June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lovely Fridays

Don't you love Fridays? Outside I can hear the crows calling. It reminds me that tomorrow is the first day of Fall. The crows have been gone all summer and as fall approaches they have returned. They are in the top of an old pecan tree next door. The blue jays are not happy at all. They are scolding in the tree right outside the office. I love the pink color of this plant. It is called Boneset. We planted and replanted and only got one plant to come up. It is excellent for treating the symptoms of cold and flu.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and kind words. I thank you all for the gifts of encouragement you left us yesterday.

In the post I did a few of you asked what I do with those word plays, so I thought I would show you where I put them.

Do you remember when I made my Home sign? I added horseshoe nails to it and I hang those things I make on it and change them each month. Ladeda does a pattern of witches boots and I just love these boots so I have done two of them so far.

Here is a close up of this one.

I made this one and I still never got it framed so the other day I just turned into a pillow. I really liked this boot. The newest issue of  Just Crosstitch Halloween has the latest witch boot I need to do for this year.

I also worked on my rug a bit and I thought I would show you all of the progress I made. As I was taking pictures this morning, I do really like this rug. I hope to get some hooking in this week.

I made some other odds and ends this week, but I didn't feel like going and finding them.  I put that ABC hooked rug that I turned into a pillow this week for the school room.  Being up there all of the time now, it is driving me crazy because it needs a real going over. We have a couch up there that the kids won't let me get rid of but I am going to have to do something as I stare at it every day. The pillows on it are horrible. I made a new one but I need to make some more. The reason I don't stress about it too much is well, you know they get turned into missiles when someone looses a X box game. It is a school room during the day and a lair at night.

I am looking forward to a nice, calm, quiet, Friday.

I hope your Friday is the same,


  1. I can't believe I get to comment first! I hope your Friday brings an overwhelm of the Lord's peace and sufficiency. Love you :)

  2. crows have returned to your yard and your rugs. :)

    ours hang here all year long. they've been very noisy as i've been able to have the windows open a bit w/ cooler temps (except mid-day).

  3. i love the weekends and my sunday fundays!!

    you have some really cute fall decorations!!

  4. I hope that your week ends on a cheerful note. You are welcome dear friend. You bear your soul and friends are supposed to uplift you.

    I love that crow on the pumpkin rug.

    Crows are really interesting birds to study and they are intelligent but awful noisy especially in the spring when they have their little one hatching. There's a nest across the street, not far from my bedroom window.

    A few years ago I was doing an hour of meditation in the morning when I was supposed to try not to think of any thing and listen with my heart to what God was saying to my soul and the crows were really annoying the hell out out me. When I realized my distraction, I tried to change my attitude toward them and as I was doing so, the noise seemed to lessened and I felt peaceful again.

    When I see crows I also think of my mom feeding her favourite crow on a big rock in her backyard and she would study their habits. When she put food on the rock, the crow would alert her friends and they would come to to join in the feast.

    Thanks for stirring up some memories.

    Have a restful weekend.

  5. Haha, a lair. That's very true... I still love the witch's boots too. We're such heathens. ;)

  6. Fridays are always special; exception, they seem to be coming around more quickly as I add years.:)

    The crows have been around here all season. They seem to have moved elsewhere currently, though.

    May you continue to find peace and joy in the life you have with your husband, children, and other family. Let your faith sustain you!

    xo Nellie

  7. Your creative projects inspire me, to do SOMETHING, just not sure what. I used to do painting and crafts for a store, and I got so burned out that it's all in bins in the garage. I think you have the right idea, just do it for your own enjoyment and for family and friends. Maybe I'll try again. :)

  8. Love where you hang your pillows. Again, how creative you are! Melody always loved the crows...not sure why, but she did, haha. Felt they got a bad rap. Have always loved Fridays, but now they are really turning into my new fav. day. Enjoy your week-end! HUGS

  9. "There's no place like home." Love the sign, cross stitch and the hooking pumpkin, crow project. I bet your house looks really nice around Halloween.

  10. Love the pumpkin and crow. In fact, your crow looks awesome! I do hope your having a quiet and peaceful day.

  11. You are so creative, so productive. You always seems to have a new finished project or two to share as well as something beautiful in the works. I'll bet your house is simply gorgeous, decked out with all the lovely fall items you've made.

  12. Thanks for sharing your projects. Seeing your work is an inspiration for me to get busy.

  13. I love Fridays, too, especially when they are also payday!
    I'm lovin' your rug! I hope you find some time to hook.
    Hugs :)

  14. Love your 'Home' sign! I just found you and am your newest follower :)

  15. Every time I see one of your rugs I think it's my favorite...until I see another one. :) But I really do think that one is my favorite! LOL

  16. That's a cool place to hang your pillows- especially to change out for the seasons/months.

  17. You are such a talented person, making so many lovely things. I love the home sign.

  18. I thought I commented on this post, but maybe I read it on the iPad when I was with Samantha!
    I love crows. Caw! Caw!
    All your cross-stitching is fine and pretty, Kim!
    What are you going to do this week?


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