May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just Photos Today

Learning to use Picassa 3 has been so much fun to me. I feel like even with my little 5.0 Cannon point and shoot camera, now I can make my pictures a little more appealing. I have been going through my photos and finding photos that I never shared since I was blogging just because I couldn't get them like I wanted. I thought today I would share some of my favorites.

This picture of the buzzard on the light pole happened in January 1st 2009 There were five or six and they were standing like sentinels  on all of the light poles surrounding our house. I was so afraid of them flying away and I have never seen anything like it. I walked so slowly and took pictures each step. Then a stupid and I mean stupid camera man from the local T.V. Station ran up with all of his equipment banging and rattling and  scared all of them away. He never even said sorry just like it was his right, he even came in my yard.
After the camera man left the buzzards flew back to the trees in my sister-in-laws garden and did this same pose in the top of her trees. The branches in her trees were filled with buzzards the rest of the day as they took turns storing up heat in their wings.

I felt in such awe to have been given such a gift that morning. To see these great birds doing this as the sun rose. It had been raining and there was a break from the storm, so as the sun hit them they would raise their arms to the early morning light. It was quite breath taking and I thought full of magic. I felt as if I were taking pictures of something I shouldn't it seemed like a very private moment.

This was when I was dreaming of a telephoto lens. When the flock flew in and each landed on a telephone pole they sat like this and watched, I suppose to make sure it was safe.

I had to buy some pumpkins the other day. I took all of this for granted and I kick myself over and over.
One nice thing about growing your own pumpkins is getting to make the stems what ever size I want. You can bet next year there will be pumpkins around here.

I am so glad I took all of the pictures of them when I did.

 There is a hummingbird that lives in a tree by my garden. One thing about hummingbirds they are fearless. When I go out in the morning to water, it flies and gets so close to me as it puts it's beak in the morning glories. It always stays about three feet from me. It flits and talks and then when I go sit down to watch it. It will fly to a tree with a limb and watch me. For as long as I sit. Have you ever noticed that hummingbirds have favorite perches on trees? When they have a favorite branch it won't have a single leaf on it. If one grows they will snip it off and drop it. I have only caught one doing that  once.

The blue jay that lives on the other side of the garden in the cottonwood  isn't quite so brave, but he is bold. He will fly down to eat sunflower seeds but always gets his beak full and flies off to eat them in peace. The finches though, are like scared little school girls. They chatter and warn and flit and are so uncomfortable they are what finally make me leave. I know they are hungry but they can't settle down enough eat. I will turn off the water and go back into the house as I can almost hear the chatter of, " Now she is gone, now we can eat all is safe."

I have found in taking pictures it is  medium that gives me such joy in seeing the world around me. Things I never noticed are drawn into focus and as I look at each picture I take I am aware of beauty I never noticed before. Someday I will get a camera with a great lens, but as of yet I don't because I am still learning to use a camera and this is my speed. Not to mention I think it is more important to take pictures with your heart.

I hope you have a beautiful day.



  1. Hi!
    I love the one with the pumpkins! You can't find this kind of pumpkin easily in Greece, so now that I live in the US, I'm always excited to see them at the store.

    I enjoy using Picasa, too.

  2. I need more practice as I end up disappointed with my photos.
    Those buzzards are amazing so you did great capturing them!
    Love the barrow full of pumpkins!

  3. You got really good pics of those buzzards! They look so cool. I'm glad you're having such fun with Picasa. :-)

  4. just photos today? and about a billion words to go along with them! :)

  5. Great photos of the buzzards warming their wings.
    My husband uses Picassa and he loves it too.

    Great shot of the wheelbarrow full of pumpkins.

    Hummingbirds are fun to watch. They can be quite feisty little birds for the size. I'm going back out enjoying the sun. Have a great day.

  6. Loved your post.
    I take most of my photos with my cell phone and more often than not they come out wonderful .You are right it is wonderful to take pictures with your heart !

  7. This is a great post with fantastic pictures.

  8. The pictures are all great. You did a fine job!

  9. My daughter likes picasa, too. Guess I need to check it our!

  10. I have read that local pumpkins will be in short supply around here this season due to our excessive rainfall.

    We very rarely see any hummingbirds around here.

    You have done some lovely things with your pictures, Kim.

    xo Nellie

  11. Hi Kim! I love your images today! I agree with you that it is SO FUN to take pictures and play around with them. You take so many interesting photos!

  12. i never edit my pictures, never....i don't really know how to. i took pictures of morning glories on saturday, on my walk. they looked terrible on the camera and worse when i loaded them on to my computer.

    i have fake pumpkins from "michaels" on my porch and everyone thinks they are real. 50% of a few years back and it looks like they will last forever ;)

  13. I ams so glad you are having fun with picassa; I love editing my photographs...You did a great job with these.....

    I love your new design for your blog. Welcomes fall in a great way.....


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