May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just Thinking

I hope you have had a lovely week. I thought really I should entitle this, " Another Ole Boring Post."
I was listening to a Pod cast the other morning as I walked and the person was talking about how in the 1930s when the Great Depression hit that people were able to make it because of self-reliance and we still had an agrarian society. He mentioned that if the power grid went down how people would just die. I thought about that all week, because I know just in simple power outages, I have to work hard at getting my mind to figure out cooking and all of that on my BBQer.

 I was talking to my lovely Meg yesterday and she mentioned about Ben her husband, hunting and talking to the ranger. The ranger was telling Ben about a lady he talked to who had been hiking. She remarked at how dry it was and how the streams were dried up. The ranger said, " yes it was very dry now." The women said, " Well, why don't you just turn the steams back on?" The ranger told Ben "he was so stunned, he didn't really know what to say to that, so he just said, " Budget cuts Ma'am, budget cuts." 

Did you know that there is a problem in National Parks? People don't go visit like they once did. You know why? No wireless connections, or cell service. Here this year because of the ongoing drought. Bears have come down from the mountains to town. People rush over with cell phones to take photos instead of thinking about it being a cornered wild animal.  In the mountains, the mountain lions have reproduced in such numbers they are running in packs. I am afraid, that the Disney mentality had invaded the culture so bad that even if people do decided to go hiking and whatever, they will get eaten because the animals they have seen on T.V. are nice and don't eat people. Oh, and don't forget the pot growers. Ben saw a pot farm when he was hunting too. 

The news here in California keeps talking about that earthquake that could hit at any moment. I try to keep myself prepared in case of a disaster. But what happens to people who aren't? Anyway, been thinking about that and pondering.


"It often takes more courage to be a passenger than a driver."
---The view from Saturday, E.L. Konigsburg, 1996


  1. you truly need rain to put the world back into a bit of balance. can't help with the earthquakes or with humans, but the wildlife would at least be able to go back into their normal territories.

  2. Very interesting post and one to certainly think about…I am so sorry that you guys are so dry out in Cal…It must be incredible hard on all the wild animals…...

  3. Kim, Happy Thursday! For a minute I thought you were describing Colorado-with the animals, like mountain lions etc and then the pot.
    We have lots of hunters here too and yes, we have problems getting cell service in the mountains. Don't get me started about pot-stupidest thing they ever did was to legalize it. Now seniors are starting to smoke it-don't they know we have enough issues with memories without adding to it. Just saying. O.k. so one thing I don't miss about Ca. is the earthquakes. The last big one that I was in was Loma Prieta-boy did I suffer from post traumatic stress, we were so close to the epicenter. At least here, we have tornado warnings. Take a deep breath and say a prayer for all of us-who knows what could happen. Sending you hugs today.

  4. Ye[, I hear ya. I was at the Grand Canyon 25 or so years ago when I heard this woman from back east ask where the elevator to the bottom was. It's called your feet or a mule! Don't know if those types will survive a disaster like no power or cell service lol!

  5. That's a lot to think about Kim! I admit to being so dependent on mod-cons but I do know that only God can turn on the rain and the streams. Take comfort from Elijah's God!

  6. Wow you have given me a lot to think about in this post. I laughed about the "Budget Cuts Ma'am" so funny.
    Yes people have no idea what a wild animal can do. Sad really.
    Pot growers oh yes I have heard of them.
    You know you worry too much my friend life is good and life is not all about worrying about those things we cannot control. Take care and I liked hearing your thoughts. Hug B

  7. thoughtful post!
    here in the national parks, you have to get a stupid permit to take photographs!! anywhere from $500.00 to $2500.00 for a fine!!! budget cuts, my foot! kicking out my soapbox from under my feet :(
    as for the animals and pot people, yes, they are everywhere.
    for my part, I just try and remember that I am told not to worry or be anxious, and that's what I try to do. it doesn't always work, but I do try, hugs, and find joy where you can, I find a lot of mine on the back roads that do not require a permit :)

  8. Oh my...was she serious?! That's pathetic! I would love to see the beautiful national parks if I have the chance. I do hope you get some substantial rain soon!

  9. Too bad about the drouth making the wild animal go in the open for need of food and water.

    You should move out here, It's been raining for two days and will continue all weekend. I so wish I could share some of our excess.

    Don't worry too much as 99 percent of what we worry about doesn't happens.

    I know what you mean about cell phones. I worry what I would do if my car broke down. I always call my CAA insurance and they come rescue me for things like locking my keys in the trunk by accident or flat tires. I've called them 4 times and they help me. If I accidentally leave my cell at home, I worry what if... I never gave it a thought years ago...

    Try not to worry too much and live each day as a gift. Nothing is guaranteed.

  10. Oops, that should be "drought"lol

  11. Unlike many you and I are fortunate to know how to survive. Our danger will not come from animals if this animals but from humans, I fear. We can only prepare and maybe our knowledge will help some people live through a catastrophe.

  12. Hi Kim! Deep thoughts, my friend!
    I laughed out loud about "budget cuts." Have a blessed day today and every day!


  13. Your post holds a lot to ponder.
    I am always amazed when I hear of kids who really think the store produces their
    food. They know nothing of food being grown in fields or gardens !
    Sometimes I wonder what is happening in our society of technology.

  14. Hey, when we were starving and unemployed, I considered pot growing! When you're desperate, all kinds of things occur to you.

    They turned the streams off ... wow. Yeah, I think about how artificial the infrastructure is out here in AZ. If the grid went down, the heat would kill everybody. The population was only a few hundred thousand until the 60s/70s, when air conditioning became a thing.

  15. What a shame that visitors don't go to the National Parks as much any more. Visiting all the National Parks in the NW quadrant of the US is on my bucket list ... I'm not sure that I'll be able to cross that off my list, but I certainly intend to visit as many National Parks closer to home as I can.


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