Friday, July 31, 2009

Chicken Experiment

This is also part of the garden experiment, the chicken experiment. I admit to being mostly "city girl." When I got chickens last year, it was such a mind boggling experiment. I fell in love with chickens. I had to read every book and mostly stood around with one in my hand as I figured things out. Well, this year with the garden, I knew I wouldn't have time to take care of a new batch of chicks. (If you want lots of eggs, you have to keep adding to your flock.) The other part of the equation is you should make chicken soup with the older batch, I am not there, yet nor ever.
I read a part in a book that said, " Having a rooster, does not make the hens happy, in fact the only reason to have a rooster is for chicks." So having a rooster and two little hens, we built a special pen for my banny chickens and they laid eggs, and we got chicks!


Meg said...

I loved seeing the chicks for the first time. They were so cute and almost made me want to get chicks of our own. Maybe we will do that when the little man is a bit older.

Kessie said...

They are so cute! By the end of summer, they'll be full-blown chickens. That's a good thing, because they're calling for a cold winter, and they need to get in all their growing now.

I just love the little black hybrid ones. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Farm Girl said...

I think I will have hens. (fingers crossed.)
They all look like hens. Nice feathers and no one is really very brightly colore like the rooster was when he was a chick. I knew which once would be roosters just because they fought each other all the time. I mean from day one. These chicks as chickens go seem to be polite to each other. Is this nuts or what.:)