Saturday, July 27, 2019

Crazy, Busy Summer!

I thought I would do a small update post.  Its still rocking and rolling in Ridgecrest. We don't feel the earthquakes unless they are five or greater. Which hasn't been the case recently. All of my canning is still in the pantry floor. I have continued to can produce from the garden. This morning I picked a bushel and a half of peaches. I have to do something with them. I did make a yummy cobbler. The peaches are cling so they are so nice to work with.

On July 12th, we started painting the inside of the house. We have painted so far, our bedroom, our bathroom, the office and the guest bathroom. We are painting the master closet today. It looks so pretty and clean. I have been de-cluttering as I go along. I cannot believe how much stuff I have hung onto and now it seems silly that it meant so much to me. One of the things that bugs me is the hundreds of notebook/diary's that I have. I was looking through one today from 2004, gosh I was such a crazy busy woman. I read my entry to Ron which I have no memory of at all. Just as an aside,
I say, " The washing machine caught on fire today." What? How can it be I can't remember that at all.
You would think I would remember that. I also noticed how much I took the kids to the dentist. Oh and piano lessons.

I was going through photo albums. I can't do that too much as I really get sad. Time just seems to go by so fast. I am going to continue going through each closet one by one until I can get the house in shape. In the spring when I got rid of all of the clutter out there in my shed that was wonderful. Now it feels just as nice getting the house cleaned. There are times when I hesitate about throwing something away, and I make myself say, " It doesn't love you." Then I can do that.

We should hit 109 tomorrow, It will pretty much finish off my flowers. My poor garden just looks so sad and wilty with this kind of heat.  It has though pretty much been a nice summer. We have had such a cool summer compared to summers past.

I just wanted to give you an update. Things are good and since we are told to live one day at a time. I am trying to do that. With so many earthquakes it really narrows my vision.

I hope all of you are  okay, and I send you my love,


I read this quote when I was reading a book. I have thought and thought about it. I would say it really shook me to the core.

Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”
– Albert Einstein


Kessie said...

Nice to hear what you've been up to! Sounds like you've been crazy busy, as usual. I want to say I almost remember the washing machine catching fire. It just broke and the inside had some blackened bits in it, but the repair guy said it caught fire and we were all impressed. :-D

Julia said...

Hi Kim, I thought that you had painted the house interior last year.
Like Kessie said, it looks like you have been crazy busy as usual.
I decluttered a lot last year but held on to some of my things too.

Diaries are nice to read to jog the memory and they are good to keep. I was reading in one of my many spiritual journals and amaze me of the stuff I have forgotten. The years just rolls by so fast.

I love that quote by Albert Einstein. I think it's true.
Hugs, Julia

Carol W. said...

Einstein was so true. I'm glad you're getting a lot of cleaning up & painting done. Yes, it always makes you feel so much better. Our temps in Phoenix have been stuck in the 110° - 112° range this month, June was in the 105° - 109° range; I'm concerned to see what August temps will be. It's been a dry monsoon for us so far. I agree with you about photo albums, makes me feel real old to see those photos of times past. I've been watching the videos of Ben & Meg on their new homestead; they're really making fantastic progress! Their boys are wonderful helpers! They are truly blessed! God bless you both!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I, too, thought you painted inside a couple years ago. My house desperately needs it!
You take the best flower photos. Sorry the heat is going to destroy the last of them. 109* is H-O-T! Looks like the hottest I will experience next weekend in Las Vegas is 106*.
I had heard that quote but did not know it was Einstein's.
Stay cool :)

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, Kim !
I have a daughter who has kept all her journals through the years. Hold on to them. Generations from now, they will give a snapshot of your life to someone.
Not sure I like that Einstein quote- seems problematic!

Mary said...

Your painting and decluttering efforts make me feel so guilty - I had planned to do that this summer but haven't even started due to the heat. You have heat AND earthquakes but have forged ahead - congratulations!
Yes, gardens are sad at this time of year - roll on autumn say I. At least the trees in their fall colors don't require our assistance so we can just enjoy them with little effort!

Stay safe and enjoy this new week.

Debbie said...

i was thinking about you today kim!! it sounds like you are doing really well with your clean-up/declutter project!! and it seems like you just painted, not too long ago!!

don't get too busy being busy...stop for a few minutes each day and enjoy life!!

Kerin said...

Whew! You have been busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!
It will feel so nice to have it done, and the de~junking too!

I am convinced of the fact that we are blessed that time flies by faster as we age, so that all those sweet and sad memories that we build up, don't have time to crush our hearts :)
I love to read my old journals, and look at old pictures and stuff, but it is all so bittersweet :)

Everything at your place looks fantastic!
Love, love, love your tunnel gardens this year...they are awesome!


Susan Kane said...

Life is busy! Ridgecrest was a wake up call for all of CA.

Peach cobbler sounds great.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Kim! Your post are always so heartfelt and I love reading what you have to say. I also love, love, love that orange sunflower! I've never seen one like that in person. I hope this week of painting and decluttering has been fruitful for you! The number of things you manage to accomplish makes me dizzy to think about! You will have some wonderful memories every time you open one of your jars of preserves and other goodies later in the year and through the winter months.

Sandra said...

Beautiful flowers. Have a happy week. Greetings.

Bonnie K said...

I so love your sunflowers. Thank goodness you are safe. I couldn't imagine living with earthquakes. Your decluttering inspires me. Keep it up.