Tuesday, January 4, 2022

A New Year

 Happy 2022! 

As I slowly lift my head into the new year, I am very careful at how I greet this 2022. As I look back 2021 was okay as long as I remembered to keep the news off and stay off my phone. Life threw some curve balls that I didn't see coming. Ron is still working from home. The two weeks to flatten the curve, turned into almost two years. Now I am used to him working from home, I will have an adjustment to make when and if  he goes back. He is supposed to next week, but this is California so who knows. I am ignoring mostly everything that comes out of Sacramento now. 

I saw this and I pretty much hoped it wouldn't be a weird year. So my words for this year will be, "It is what it is." 

We are going to start painting the house on Friday. The walls in this house are brown. Lots of brown. My office is Millennial pink. We wanted to get the yard done last year, because we spend so much time outside. We bought the paint and I am ready to get started. We are going to get new carpet and flooring.

I thought that was a good way to start the new year, to freshen everything up. We are going to have a man who painted our old kitchen in the other house come in and do the cabinets in this house. Its hard to decide what I am most excited about.  

This year, I asked for new hooking frames. I had to pick it out because Ron didn't know what to get. So I did. Yesterday it finally got here. I found it on Etsy.

I hope you can see all three frames. Plus it came with a metal floor stand. It swivels and is very nice. 

It still smells really strong of stain so its not put together yet. Its going to be so nice once I start using it. I love my old frame, but it is old and the screws are starting to pull through. So I love this and man are those grippers grippy. So that is a nice addition to my hooking life. 

I am always undecided what is prettier, woods filled with snow, or the desert in the winter. I like them both. 

Though California is nice after the storms are past. I am enjoying a cold winter this year. I wish you the best for this year. I have decided, to live one day at a time. These first four days have been great. Last year my words were "Finding joy in the unexpected." It sounded pretty awesome and pithy, but things happened that just knocked me around. Maybe I am getting older and smarter, but I really doubt it. 

I wish you the best and I am going to try to laugh more, ignore those things that are out of my control. To just accept the changes and not get too upset when they don't. To love more and count my blessings everyday. To not drive my family crazy is big on my list this year. At least try not to drive them crazy. To try very hard to keep my opinions to myself, and look, I have done a blog post with lots of opinions. 

So that one is out. I wish you the best, and really I wish you a Happy New Year, welcome 2022. 


“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” —George Herbet


acorn hollow said...

Happy New Year great frame! Oh we all have that list I know I do too.
Here is hoping you have a wonderful year of joy

Saundra said...

Nice frames teasing you to get started on something new. Try as we may to let things run off our backs we still have our opinions and sometimes we just need to vent a little to release the buildup inside.
Wishing you and all of us a better 2022.

Kessie said...

Nice to see a blog update! I thought about trying to dig up a word for the year, but nothing occurred. I just want to enjoy my house this year and lavish lots of TLC on it. Our family is like a plant that is too big for it's pot, and the roots are all curled and deformed. It's going to take time for everything to straighten out and get healthy.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I love the statement that you are going to try to keep your opinions to yourself...and that you did a post with lots of opinions. Thanks for the laugh. Hopefully 2022 will not be 2020, too. I do wish we knew what to believe about Covid. Just heard of another friend, fully vaxxed and boostered with Covid. Most of her family, all with at least one jab, have had Covid. My Las Vegas son, vaxxed, is just over Covid. I guess I'd better keep my opinion to myself...lol!
Great new frames. I hope they work well for you.

Julia said...

Starting the new year with new frames sounds like you'll be very busy hooking in 2022.

Wishing you peace and joy in the new year, good health, and God's blesssings.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Those photos of the sunsets are absolutely glorious! You're right...it's not possible to decide which is more beautiful and they each are equally so, just in a different manner. You're blessed to know both. Wowza...that frame set up looks AMAZING!! All I have is an old Puritan frame that I attach to a (very heavy) floor stand my neighbor made years and years...and years...ago. And, nope, my grippers don't grip anything anymore other than my skin. :-( Please shre what kind you got and the seller info?? Not that I will, but hey....I can drool LOL. As for 2022, I think your attitude is a healthy one indeed. We aren't going to change it much, are we? I had to laugh about that meme.... I saw that one and thought it was absolutely the most perfect one ever made. Unfortunately. And when you do "projects" you DO projects. Holy heck....paining everything, carpet and flooring are huge undertakings by themselves - but re-doing the cabinets too? Yikes. It is taking painfully long to redo things at the lake...Everything is so expensive I have been trying to do things a little bit at a time...but then it's difficult to be consistent. I think flooring will be the next big thing...There is carpeting mostly everywhere except the bathrooms and kitchen. When I redid my bath/bedroom, I put in a laminate type floor.... That will be fine on the upper and lower levels, but on the main level I think we need to go with heated floors so that flooring won't work. I am not sure why these decisions are so difficult for me. Ok...I know why. Never mind that last comment. ~Robin~ (Sorry for writing a novella LOL)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Happy New Year Kim! "One day at a time" sounds pretty good to me. Have fun refreshing your home with new paint and carpets. I hope you will give us a tour sometime.

Mary said...

Kim dear, your plans at the house sound a lot like mine - and it's just exhausting thinking about it all! I think perhaps we are too hard on ourselves. As you say we sometimes must ignore things out of our control. I really need to laugh more but, until I get over my health issues (herniated disc etc.) causing pain and mobility problems, even laughing is hard!!!
Sending you and your family best wishes from NC for this New Year - may it get better for us all, soon!
Mary -

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim! Oh, your painting and flooring will be exciting! I'm excited for you! I bet it feels good to have the right equipment for hooking!