of watching grass grow.

  18. Oh my...you made me laugh! The picture of you throwing the mop and vac off the roof is hilarious! Funny all the things you thought of while mopping. Generally my only thought is..."I'll be glad when this done, I'll be glad when this is done....."


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