Saturday, July 25, 2009

Corn Harvest

Today we picked corn from the south (wet) end of our garden. Both sides had the same kind of drip watering hose but this side was always much wetter, and the corn was taller and healthier.

Nice big ears.

We filled a wheelbarrow with the corn.

It was amazing to shuck the corn and find beautiful, perfectly formed kernels.

We ended up with 85 ears altogether.

Washed, bagged and ready for storage.


Wordmom said...

Gorgeous corn -- they could be models for corn recipes!

Farm Girl said...

Hey, you figured it out!! Cool! Yeah, we have never ever grown corn that looked like that.
I am hoping that all of the things I read about freezing corn is true. I am hoping for it to taste like summer, in the dark of winter.

Kessie said...

Oh man, looking at this corn makes me hungry for corn! Heck, it was tasty green.

Meg said...

You could can the kernels. It's not as fresh tasting, but it's still good. Mom and Mimi used to do that and then we would use it in bread, soups, casseroles, creamed corn... It's yummy. :D