May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wait Flowers for Spring.

Yesterday I was sitting and hooking a rug. I kept seeing these white flowers across the road, but you know right now lots of times I either see things that aren't  there or can tell what I am looking at. I finally jumped up and grabbed the binoculars and sure enough, across the road there is a whole row of Bradford pear trees and they are blooming.  I walked around and to my utter dismay our blueberry bushes are blooming. It isn't warm enough for the bees to be out yet. I have never seen anything bloom in January before. We broke a record last night for having the warmest night time temperature of 68 degrees.

 We do have these tiny little blue flowers that have managed to stay alive through the winter. They are always a nice surprise. I just had to work on a chicken rug yesterday. I thought I would show you the bit I have done.

When I was drawing this out for the life of me I couldn't remember how to draw a flower pot. My son was walking through and I said, " Hey real fast can you draw a flowerpot with some flowers for me?" He stopped and drew it out, so yesterday I showed him his flowerpot and flowers. He was so happy to see it. I thought that was fun.

I wanted to take something with me to sew on when I am waiting in medical offices so I have a book called Stitches from the School House by Renee Plains. She has some cute little schoolgirl projects in this book so I took one and put it on muslin. I have worked on that and it has been so nice to work on when I want something to do with my hands.

I know it is dark, this was when the doctor thought I couldn't see at all and I  took this out of my purse and showed him I could still sew. He just looked at me and shook his head.

When I was young, the first thing I learned to do was embroidery. When I was old enough to hold a needle and a thread, my Mom made me a little work basket and I would sit next to her on the couch. She would draw out simple designs and I would trace them with my needle. Maybe that is why I love working with a needle and a thread so much is for me it was a wonderful time to sit and learn from my mother. She could do all kinds of handy work that I never learned. I always wanted to make lace. I have drawers still full of her handwork. It is something that I treasure.

We have cloudy weather today. It is so nice to have clouds. I hope you have a lovely Sunday,

" The  time has come, " the Walrus said,
"to talk of many things.
Of shoes---and ships---and sealing wax---of cabbages---and kings."
---through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll, 1872


  1. i didn't think you had enough rain to bring out an early spring! really like your chicken rug. :)

  2. Oh my goodness...the quote at the end of your post...
    I made a crazy quilt and on one of the blocks, I embroidered "Little Oysters, Little Oysters" (when the Walrus was calling to the baby oysters) I placed it on my quilt, because my 3 daughters and I just loved that scene in the movie !

  3. I had the kids at school read The Walrus and the Carpenter the other day when I wasn't there. They were quite befuddled!
    I love your rug! Well done!
    Blossoms on the pear trees? Amazing! We have icebergs.

  4. Nothing blooming here! Sorry about your blueberry bushes... it would be a shame to not have a crop. Rug is always! :-) My mom taught me to embroider, too. I have lace that my grandmother "tatted". Don't know how to do that either, but I enjoy looking at it! Happy Sunday to you!

  5. We have things blooming in January all the time. And then a frost hits and kills everything off. One year it was bad. We haven't had too many warm days this winter thankfully. LOVE the chicken rug. Especially like that it took team work to get it going. :) Substitute grandmother for mother and I did the same thing with the needlework.

  6. There is a tree down the street, probably a pear too, that is all covered in pretty white flowers. Everything is so confused... It sucks that it will all die when we have a frost in February.

  7. Nothing at all here even thinking about blooming! Your little purple flowers are so pretty. I am glad they are there for you to see.

  8. What a cheerful post on this Sunday...blooming flowers, a beautiful rug you are working on, memories of sitting beside your mom while she taught you embroidery, and a sunny new blog design....You are a sunflower today...Love it....

  9. Nothng blooming here Kim, I am so glad especially that the blueberies are not,as we were driving in today, I reminded dh that our Bradford Pears would soon have a pink tint, and then in March they will blossom! As always you do such beautiul needle work, Your son did a great job of designing it too!
    Enjoy your warm temps.we are having 50's today but the weatherman is calling for more real cold weather this week and I even heard the word snow! I hope I was dreaming!
    Enjoy your evening! Hugs,

  10. This early blooming must get the fruit growers worried. You are right that the flowers needs the bees to pollinate the flowers.

    What a stressful year you are having. I think that stress also will make the trees blossom before their time.

    Do you have any idea when you are going to have your cataracts removed?

    It's good that you love sewing so much. I also learned to embroider when I was very young. I think it was how it was done in those days. Pillow cases were always embroidered.

    Take care and stay well.

  11. Unbelievable to have pear and blueberry blossoms. We've had a nice January thaw here and finally much of the ice turned liquid and ran into creeks and reservoirs, but today, we're getting cold once again. There is green grass coming from under the snow. I can hardly believe it.

    I love embroidery too. When I was in 7th grade, I started embroidering on my jeans. I wish I had that pair of bell bottoms all embellished with a young girl's drawings and stitchings.

  12. One time a few years back we had a wave of warm days in early spring that confused all the plants and trees. I hope the trees will be ok. The chicken rug is going to be a charmer when it is completed.

  13. As a child, I had those 'sewing cards' where you would 'sew' with yarn and a plastic needle. I just loved those; I think that is what started me on sewing and handwork. Embroidery is the first skill I learned.


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