May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh Monday

Here it is Monday again. The days just seem to fly by. I was thinking about when I was little and how long it seemed to take to get to Christmas. I remember being in my Grandmother's house and laying on my tummy in the floor, with the Montgomery Wards and J.C. Penney catalogs opened to the toy sections and dreaming of all of those things. I bet my Grandmother kept me entertained for hours doing that. Now it seems like I barely turn the calendar and it is Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ron worked on the yard for the chicken coop all weekend. I think it was more work than tearing down the playhouse and building the coop put together. On Friday, he had to move a sprinkler and put in a new one. The cottonwood out there has put out roots everywhere. He had to chop and use a pry bar then the ground was so hard he had to just chop away with a shovel. He also had to fill the post holes with water just to be able to dig a little then stop and fill them again.

Then came the digging trenches and trying to dig post holes. All by hand and all with his little narrow ditch digging shovel. He did that for two days. Finally yesterday afternoon he was able to get to the fun part as he said. The people that live behind us decided yesterday to burn trash. I got so sick I couldn't even stay out there from the smell. He just kept working. I really don't know how he kept at it.

He is going to put a tin roof here and he bought the nicest wire. The wire has to be buried below the ground to keep critters out.

Here is the other part of it. I will have a gate here. I think it is really still too nice for chickens. Being chickens, I don't know if they will appreciate it.

It will be finished soon. I will be so glad.

I hope you have a wonderful week. We have some more storms coming and we might, just might get rain.

Bye for now,


  1. he is a hard worker, that man of yours!

  2. It will be wonderful when it is finished. Much work, but worth it.

  3. Your husband can be quite proud of his hen "condo"! He's worked hard at it...and it's looking great! Shame on those girls if they don't thank him for their new digs! :) Maybe they can at least thank him with some big eggs.

  4. That is certainly an involved construction project! Surely the chickens won't be totally indifferent to their "move up" in the world.:)

    Have a good Monday! xo Nellie

  5. Do the chickens need a roof for shade in the summer? We never thought about giving ours a roof over their yard...but then, they could go under their house for shade, and our summers aren't quite as hot....
    I hope you get that rain! (I hope we do too!)

  6. You both work so hard! I'm certain the chickens don't have a clue as to how much you do for them!
    Love your header pic of the leaves! Looks like a beautiful rug!

  7. Your hubby is definitely a keeper! I love your new background.

  8. Wow. That's some kind of chicken coop. I know what you mean about the calendar. I'm trying to slow it down. It's just not working.

  9. Your coop is looking fabulous!

    I wish they had huge Christmas books so that my two grand kids could have the fun like we did of turning each page with big eyes--- wanting everything on every page lol... good times, good times :-)

  10. I'm not counting on the rain. I am expecting it to be bright and sunny and maybe hot on Wednesday. (I'm hoping my pessimistic attitude will prove me wrong!)

    The coop looks great! It will be so nice when it's all finished. You know, for dad not liking the chickens so much he sure is spoiling them. ;)

  11. Hello Sweetie Pie!
    Oh, your chickens are blessed! Ron is such a hard worker. Does he ever get sore and achey? Do you have a hot tub?
    I did the same thing with the Sears Wish Book. I loved to look for things I liked. (BIG HUG!)

  12. I loved combing through the Sears Christmas catalogue each year when I was a kid. I'd forgotten all about that until I read your post! Thanks for triggering that memory for me!

  13. I remember using the catalogs too!
    Love your coop, thankful he got so much done.
    One of the ideas that recently came to me when working on this mile long sewer line of mine was to cut tree roots with loppers in stead of digging the out with a shovel. it was way faster, and saved so much hacking away at them. And I could pull them out in segments. It only took me 35 years here of digging to come up with that. I am slow sometimes like a turtle. Have a great week!

  14. Enjoying Christmas when we are young and grown up is different. The work done for your gate looks great. Think it will look beautiful once it is completed.

  15. Your husband is putting in a chicken Taj Mahal! You and the chickens will enjoy it. Just the other day a friend posted the picture of the cutest coop for 3 hens complete with curtains!

  16. Wow, lucky chickens to have such a nice place to live. I hope that they will be happy and safe and that they will pay you back with lots of eggs.

    I used to look through Sears and Eaton catalogues but there was not as much stuff to covet as there is now.

    It must be hard labor to dig through roots and dry soil. He may need a big drill with a diamond bit to drill through the roots. It will look so nice when all finished.

    Have a great week.

  17. How I remember those wonderful Sears catologs at Christmas time...Oh, your hens are going to love their new digs...Ron is doing a wonderful job...

  18. you are so lucky to have such an awesome guy to share life with!!

    good lookin' coop!!


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