May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, January 25, 2014

...Then After The Storm.

One thing that I like after a storm, is the beauty that comes in the afterward. The wind blew and blew and then the storm was past and all was quiet and the sky was so filled with color. I love sunsets and sunrises in January.

We spent the morning cleaning up from the wind. After the lawn gets mowed and all of the broken tumbleweeds picked up it will look back to normal.

Here are some before and after photos.

Our poor little avocado tree has had a horrible winter. He always manages to come out of it, but I don't think we will ever get a crop from it.

 All nice and clean. You can really see the damage that the cold weather has done this year.

All clean again. Ron always has projects going on, he has decided his next one is to finish getting the bug restored. He was driving it around so it is out now in the driveway. I think once he gets it all fixed up it will be fun to go do errands in like go to the library. I have always enjoyed manual transmissions.

I wanted you to see how big the tumbleweeds are and how you have to grab them by the stem to haul them away. Ron was taking my picture and there were all of these cars almost stopped on the road with people staring. I was laughing saying,"  hurry up we are causing a traffic jam."

Here is one of our first world problems. See the mud in the swimming pool. The pool  is clean now but this was how the bottom looked. Not to mention the leaves. It is like a pool of ice water.

This was how pretty the sky looked this morning. The haze is gone and the sky is blue and so pretty again.
There are so many, many things in the world to be thankful for, like the change in a weather pattern.

Have a lovely Saturday, thank you for stopping by today.


 " I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."
(Philippians 3:14)


  1. great post!
    those tumbleweeds amaze me,
    it is tall as you.
    show us pictures of the bug when he gets done!
    have a great weekend!

  2. crazy tumbleweed lady ahead! slow down! :)

  3. I enjoyed this wind storm so much. It was so nice to have SOMETHING going on. I wish we could have gotten rain, but oh well.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pic of you with the tumbleweed, I had no idea it can get that size!
    I think the bug will be so cool too! I only drive manual transmission cars but hubby wants me to try an automatic but I'm so nervous!
    Love the beauty of those skies!

  5. I love the pretty sky and your pretty smile! Glad the storm is over!

  6. I took my driving test for my very first driver's license in a VW, and my husband had one when we were first married. He had a trailer hitch on it to pull his fishing boat.

    Those tumbleweeds are huge! Their size has never occurred to me!

    Enjoy your week-end!

    xo Nellie

  7. Wow! That IS a huge tumbleweed! Did everything get super dusty? That's another big downside of wind, right?
    What a cute photo of you, Kim!

  8. I've never seen a tumbleweed before, and I never knew they were so huge! I bet that's a sight to see them tumbling around in the wind. Where do they all come from? And what year is Ron's bug? It caught my eye right away!

  9. Them tumbleweeds are huge. All you need is a cowgirl hat and a horse and you would fit right in like in the old western movies, hahaha...

    I always loved those bug cars. Whenever we went on at rip with the kids and they got bored, they would count how many bugs we would meet on the road. It was a lot of fun and it kept them busy.

    I was curious about how you dispose of the tumbleweeds.

    The sky is beautiful but I sure wish you would get rain. This dry spell would drive me insane.

    I'm sure your avocado tree will give you some fruits when it grow big. It still looks pretty small.


  10. I love seeing your tumbleweeds. I know you don't love them. And I wouldn't either if they were in my yard ;).

  11. Kim
    I was just telling my husband about your tumbleweeds! I never knew they were so large.
    I expect there is much clean up to do on your little homestead, but I know it brings you joy too.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  12. Love your beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures.
    God's beauty is free for all. ;)
    Tumbleweeds remind me of childhood cartoons, just because that is the only place I have ever seen them ! Interesting that you have them in your lawn after a storm.

  13. Wow, I certainly didn't know that tumbleweeds are that big! In all the westerns I used to watch, they were all much smaller. Isn't it always such a wonderfully satisfying feeling to have everything all cleaned up? Did you get any much-needed rain in your storm? I certainly hope so!

  14. Great Post......Tall tumbleweeds my goodness! No wonder the traffic was slowing....people are funny.

  15. This winter has been brutal...I am not sure t is over yet. Still Spring will be here soon.

  16. They've put snow in our forecast next week. Pray it happens! Those tumbleweeds just amaze me.


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