May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, October 24, 2014

Racing Through October

My flowers are so tired now. I think the last of my zinnias will be coming out today. The weather has been hard on the flowers too. I have never had much luck with zinnias reseeding. I will save all of the seeds I find today.

I have some roses in my backyard, and every year I say I am taking them out. Then they bloom like this and I keep them. They are a odd rose. The are so pretty, but when you cut them and bring them in the house, they droop and drop the petals by the next day and then they go pale as soon as they are cut. I have lots of rose bushes but none that do that. Not much smell either.

The lemons and the oranges have made it through this Hell of a summer. I have watched the trees and now that they are starting to turn a bit yellow, I know we aren't out of the woods, but I think we will possibly get a crop this year. Our routine for these lemons is the day we decorate the house for Christmas, one on my sons will eat lemons off this tree like candy. That is when we know the citrus is starting to get ripe. We always decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. Funny Tradition isn't it?

I hope you have a lovely Friday.My friends in Canada in the path of the Nor'easter stay safe. You are on my heart and mind. 

 " Help me to live this day quietly, easily:
To lean upon Thy great strength trustfully,
To meet others peacefully, joyously;
To face tomorrow confidently, courageously."

---Taken from the book Secure in the Everlasting Arms, Elisabeth Elliot."


  1. still praying for rain for you...

  2. Hi Kim! Your gardens have been productive and beautiful again this year. That is a wonderful tradition for Christmas though I couldn't eat a lemon!

  3. oohhhhh Kim, the blooms are beautiful!! And that heart shaped leaf is so special!!

  4. Darn it, lost my comment. I love your lemon tradition. I think I'm an old soul as I believe traditions are really important. The nor'easter is here. We are wet! But I'm really thankful it's rain and not snow :)


  5. I love lemon pies but I can't eat lemons like candy. My face puckers up just thinking about it. lol...

    I still have some roses blooming in the back and all the leaves are off the bush. I never bother cutting them because the last a lot longer outside.

    Like I said before I wish I could send you a lot of our rain.
    The earwigs love my zinnias. They eat them up before they have a chance to grow.

    I still haven't decorated for Fall yet. Just can't seem to get into the grove this year.

    Take care.

  6. I know, can you believe Halloween is next week? Then it will be November!

  7. What a fanciful tradition...eating lemons like candy! xo

  8. Just thinking about eating lemons like candy makes me suck in my cheeks and my mouth start watering. LOL But it is a nice tradition.

  9. He eats lemons like candy?! Wow...they must be sweeter when they're fresh from the tree, or else my taste buds are waaaay different that his! :)

  10. Eating lemons like candy? Hard to imagine a lemon being that sweet.

    And where in the world did October go??? Seems impossible that we'll be in November in just a couple of days!


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