Monday, July 20, 2009

The weather said today it would be another day of 111. We broke a record yesterday. I do worry about the animals I have who live outside. Everything in the garden seems to be enjoying the heat.
I worry about my bees too, but they just have to cool the hive themselves. I just give them water.


Meg said...

It was no fun getting back into town and meeting 109, especially coming from mid-70's!! Ben turned the cooler on at 6 this morning - we both woke up hot. :(

How do bees keep the hive cool? Just with their wings?

Kessie said...

Gosh, this hot weather is awful. And by the end of the week, we'll be getting monsoon moisture, too.

Hooray for me, I managed to somehow make two accounts and subscribe with both of them. But only one of them works right.

Farm Girl said...

Hopefully it will be cooler today. I think Megan that the bees do use their wings to cool the hive. It must be really hot with hundreds of bees in there.

Yay for cooler weather. It is pretty bad with 101 look like a nice day. :)