Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Best Dog in The World.

I just had to add one more post. This is the best dog ever.
I had all of our grandchildren here yesterday. She keeps her eye on
all of them and follows them around like a very protective mother.
She is so gentle that when they went home, she ran and ran around the pasture.
It must have been very hard keeping all of her own puppy nature at bay.
I never thought I would be so nuts about a dog.


Meg said...

I was thinking yesterday "Wow, she's really calm today." Maybe you'll have to change her name to Nana, like in Peter Pan. :P

Farm Girl said...

That's funny, because that is what the kids call her after watching her with the babies. You ought to see her when someone goes into the pool and she is in the house. She whines at the door until she gets let out then she goes and stays by the pool. " Poor Nana"