Friday, January 28, 2022

Befores and Afters

 This has been a good month. In past years, I sit and think to much. I am so glad this year, I have been busy. In fact, this has been the fastest January I can remember. We finally finished our big project. We painted the living room, kitchen, the hallway the entry and the dining room, last but not least the laundry room. I painted the island as a last minute project. I am so glad I did. I have a few before pictures but not really good ones so these will have to do. 

We had just finished half of the kitchen in this picture. It has the old flooring and carpet. You can see above the hutch, how brown the walls were. My bedroom is even browner. It took three coats of paint to cover the brown. What a hard job! 

Now its all white and the floor and carpet is finished. It just makes me so happy every day I walk in here. I have always liked bright and sunshine colors. I like white because I can change the colors of my accents and not have to change the room. 

I haven't worked like this since when we were getting the other house to sell. I think it feels so nice to think I will get to enjoy it for awhile. I have never really been a house beautiful type. We always had so many people and animals in the house I just wanted functional and easy to clean. This was stretching for me in every way.  I still want functional, and I still like a house that people want to come in and visit and stay awhile. So I think this fits the bill. Hopefully though, this weekend its nice enough I can go work in the yard. I have been in the house way too long. 

Now the update on the rug project. I was able to finally start the background. Its a lighter background that I originally wanted. I wanted a black background. I ran out of wool to dye and only have bits and pieces not any big enough for a background. I ran out of black dye and the only piece I had big enough for a background was light so its a light background. I like doing background because its just auto pilot.

Its a cute rug I think. I am having the worst time with my hands though. I don't know if its because I panted so much but at night my hands ache so much I can hardly sleep. I can't even hook at night like I normally would do, because my hands just hurt. I don't know if its cold or just too much over use. I hope this goes away soon. 

 I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am so happy to be here this weekend. I have to take a break from painting. 

I  hope that its a wonderful weekend for you wherever you are in the world.


“When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.”
"Kristen Armstrong"



Saundra said...

Your home does look inviting and happy. Am sure you look forward to looking at your accomplishments each day. You've also gotten a good amount of hooking in for as hard as you've worked on the house. Applause to all

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your home looks so fresh and bright!
The rug is too sweet. I think the lighter background sets off the rug perfectly. You would have lost a couple of your animals with a dark background. (That is the problem Sheila is having.) I love the patriotic corners!!!

Julia said...

You are such a hard worker, no wonder your hand is sore. You sure got a lot done in the house and it's so much brighter now and it looks very welcoming.

Despite being so busy with the painting and house chores, you got a lot done on your rug and it's looking great. Some people don't like working on the rug background because it's boring but I don't mind. I concentrate on a small area at a time. I'll keep checking in on Saundra's updates to see your progress.

Lucky you that you can start working in the yard. Mine has been frozen and full of snow for a long time.

Take care and rest that hand.
Hugs, Julia

MM said...

Try rubbing aspercream lotion on your hands. It helps me!

Lovely home and rug!

acorn hollow said...

There is nothing like a freshly painted room and put back together.
I am so glad you are enjoying your home.
We are in for a north easter snow storm here we will get the low amount for the state at 6 to 12 inches.
love your rug so sorry you are having issues with your hands

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your home looks so fresh and happy....Those were some really huge projects. (No wonder your hands hurt Silly!!) I have more painting to be done at the lake (and, no, I don't do it myself LOL), but I have to make some other decisions first (flooring/woodwork/ change, not change, etc.) and just the thought of deciding seems like too much work. Then there's the expense. I haven't yet recovered from the bedroom/bath redo. I really need to post some photos of what was done sometime. I was waiting for my nightstands to come in (they came but were damaged and now seem to be permanently backordered). Your rug is coming along amazingly - I don't know how you got so much done given what you were doing with the house. I agree with Lauren - you would have likely "lost" some of your critters with a dark background. I haven't picked up my hook in a long time. Sigh. I hope you get your outdoors fix - I know how much you need that. We've been so miserably cold the thought of "outside" makes me want to curl up in a ball...under lots and lots of covers. Happy Weekend my friend! Hugs ~Robin~ (PS...I spy a kitteh LOL)

Gretchen Joanna said...

I hope your hands feel better soon. Once I did so much gardening, shoveling, digging, etc etc, that my hands hurt for days. I thought I had arthritis that was the result of kneading bread and all the things I'd done all those years, and I was so discouraged..

Maybe it was a *temporary* arthritis. Anyway, it got better and I've never had anything like that happen again. Lately I notice joints hurting if I eat the "wrong things." God help us! We are getting older, there's no getting around it.

Gretchen Joanna said...

Also, the change in your house is quite dramatic! I love all the white and the light reflecting....

Kessie said...

No wonder your hands are sore! Look how pretty the house looks, though! When I've hurt my hands with the shovel, I find that rubbing magnesium oil on them really helps the soreness heal faster. Anyway, I hope I can come visit sometime and hang out. :-)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

The fresh paint looks great! I love the arches in your home. Sorry your hands got so sore, but I think they will recover after a while. In my case, I've discovered I have to pace myself even if I'm feeling fine while working. But it is hard do slow down when you want to get something finished. I hope you'll be able to get back to hooking your rug soon. It's very whimsical and charming. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Kerin said...

Everything looks so fresh and bright....I love it!!
I loved seeing the transformation of the island as well; it looks great!

Sorry about your hands hurting. You've certainly overused them of late, and I hope that once you get a chance to rest they start to feel better.

Cracks me up how the cat is on the side table, seemingly checking out the new floor :)


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