May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, September 1, 2013

21 Days until Fall

The first thing I did this morning was turn the calendar to September. All I could say, was " Whew, we made it, August is over." No matter now, how hot it is or how humid, summer in on the down side. We sat out on the patio this morning before the sun came up trying to find any bit of cool air, there wasn't any. It was mostly already breathed air. Off in the distance was the sound of shotguns. Today is the first day of dove season.

What it meant to me when I was a kid, was I was grounded for about two weeks every September. I would only be able to ride my horse in the pasture. In those days before this side of town became the place to live, it was full of farms and dairies. It was a very rural place and I could ride my horse for miles and miles. But not in September.

When I started showing animals though, September began the race towards fair time. All summer I would walk my steers morning and evening. Then bathe them morning and evening and brush them dry. To get really pretty show steers then you needed lots of hair. Once school started though, it meant getting up way before daylight, washing them down brushing them dry and then catching the school bus. As soon as we got off the school bus, we changed clothes and went back out to the steer pens until bedtime.

We lived for this time of year, it was never work. Walking my steers was a job I loved. My sister and me and my cousin spent so many summer afternoons going down dirt roads with steers trailing along like dogs. Never mind that they might weigh 1000 pounds and were bigger than us, they enjoyed it too. We would get back and brush them and braid their tails and you didn't think too much about them becoming steaks.

The steers were project steers meant to be sold. I never could stop from loving them. I would focus my mind though for November and the project sales and the new wild calves that we would bring home and then began the halter breaking all over again. It was good, but when September rolls around, I remember the smell of cows, and the sound of guns and the days that really do begin to cool down and the hours we put in and the family times that we shared. In those days, when work wasn't a dirty word.

Thank you for coming along today, down the paths of my mind.
Happy Labor Day,


  1. sweet memories. yeah, guess it is opening for dove season here, too. might explain the neighbor doing target practice this morning already.

  2. Well, another little bit of your life that you shared with us. Walking steers...I am smiling at the picture in my mind of you walking down the road with them following along. ~grin~

  3. What a great post, Kim! You are a farm girl through and through! Work IS a good thing; you are SO right! What a good steer caregiver you were! I'm not surprised. I am sorry that there is no fresh air today and don't listen to the guns. Sad for the love doves.

  4. I wonder if there's dove season out here? There's sure a lot of huge fat ones around. We're probably too urban for guns.

    I'm glad it's September, too. The sun seems to go down so fast now, and its drifting south. I got this cool iPod app called Star Chart, and last night I sat outside and identified Venus and Saturn with it. :-)

  5. I'm so glad it's September...'bout time!

  6. My son asked the other day if we had doves on our place. I said we had one pair but he couldn't shoot them. I said he "was just asking". lol I told him ours were for enjoying. He said he would "enjoy" them. haha

  7. awwww Kim, it is hot, humid and dry here at the shore!! Everyone is here for the holiday weekend so we tend to stay close to home. Everything is just too crowded, I will be happy when they all go home and fall is here!!

  8. Hi Kim, what a lovely story you shared this morning. I knew that it was such a process to train the steers for show but our farm has stopped showing cattle at the fair. It's a labour of love and time consuming. We don't have the time or manpower or kid power to do it.

    I bet you were very proud of how well behaved your steers were.

    I've had visitors for most of August so the month just wizzed by. I've neglected my gardens and yard and I hope that I have some nice days left to catch up.
    Today I'm exhausted since I spend the whole day cleaning the calves area with my son and moving the different stages of calves to their new homes. Well not new to us but new to them. They always get a bit stressed but they soon adapt.

    Have a wonderful September.


  9. My husband has done a bit of dove-hunting in the past, but not for over 40 years!

    I enjoyed your "walk" down memory lane.

    xo Nellie

  10. I always enjoy your childhood stories, Kim, and I know why you have such a great work ethic, you were taught this at a very young age. I tooam so glad the calendar has turned over to September, I always thought, "Whew we made it," just like you when September rolled around. Thanks for sharing, Happy Labor Day to you too.

  11. Dove season? Gee, I've never heard of that. It must not be an eastern thing. I had to laugh at the cow story and trying not to think of them as steaks.

  12. I have a heart for the Farm Show.
    It seems most towns have them.
    They often hold "family memories" to many generations...
    a grand way to show off livestock, canned goods, needlework and so much more.

  13. Kim
    You truly are a Farm Girl!
    I hope Sept hurries to bring you
    a reprieve from the heat.
    It's cool and rainy here again.

  14. It was a real pleasure accompanying you and your steers!

  15. Loved reading your farm girl memories!
    Happy September!

  16. What wonderful memories. Fairs around here take place in August ... I haven't been in years. Maybe next year.

  17. My kids show cattle, sheep, and pigs. We enjoy working with the animals together as a family. Fair is a busy time and selling the animals can sometimes be such a hard time for the kids. We got new lambs a couple weeks ago to take to a show in October. We are back to walking and working and enjoying.


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