May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Slump

In January, especially at the end of the month, I get into a winter slump. Do you? Do you get tired of the sameness of the days, and start feeling like you are on the hamster wheel, working and working but never getting anywhere? Sometimes it sneaks up on me. Like today. I  had to sit down and watch the sunrise, and pray and make myself look at all of the good things instead of the never ending drudgery. Here are the 10 things that I thought of that chase the winter blues away.

1. A empty calendar this week. It feels a bit like waking up early on a summer morning, with the breeze blowing in softly across my face, with the smell of fresh sheets, and the sound of meadowlarks in the distance.

2. Laughter. I woke up yesterday morning, and asked Ron if he thought that skunk scent was flammable. I was thinking about something that has moved in under my shed and I was thinking of pushing leaves in and starting a fire and seeing if I could smoke it out. You know of course, how many things are wrong with this idea, like burning down my shed and my chicken coop and the fence. He was silent for a moment, and then said, " No, I don't think it is flammable, I don't think when fireman are fighting forest fires, say, " run for it, there is a skunk fireball." I thought I was going to fall down laughing so hard because I could see skunk fireballs.

3. Having kids. That make me see life in a different light and they share music with me and then they even play music that makes me laugh and write funny songs.  Our youngest son, at night after dinner, plays his guitar and sometimes I think Johnny Cash is upstairs.

4. Having grand children. I just love how they think. I love how sweet they are and fill my life with joy. Yesterday talking to the ones that live in Arizona was so nice. To see how the baby has grown. They were telling me about seeing Frozen and Brave. I told them that I hadn't even seen Tangled. My daughter asked them if there was anything scary in Tangled and their little voices all chiming in, " No, there is nothing scary in Tangled, Grandma can watch it." 

5. Chickens. No matter how I feel watching chickens always makes me happy. I was counting chickens yesterday, I have 20 my new coup is for 30, so I am going to get 10 new chicks in the spring. That makes me very, very happy. New chicks are such a wonderful gift to look forward to, I love taking care of baby chicks.

6. Having the best Son-in-laws and the best daughter-in-law in the whole wide world. They bless my life so much. I was thinking about them yesterday, and thinking, how it it that my kids chose almost perfect people to marry? I love each one as much as the kids they married.

7. Bugs. I miss bugs. I know how weird right. See this picture of this bug? They hiss when you poke them. How do I know this? Because I poked him. I thought he was dead and he wasn't I jumped about five feet.
I miss seeing bees and these other bugs that creep me out but they do add a thrill when you are looking for something and there they are.

8.  One thing I do love about January are the naked trees. I went to take Sasha out last night and there was a huge barn owl out where my old coop was, and he flew up into the tree and watched me. In the summer, they screech at me but I can never see them. Last night I could see him and he watched me. I found that to be thrilling. I love owls.

9. Rejoice, Renew, Inspire. My words for 2014, When I start to slide down into a slump, I remember my words, I rejoice because of the gifts I have been given. God is renewing me every single day, if I take the time to look, and inspire, well still trying to figure that one out.

10. I am thankful to be able to blog. To be able to meet people all over the world, to be able to share in lives of people I might not have met on this side of heaven. To be able to be given that gift is very precious to me.
It has I think changed my life profoundly.

I hope your Monday is a nice one. I know it will be cold for some of you. I hope you can stay warm.
The weather man says we might, maybe, the almost chance, of rain by Thursday or Friday. That gives me hope. Thank you for stopping by, I wish I could send you some of our warm weather so I will send you a warm hug. O

" It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both."
---Charlotte's Web, E.B.White, 1954


  1. thank you for the uplift today. loved your bug shot, too. :)

  2. I really enjoyed this post and I think I will remember your inspirational words for this year.
    Have a wonderful week and don't go trying to make a skunk fireball!!!!

  3. i am in a little bit of a slump because i have not been feeling well and i can't go out!! i usually love this time of year because i enjoy cleaning and getting the house organized. i also catch up on crafts, scrapbooking and projects around the house.

    i enjoyed your cheery pictures today!!

  4. Oh your words took me out of the slump I am also feeling. I do not have grandchildren but someday I hop and your song singing reminds me of my brother who always sang and played guitar a memory I had not remembered while in this slump. i miss bugs and gardens and the little things the warm weather shows us. I seen an owl about three weeks ago now sitting in a naked tree and yes it made my heart sing.
    My Hero and I laugh everyday some things just seem funny like your skunk bombs:)
    I have so much to do and looking outside and seeing the beautiful snow and thinking of summer makes me just a little sad because it is so beautiful even though it is cold and in a couple of months it will be all gone and I wasted my time not getting out in the weather and enjoying all this season has to offer.
    I love your post. I now will go pick up my vacuum and take some motivation from your post. Tomorrow no matter what i will not be in a slump I will go outside bundled up and laugh and sing and not complain about the weather. Well that is the plan. See you tomorrow:) Hug b

  5. Such hope for Spring, but then there is February. I also found that month to be the worst of all months.

  6. You may be in a slump but your blog post today just brings smiles to my face....You are a jewel Kim....

  7. Thank you for the uplifting post. I needed this as I am in the winter slump. Blah days of overcast snowy, windy, blowy weather. But I have to thank you for the skunk fireball story. You made me smile ;-)

  8. A very nice post!! I enjoyed reading it Kim!

  9. It was refreshing to read your list of things that bring you joy! This should help all of us realize how blessed we truly are. xo Nellie

  10. Kim
    I hope you get your much needed rain!
    I could agree with most stuff on your list,
    but the bugs. I do not like bugs at all!
    I miss having kids around,. They do bring
    fun into our lives..

  11. Kim, I am thankful for you, your blog and this positive post...Mr. Dog Trot asked me what I was laughing at, I had to tell him your skunk bomb story, he got a good laugh too...I loved the photo of you cleaning up the tumbleweeds!!! Thinking of you, Julie

  12. Oh my goodness Kim, you may have felt in the slump but you sure can liven up a conversation. I'm still thinking about your question to Ron and his answer. That is funny stuff.... skunk fireball, just too funny. I'll be thinking of you and your fireball skunk the next time I see a skunk.

    I think that Ron better hide the matches, lol...

    I like what you are doing to make yourself think of gratitude. I love to look at pictures of colorful bugs but bugs and I are not the best of friends.I react to them and it's not in their favor, lol...

    You are right about the grandkids. They are precious and the great grandkids too.

    I love to look at your gorgeous Morning Glory and I think that your sunflower would make a great rug.

    I'm off to finish binding my rug.

  13. HI Kim!
    That's a great quote from Charlotte's Web. I love it.
    Ten more chicks? Yee haw!
    I love owls, too. I was talking to kids at school about owls and one shy boy perked up and told me that he saw one behind the grocery store. Cute!
    It's snowing. Wah.

  14. Great post, but I don't think I will ever miss bugs.
    Hugs :)

  15. The best way to get out of a slump...give thanks! Good for you! :-)

  16. This is so cute. I could see you accidentally burning down the shed. Lol. Me....I do not miss bugs. It's the best part of winter in my opinion

  17. Your ten things to chase away the january blues, is priceless, I leave with the biggest smile! you two are priceless Kim!!

  18. Oh I am in a Winter Funk and Sick on top of it.I was so happy to see a lil bit of your brightened my day!

    I hope you will be feeling renewed soon as well.Blessings Kim

  19. Beautifully written Kim.
    Now I'm thinking I should come up with a list of ten things I am grateful for ;)

  20. What a nice list, Kim! An excellent cure for feeling down in the dumps!!

    I have to admit that I laughed out loud at the prospect of a skunk fireball!

  21. This is just such an uplifting post. We are all so tired of the cold here, but we are at least having some sunshine. Your list just brought such encouragement to me! Thanks for sharing and spreading your light!

  22. I find myself in slumps once in awhile and I do have to make myself sit down and think of all my blessings. Remember that hymn, 'Count Your Blessings'? If I just start singing that, that helps with my mood. I find March perhaps the worst month ever-- it's still cold, we still get snow, and everything is black, gray, and dead. Although, TV is beginning to show spring advertisements!


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