May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, March 10, 2014

Off To The Races

It is full on spring here in California. Last week, I was released from the doctor. I am already two weeks behind in spring training. Around here we call it spring training, because we begin our weekends before the sun is up and work until we drop. I was a little scared because I hadn't held a hula-hoe in my hand for quite a while. I was so encouraged though by the amount of work we accomplished. Now, moving was a different thing all together.

We managed to start seeds too. We have this lovely bathtub in our bathroom. We never use it. We decided that it would be a good place this year to start seeds. Ron went out to the wood pile and made this wonderful table. ( We use the shower because it is faster, it is that OCD thing you know.)

After our seeds are sprouted I will find some place to use this lovely table. It is just right up my alley.
I just love what he manages to come up with, out of that magic wood pile.

I just loved the way the pieces all match.

Here it is sitting in the bathtub. Those plants sitting there have been there since fall. They are the ones that can't stand the cold. He was able to save his pepper plants from the cold and when needed was able to pick them.

He brought in the heat mats and put the trays on them. I used to start seeds in my kitchen windows but I think this will work out better since almost all of these seeds are gourds. Gourds need a long growing season and we have wonderful plans for them.

We have one more seed tray to put on the end but I want to start some more tomatoes and peppers and I didn't order those kinds of seeds. Well, I got Ghost Chili Pepper seeds. They are the hottest pepper with a 1 million Scoville rating. The packet only came with 10 seeds. I also bought these tomatoes seeds called a Indigo Rose. They do look dark blue and red but I need big tomatoes. Lots more.

Last night Ron asked if I thought perhaps we had a problem with plants. I told him no, I didn't think so, we just don't know that many people who use their bathtub for growing plants.

This week our oldest grandsons will turn seven. The three oldest. They were born 3 days apart. Seven years ago when our Daughter-in-love went into the hospital to have the twins it was scary. I would ask that if you remember if you would hold her sister, Rachel up in prayer. She is pregnant with twin girls. The girls only weigh 2 pounds and they have put her in the hospital now until the babies will be born. They aren't due until May.

We also had two deaths in the family last week. I don't know why I ever expect March to be any different. It always comes in like a lion and tests us at every turn. I still love March though, and I am thankful that God always, always has a plan. He is always there in asking, " Will you trust me?"

Thank you for stopping by today,

 " Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."
(Psalm 51:10)


  1. have been busy! You make me tired, just thinking of all you have done already, and I'm looking ahead to all that needs to be done! I have a little more time here, though, because it's not nearly warm enough to work outside. My garden just this weekend became visible from under the snow. The table your hubby made is great! And putting it in the who woulda thought of that?! I'm so happy that you can see all the beauty of spring, so much better this year! And my sympathies to you and your family in the losses you've had recently!

  2. 3 grandbabies in 3 days! my goodness!

    love your handy hubby using the tubby table. :)

  3. Yes, March is always just that kind of month! I knew of one death, but what was the second one?

    That bathtub table is great. I love the diamonds!

  4. You have me smiling ear to ear .

  5. That sure is a neat "hot house" you have that a jacuzzi tub? Hahaha what fun to start seeds and watch them grow. Your husband is very handy with making things isn't he, I like that table too.

    Oh my Ghost hot peppers...whew those are HOT babies!!!! Have a great day and glad the doctor released you for spring!

  6. It is so good to get lots done and you two have been inventive and industrious!
    Sorry to hear of the passing of those connected to you and I pray the
    Lord will give grace.
    I really love irises.

  7. So sorry for the loss of family! Pretty flowers,irises are a favorite of mine.It is beautiful here today but expecting snow showers later in the week.Such a great table and a unique way to use your tub.Big hugs,Jen

  8. The bathtub table is a great idea.

    I am so very sorry for the losses in your family! HUGS!!

  9. Loving that table your husband made -- the little cutouts are adorable. I'll be starting seeds in the window probably next week, but the heat mats would be so handy!

    Visiting from Alica's blog -- have a wonderful day!

  10. Hmmm--seedlings in the tub, Ghost peppers? What will you do with those??
    Your iris are lovely. In Illinois, we called them "flags".

  11. Oh I will keep her in my prayers and I am so sorry about your losses.
    The garden in the bathtub is brilliant:) Take care OK. Things will turn around and it sure is going to be pretty at your house with all those beautiful plants. Hug B

  12. Very ingenious! Why not put the tub to use?
    I do like the unique table your hubby made too. It won't be hard to find some use for it later, for sure.
    Happy B'Day to you g'children. Wow, three all within three days.
    I'm wondering if that doesn't break some sort of a record?

  13. Hello dear Kim! Oh, the iris are SO pretty! I love your bathtub set up! It's wonderful! I wonder how much the fake lights are. I'd like to start my seeds indoors, too!
    You guys are busy bees!

  14. Hi dear Kim, sorry to hear about two deaths in the family.

    I completely understand you being busy at this time of year. I've been thinking of a mini vacation from Blogger since I've been very busy myself these past couple of weeks.

    I love the idea of using the bathtub as a temporary place to start your plants. I've just brought my grow lights in the upstair bathroom as it's a smaller room and I can turn the heat on to grow my begonia seeds, they need warmth to germinate. I turn the thermostat up and close the door to keep the heat in.

    Last year was the first time I didn't plant seeds in years.

    I love you new little table. Very practical.

    Our Great Deworming Stash has grown to 25 members since the last time I look. We are having a lot of fun but I haven't had much time to hook. My rug is a chair pad, so isn't very big and won't take long. I'm using lots of odds and ends wool worms in my design.

    Take care and happy gardening.

  15. Love that table and your idea.

    Sorry for your losses.

    You will be in my prayers.

  16. I will pray for Rachel.
    I think it's brilliant to use that sunny bathtub space for your plants. I would do it, but we don't have such a perfect set-up.

  17. Now THAT is a brilliant idea! And such a pretty table. Thank you for mentioning Rachel, prayer is a wonderful thing! :)

  18. That really is a wonderful table - your husband is an artist! I still remember those graceful trees he made for you a while ago too. May God's presence and love be ever more tangible to you and your family as March progresses into a fruitful season, and His grace bless you all, including Rachel and her babies.

  19. Having twins is scary, as I do know. My stepson and his son also have identical twin boys, so we have 2 sets in our family. Ingenious idea for your seed sprouting! I'm very impressed. I haven't even thought about my garden yet this year. Not sure what I'll be growing. Thank you for the warm welcome back to blogland!

  20. My condolences, Kim, on the deaths; it's never easy. Can't tell from the photo, but a cheap plastic shower curtain in the bathtub would make clean up easy when that time comes. SO glad you're healing and can see...wonderful news!
    LOVE that it, I say!
    My hula-hoe is one of my favorite pieces of equipment.
    Don't tire yourself too badly; work will *always* be there.

  21. Wow, you are serious when you say you are starting seeds !!
    Love the table.
    Will certainly be praying for Rachel. That is a LONG time to be in the hospital !

  22. You can count on me for prayers Kim. I will keep her in my prayers and pray for a healthy birth for the two girls and a safe delivery for Rachel.

  23. AH, now I see how you did the seeds. Guess I should have read backwards. LOL If I could get Molly to move out I could use the bathtub in her bathroom. But she won't leave! She is the messiest kid I have and I've had enough. I've been so discouraged with the garden results in the last few years that I'm thinking of not planting at all this year. The green thumb still illudes me.


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