Monday, January 24, 2022

An Update on My Rug

 Happy Monday!! 

I am stopping in for a update on my hook-along. I set a goal for myself this weekend. I thought I would get the tree finished. I didn't. I have never felt hooking a rug, to be done by the seat of my pants. I had to stop and dye wool, for two days. My first batch, came out not a single color I was hoping for, I was hoping for green, and I got brown and a funny rust color. The second day I dyed wool, I finally got green but not the color of green I had in my head. It doesn't matter though, I love dyeing wool so much anytime I get to do that is just fun for me. 

Here is my progress so far. 

I think its going to be cute. Just not like I thought it would be, I think no matter what I am trying to hook or what style, it always comes out cartoony. Maybe its like how I really am. I can understand Spanish. But I quit speaking it because people would laugh and laugh because of my accent. I always wondered do I have a Spanish accent like Zsa Zsa Gabor? Well, my primitive rugs come out looking like that a cartoon accent. Aw well, its fun. 

This weekend, I thought we would be finished working on the house. Nope, the guy is coming today to put into the carpet. On Saturday, I painted the island in the kitchen, while Ron put back baseboards. Then we decided at 2:00 we were almost finished, why not finish the laundry room. So we did. We ended up working 12 hours on Saturday. 

We needed to go to the grocery store in the worst way, and while we were driving there, I got the bright idea to have all the kids to come over for a BBQ. I was going to the store anyway, so why not. I texted and they all said yes, so we had a dinner. It was fun, no furniture to speak of in the house. We sat outside until it got cold then we brought in lawn chairs and sat in the living room, and had a wonderful time just talking and laughing. Even though we were tired from working, it made this weekend so much fun. The food was great too, Ron just smoked the tri-tip all day, so it was a treat. I am so glad our family puts up with my hair brained ideas. 

I hope things will get back to normal after this week. We are going to take a break from the rest of the painting. I can stand only so much chaos and then I have to take a break. My rug is calling my name so I am going to hook today, after I get a handle on all of the laundry, that I couldn't do because the washer and dryer went on a short vacation in the garage. 

Have a wonderful Monday,


“Anne came dancing home in the purple winter twilight across the snowy places.” L.M. Montgomery.


Saundra said...

I enjoyed your humorous post and references to Zza Zza and your accent. I think you should continue speaking it despite other peoples' laugh. I have an Iceland friend who, when she first moved here, didn't know English. She had her natural accent and I thought it was cute. So perhaps those people also thought your American accent in Spanish was cute and not really being rude. Don't lose that talent.
As to your dye results, I know all too well about failed dye jobs. However I've used many a piece which wasn't what I expected for a certain rug but went well in another. Great progress!!!!!!! Whew, sorry to be so long winded.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I don't think your rug looks cartoonish at all. Just lots of fun! Thanks for the update.
Sounds like you are getting lots done in the house. Good for you and Ron.
As for your Spanish...remember when Bette Midler criticized our beautiful First Lady for her English? It was noted that she could call Bette a b**** in at least five languages!!! That has to be a classic.

Julia said...

I think your rug looks great. I know all too well about dyeing jobs not being exactly what I expected.
I've dyed so much wool for my Mother and Child rug and I've ripped as much as I hooked on her mantel still, I'm not pleased with how it looks but I'll have a lot of blue wool dyed for future rugs. lol...

I'll muster the courage to do an update maybe this evening if I can find the time to upload the photos on my computer.

As for accents, every area have their accents and my first language is French but I have an Acadian accent.
I sound like a Frenchglish, lol... Never stop speaking Spanish. The only person I know who could master accents was Nicole, my daughter who had a gift for languages. She spoke 5 fluent languages and could speak and understand other languages. I just had to make my comment longer than Saundra. It must be the French in me. lol...


Kessie said...

The BBQ with no furniture sounds so odd and funny! I'll bet it was fun. Just wait until you get the house back together. You'll want them all over again!

acorn hollow said...

I think your rug looks very much like the original that is a great thing!! I am tired just listening to all your work and to have the family gather like that is just wonderful! those make the best times.
love the beach picture we are in for more snow tonight.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Now you weren't thinking, were you?? You should have invited the kids over earlier and put them to work before dinner LOL. Great progress on your rug...and I don't think it looks cartoonish. I like your colorful critters....the ducks and chicken are so sweet. And the tree reminds me of cactus perhaps it does reflect you in a way. I had to laugh about the accent thing. It reminded me of an incident during an undergrad French class. The professor required us to speak French at all times in class...but I had a bad habit of "substituting" a few French words with Spanish. One day he asked me something and I just couldn't think of an appropriate response in French or Spanish and responded in English. The professor got a weird look on his face and when class was over asked me to stay... He apologized for his "look" saying he was just startled because I spoke French with a Spanish accent he was surprised I did not have an accent when I spoke English. 😳 ~Robin~ (PS...please send warm weather our way...bitter wind chill warnings again tonight. Brrrr....)

Gretchen Joanna said...

A little chaos, a little hooking, a little chaos, a little laundry. Rest, work, chaos... repeat.

God bless you, Dear Kim. <3

Kerin said...

I do love how your rug is working out, but of course, I love all of your rugs!
I know how you love to dye wool as well, and you make beautiful colors. The green is soft and looks great with the other colors.

YAY! How nice to be done with all of that work, and get things back in order. I too cannot do the chaos for very long; I get cranky when things are chaotic.

Just think, you have forever to enjoy your 'new' house and revel in your hard work.
It is very hard work, I agree, but so, so, so worth it!


NMK said...

I just visited your blog today for my first time , thanks to Saundra !
I love your design for the Granny rug ! I have never tried to dye wool of these days I hope to take the plunge !!! My Mother-in-law was an Endlish War Bride even after being in the states over 70 years , she still had a little bit of her English accent ...I Loved it !!!
My husband loves to use a smoker too , funny how the kids can't wait to come over for that !!!
Have Fun Hooking !!!