June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chats on The Farmhouse Porch

I filled my wheelbarrow with the pumpkins I picked. I haven't washed them yet. This small bunch is all I got this year, no Cinderella pumpkins nor white nor blue. Oh well I guess you can't have a bumper crop every year, I will enjoy what I got though.

It is time to chat with Patrice again on her porch. I hope you enjoy this week's questions:

 1.   What's your favorite kind of sandwich?
Peanut butter and jelly

2.    Do you have more photos or artwork on the walls of your home?
Art work, my kids have always done art work and my mother-in-law is an artist. 

3.    Do you switch your wardrobe(clothing) when the seasons change?

Yes, once it gets cold I change to jeans and sweatshirts and hoodies. I love hoodies!

4.    How do you keep your recipes: books, cards, computer?

All three, I have tons of cookbooks and I use my computer to always be looking for recipes and then I have recipes stuck in cookbooks.

 5.   What are you looking forward to the most in the month of September?

The end of it, We won't get any cooler weather until October so that is what I am looking forward too.

I just had to get out some of my fall things this morning to go with my Sassy Sunflower pillow I made this morning. I love fall so much!

Thanks to Patrice for this weeks questions, stop by and join in the fun, and thanks for stopping by for a visit with me, hope you are having a good week.

Everyday Ruralty


  1. I'm feeling bad about your failed crop of pumpkin but you have a nice wheelbarrow full so it's not a total failure. It's hard when you put so much work and you expect a good crop but as a farmer I know all too well that some year is good and some year it's bad. I only got two green peppers this year and usually I get about a hundred.

    Your fall pillows are all so pretty and all go together so well.
    It's Pinterest perfect I think.

    I love your answers to Patrice's questions . I still can't cut and paste her questions on my blog with my MacBook Pro. I created a folder on my desktop and drag the questions in but the folder will not take the script, only pictures so I answer the question direct on her comment section because I didn't had time to type all the questions today. I'm so computer challenged.

    Hugs dear friend and next year will be better and you'll have lots of pumpkins.

  2. I am looking forward to the end of September too! I looked at the 10 day forecast today and it says 93 by next week. My first thought was "Yeah, just before the end of September heat wave, you nasty trickster."

  3. You beat me in getting your pillow made. Guess I got distracted today ;)

  4. you are ready for fall, er, october. :)

  5. Kim ~
    Your sassy sunflower pillow turned out beautifully!
    Hugs :)

  6. Love your header....and your fall decorations. That's my favorite time of year, too!!!

  7. I sooooooooooo want one of those wheelbarrows...and the pumpkins look great, I missed planting them this year...I think yours are wonderful.

    Love your bench and pillows..I need to start to change seasons, but at 100 plus it is hard to think fall...our summer came back.

  8. Your fall decorations look so nice. The pillow turned out beautifully!

  9. We could be charter members of the fall fan club! Your decorations look great. The pumpkins look good-too bad there weren't more. I'm not even sure if our farm apprentice put pumpkins in this year. Last year they failed miserably. I heard that there was a pumpkin shortage in our state. That explains why they cost so much last year. I would like to get enough to cook them down and freeze them for baking. I used to make a pumpkin marmalade with small chunks of pumpkin, lemon rind, and orange rind. It was delicious, but I lost the recipe in one of my many moves.I wish you didn't have to wait until October for cooler weather. I wish I could send you some- when we get it. Special delivery weather from a friend.

  10. I agree...nothing like a PB&J! Your pillows look great! We are taking out two TN grandgirls camping this weekend, my bday is this month and, hopefully,the work on our addition will get started soon. So, I think Sept might be a good month around here...but it won't be cool! Fall might come in Oct, but it may be Nov or even Dec...we never know down here! :-)

  11. I love your fall decor. Its one of my favorite seasons - not only for cooler temps but for the colors as well. Bring on the PB & J!

  12. I love your cute pillows! Orange is a very fun color, isn't it?
    Too bad it makes me look so pale.
    It's hot here, too. I'm ready for hot chocolate and falling leaves.

  13. I love all your Fall pillows! Guess we can dream that it's Fall huh? This heat is just so horrid! It's a quarter to ten right now and still 82 degrees...that's just sad, haha. I am so with you and wanting Sept. just over. Is is Oct yet? ; )

  14. Great to visit with you,Kim!
    Got my fav hoodie on too! It's cooler here but lovely.
    Your sassy hooked pillow is just beautiful along with the others!
    Best wishes

  15. The header pic with the small pumpkin on the big white chair is so cute! Love the pillows too! And I agree... Autumn weather can't get here fast enough. Somehow I thought when the calender turned Sept 1 it would cool off... nope... we have super swampy air here (I guess from the hurricane)and temps in high 80's... I remember when I was a kid, the first day of school was corduroy pants and a v-neck sweater (with the sleeves rolled up)? lol! Global warming... lol!

  16. Cute, cute header picture!
    Love that black bench with all your Fall pillows on it. Darling.

    Loved reading your answers to the questions too. I always enjoy my visits here.


  17. I love the picture of the bench with the pillows. Very homey! I liked your answers. Have a blessed rest of your week.

  18. I had a great idea just a bit ago---I thought that perhaps we could all synchronize our clocks and pray all at the same time for an early, chilly fall that lasts a long time and a cold winter. The more I think about it, the better the idea seems! :)

  19. Kim, I can invision you sitting in your porch rocking chair with a needle or rug hook in your hand. The pillow is lovely and fits nicely with your fall decor. BTW, did you make the pumpkin pillows? It is a cool rainy day here in Maine, I am enjoying these September days. Greetings, Julie.

  20. First of all, that tiny pumpkin on the big white rocker....LOVED it! I also think your crop in the wheelbarrow was beautiful. :)

    You have officially given me permission to think of fall, even though it's still over 100 here too.

    Your farm life posts always make me smile Kim.


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