Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Odds and Ends

 I am trying to be more of a blogger this year. To be more aware of my time and what it is I do all day and before I know it, Its time to cook dinner and I couldn't tell you what I did all day. I finally got the rest of the pieces of my new hooking frames last night. 

Here is the floor stand. It has that telescoping bar, I had to use it really early this morning and its going to be so nice. I am working on that huge rug, called Magdalena's Goat and Saundra drew out for me.

Then this is the little stand I got to do punch needle.

 Its going to be nice to try punch needle on that frame. No matter how hard I try when I am doing punch needle can I get the fabric tight enough. I hope this works. Still it will be fine for smaller rugs. 

We painted on Friday. We had to do two coats because the color of the walls was brown. I didn't realize how brown until we painted. Now when I walk by that room, I think the light is on, because its so bright. Before I really ignored the dining room because it was like a cave. 

The flooring will be put in next week. I am so excited. I guess I am keeping my dining room table. I offered it the boys when they got their new house. But Elliot's wife's parents have a pool table that they wanted to get rid of so they decided to take the pool table. I am glad because after I told them they could have it, realized that I use it for drawing out my rugs and I wondered what I would do then. So it all works out. 

Lauren had this link on her blog. I was looking for a small project to do during Christmas. It took me so long to hook it and then even longer to bind it. I have no idea why. But it was a fun project. Now I can put it away until next year. 

I am going to be hooking this pattern for Saundra's Granny Donaldson's Cow rugs. I had never heard of that before so it will stretch me I think.

This is Karen Kahle, Primitive Spirit. I think it will be fun to do something like this in between painting and tearing up the house. We have to get the flooring tore out before next Friday. It will get me into some kind of shape. 

I hope you have the best day,


"Joy is the best makeup." Anne Lamont



Saundra said...

I think that is Karen's version of a Granny Donaldson cow blanket since it checks all the boxes ~ well except Granny didn't have a border on her designs but the inside still fits. I even posted a similar comment on one of my Granny blog posts. Your dining room looks great after it's new paint and I think that table is a must have because you do need it for drawing out patterns.

Gretchen Joanna said...

I think it's very clear what you've been doing!! LOTS

I'm so happy about your new paint and the LIGHT that it is and reflects. I have been enjoying the light in my new morning room with my HEART rug in full view by my chair. <3

Wintertime is so much more bearable when we are not in the dark.

Julia said...

Your newly painted rooms look great. I like a lot of light, especially on gloomy days.

I've never tried punch hooking but I better not start a new hobby. I can't keep up with the little bit I do now.

I really like your big frame. I always regret not getting a rectangular frame but I was new to rug hooking. My octagonal is fine but it means that I have to change the position of my rug more often.

Enjoy your new frames.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your Santa rug came out great! It sure is a fun pattern.
LOVE Karen's rug. Are you going to do the hit and miss?
Room looks great. Amazing what paint can do to a space.
Keep up with the blogging. Always good to see a post from you.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I so love seeing a post pop up from you my friend. I know what you mean about the time in a day just slipping away. I was aware of it here in Nod (yes, I just got back), but it was even more noticeable at the lake just I found odd as there is less "to do" and less "have-to-do"s there. Your room looks wonderful...that looks like a great white. I have a difficult time coming up with the right white. One's too yellow, one too pink, one too green, one too stark...sigh. Love your little Santa rug. I was tempted to think about hooking it when Lauren first showed it on her blog but after both you and she remarked that it seemed to take forever I thought twice... That does not seem like a good match for me as it will take me twice as long as forever. I love the punch pattern on your frame....from Julie at My Primitive Heart, right? I have it too and have wanted to hook and punch it but so far have done neither. It likely won't happen this season either as now is when I should be doing heart things but I committed to hooking or stitching Christmas in January and perhaps even February since it seems I never make time for Christmas projects. So far I am sticking to it, but slow going and will have no finishes even if I go into February I fear. I'm excited to watch everyone's progress on the Granny D rugs. I don't think I'm imaginative enough to tackle something like that but I think it will be great fun to watch everyone else who is. Don't work too hard....the thought of pulling up the flooring makes my back hurt. ~Robin~

acorn hollow said...

Nothing like fresh paint to brighten up things. I love your santa! so darling.
up next for me is punch needle I have only done a couple of pieces and not well I might add.
Good for you for joining Saundra I have so many rugs ahead of me but I should have anyway.
Always glad to see you post

Kerin said...

Oh, the dining room turned out just perfect! I love the color that you are using and you are right...it really is so bright and cheerful looking.

That is a great floor rug stand, and I imagine it will be so nice to use for many of your beautiful rugs.
You amaze me with your talent for hooking beautiful rugs, my friend :)

Huh...a pool table over a dining table; sounds like a great plan:)


Bonnie K said...

I'm so impressed with your patience. I hooked one rug and it probably took five years. Yours are so warm looking.

Saundra said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I hooked that same Heart design a couple years ago myself. Happy punching!