May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Short Post, Lots of Pictures

This is the side walk that you walk up to the house from the driveway. I don't think in all of the years we have lived here has it looked so full of pretty flowers. Ron called this area Maple Corner, because most of the flower bed is full of his Japanese Maples.

I just think the purple flowers are incredible. When I am standing at the sink doing dishes it is a feast for the eyes. (I think of you every time I see them Debbie.)

The Hydrangea will be getting some More Bloom to try and hurry them up and start blooming.

 The Field of Dreams parking lot. Ron said that as he was making it the line from that song by Joni Mitchell from Big Yellow Taxi, " They paved paradise to put up a parking lot."Just goes through his head every time he looks at it.

We piled up this pile of tumble weeds last night. We wanted to burn them this morning but wouldn't you know it, today is not a burn day. My husband jumped through all of the red tape and we are the proud owners of a burn permit. It is good for a year. So once we come to the head of the queue we can burn these.
If it was a burn day though, we could have burned them after we contacted the fire department and let them know.

Just to give you an idea how big they are with Sasha staring into them. All of the stray cats from who knows where thought we built them a play house. It was full of cats. Sasha was a very happy dog to have things to stare at like she does.

We emptied the pool. We pumped all of the water out and now it is refilling with fresh water. Living out here and all of the dust after two years, we have to dump the pool and fill it again. The water will get so hard and then the pool starts eating chemicals like crazy and you can't keep it in balance. It will have fresh water in it and should be good to go. We have had so much heat already and last weeks dust storm didn't help at all.

Nik and all of his groomsmen made it to New Mexico. I think they are looking for treasure today. A very nice group of boys. My son, William sent me a text to let me know just how beautiful it was and that they had went through three hail storms. For Mother's Day tomorrow, I asked for cans of spray paint to paint the swimming pool fence. I am excited. I have to stop this though, Valentines Day, we scrubbed the tile in the house. My birthday we scrubbed tile in the other part of the house, our Anniversary we planted 13 flats of flowers. So why should we not have a painting party on Mother's day.

I hope that if you celebrate Mother's Day yours is a nice relaxing day.

By for now, from a very busy place.



  1. Those flowers are gorgeous, Kim! I love the hydrangeas, with just a bit of color showing on the tips. What is the date of the wedding? Happy Mothers Day to you!!

  2. The flowers are beautiful!! Let the others do the painting on Mother's Day while you sit back and supervise.

  3. Lovely , lovely flowers. I too adore those tiny blue Lobelias. I usually start my own from seed and and last year I was too busy and when I went to nurseries they were all sold out. This year I have been away in Ottawa so I didn't start any either I had a few that self seeded and came up in the garden last year.

    I remember that song. You will have a huge parking lot.
    How many people are supposed to be at the wedding?

    With emptying the pool, the flower gardens and trees should have had plenty of water to drink. I'm not sure if you can use it to water plants but if it's good enough for swimming, I don't see why not.

    Your place will look like new. How fun...
    It's raining and my parched gardens are having a good drink again today and everything is growing nicely.

    Maybe next year you can relax for Mother's Day.

  4. I think that's an excellent request for mother's day. One year I request a tool box with a lock.

    Everything is looking great.

  5. The flowers look great! Those hydrangeas will totally be blooming by next weekend. No more tornadoes, I hope! There was a big storm over the mountains here yesterday, rainbows and everything. It drifted out over the valley but never got to us. The sky is so huge out here because the mountains are further away.

  6. your flower beds look great! the kitty-cat playground? not so much. :)

  7. Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

  8. Hi Kim, I thought of you today as I was walking through greenhouse after greenhouse taking in all the wonderful, colorful delights...Your flowers look amazing, so happy to see that everything is falling into place for Em's big day, just one week away...Happy Mother's Day my friend, Julie. PS What is the treasure game? I have never heard of it...

  9. Hi Kim, oh your flowers are so beautiful already, mine not so weather today......Happy Mothers Day, Francine.

  10. You are hilarious! Paint for Mother's Day + labor!
    We shall eat hamburgers and enjoy fresh air! Yay!
    I thought of you today as I looked at my Anne books. We should read the first one together this summer.

  11. First of all have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow. The flower bed is stunning and so colorful. I'm still amazed at those tumble weeds. I know they are a nuisance but I can't help but be fascinated by their size and number. Take lots of photos when you are able to burn. I bet it will be a nice size fire!

  12. Happy Mother's Day.
    I love your flowers!

  13. I see you celebrate things like I do- spray paint, scrubbing, etc. That's about as fancy as I get these days. :)

  14. Hi Kim, Happy Mother's Day to you! I love seeing all your flowers-they are beautiful. My hydrangea has not started to grow-it is still a bit early here. I hope you have lots of help for your painting!
    Hugs, Noreen

  15. Happy Mother's Day to you, Kim!

    Your flowers are so lovely; you know just how to take their pictures, too.

    I'm glad that at least you haven't paved your parking lot! It can go back to being agricultural very soon...

  16. your flowers are just gorgeous kim, and i know you think of me (wink)!!

    i am a lot like you, i don't like real fancy on holidays!!

    happy mothers day!!

  17. Beautiful purple color- I would stare at it too! Happy Mother's Day!

  18. Everything is looking so wonderful, Kim. I wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Try to take some time for yourself!

    xo Nellie

  19. The flowers look amazing. The tumbleweeds....not so much. I can't believe how close the wedding is. I hope you rest tomorrow and get spoiled. Because then it's going to get crazy again.

  20. LOVE the flowers. OH my now I am singing "rolling along with the tumbeling tumbleweeds" I will have that stuck in my head all week lol

  21. Are those rudbeckia in the header? They are wonderful....One of those orange flowers that I love. (but I don't like marigolds!)

  22. Your gardens look lovely!
    I am going to be singing the parking lot song all day ~ just in my head because no one, not even Ellie, would want to hear me sing.
    Happy Mother's Day.
    Hugs :)

  23. You walkway is gorgeous! Now I want to do that on mine...hmmm...back to Lowes I guess. LOL I planted flowers and veggies yesterday so a paint party sounds ok to me! :)

  24. Busy indeed. I'll tell you, I really will stop visiting if you don't stop making me look bad! :) Your place is just lovely and if my flower beds looked like yours I would be over the moon... Have a beautiful day.

    Blessings, Debbie


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