June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

It is time again to stop by and visit with Patrice. I hope you are all having a nice week.


1.    What's the last thing that made you cry?

I have been on a Smallville binge, and Clark's Dad was in the hospital in a coma, Clark's Mom gave one of the most moving scenes I have ever seen and how she loved her husband and how they first met, as I was watching I was thinking of my own marriage and how much I love that man who has given me the world and how lost I would be without him. I knew what she was feeling and it really got to me.

 2.   Have you ever had any small pets, other than cats or dogs?

Yes, I had a raccoon, named Misty. When I got her I had to feed her formula and give her a bottle. She had her own sounds she made when she called me and she was always petting my face. She went every where I did and even rode on my back when I went swimming. She was like a little person.

3.    Waffles or pancakes?
Neither, I just have never been a fan.

4.    Do you like politics? We don't need to know who you want to vote for if you are in the US, facing the upcoming election- just asking if you find the whole thing interesting.

 I used to be so crazy about politics and loved to discuss it and think about it and read about it. The fun has gone out of it and now I spend most days praying for the country that I feel  I have lost.

5.    Please fill in the blanks: If only I could____________then___________.

 I don't say if only anymore. I say, if I want to bad enough and if I want to work hard enough, I can do it. I think it is more like now, It is God in me that gives me strength and if He gives me a challenge He will equip me to meet those challenges. The only way to get any thing  accomplished it to meet life head on and keep reaching and never, never giving up. 

Thank you to Patrice for this week's questions.


Everyday Ruralty


  1. Misty sounds like a neat pet. I also spend time praying for our country. I'm not very optimistic anymore. Things sure need to change in this country. Not a fan of pancakes or waffles- yikes- I'd have to make you an omelet then :) When is the big day for the upcoming bride and groom? I need to drop you an e-mail. I feel rather out of touch. Big hug!

  2. you know you have to tell us what happened to the raccoon.

  3. I love all your answers and #5 gives much food for thoughts. Have a great rest of the week. JB

  4. I am disgusted with politics right now and I will be glad when the election is over.

  5. Nice questions and answers this week! I still can't believe you had a raccoon. Yep, I'm pretty fed up with politics too. This time during election years I stay away from T.Vs, radios, and the telephone...

  6. I liked your answer to number 5...so very true! And I was wondering what happened to Misty?

  7. Is that a picture of your porch? It is beautiful!
    Great answer to the last question, no more if only's, it is better to trust in the Lord!

  8. What do you mean- not a fan of pancakes or waffles? Oh goodness- there is something wrong with you. LOL I would still debate politics and discuss some of it IF I had someone around to do it with. The husband is narrow minded and says not nice things when I disagree with his views. Which I do- all the time. But I am disgusted with the way politicians are now. I wonder how many times our founding fathers have turned over in their proverbial graves?

  9. I like reading these posts. The last thing that made me cry...and I still want to cry...is my friend Glenda who was in a bicycle accident on July, is now about to end her journey here and enter eternity. The only good thing about it, is that I know, without a doubt, that she is ready to meet her maker! She will soon be sitting in the presence of Jesus and singing her heart out!

  10. Hello, great porch chat and wonderful looking porch,love the rocker.Thanks for the chat, always fun,Blessings Francine.

  11. Kim
    It's great getting to know you a little better after your visits with Patrice!
    A raccoon as a pet? You are far braver than I knew!

  12. Good answers to all of the above! It's always fun reading your answers.

  13. Kim, enjoyed reading your answers and I love waffles -grin-. That's all I'm saying, just feeling too overwhelmed this week to join in.


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