Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Happy Summer

Hello there! I thought I would stop in for a fast post. Is that an Oxy Moron? I have been gardening, and canning and picking and cleaning and those kinds of things that seem to take over my life in the summer. Today its going to be 104 so I have to get outside to water before the sun comes up and it seems that sitting becomes impossible this time of year. All of that to say, not many posts.

I could not be happier with the vertical growing this year. I love how it looks as it climbs upward. But note to self, next year put them lots further apart. I also love my seeds I bought from Baker Creek Seeds. They have exceeded my expectations. When Ben and Megan got back from here to North Carolina, she had a ten pound box of seeds from Baker Creek waiting for her. Isn't that a wonderful welcome home gift?

I have so many spaghetti squash growing now. The last picture is of the runner beans. I just love how they have grown to the top. I am sure that they are starting down the other side now. I took these pictures yesterday. I can't wait until all of the sunflowers begin to bloom. I have to just come out here so much during the day. It really is a wonderful place this year.

The big foot had to come out to protect my tomatoes. I am having a fight with the birds over my ripe tomatoes. I thought maybe if I put him out here he would be kind of a scarecrow. Gosh he makes me laugh.

This was what I picked yesterday. One of the goals I set for myself was to not go to the grocery store and to feed us with what we grew. I am also canning something a bit every day. That has been a challenge but it is doable. I made stuffed bell pepper and green beans for dinner last night. Yesterday I made zucchini relish. I also used my beet juice to make boiled eggs.
 We just love those kind of boiled eggs. It always reminds me of my grandparents and opening the fridge when I was a kid and seeing them in there. My grandpa must have put them in his lunch. He always took his lunch in this lunch pail that my brother has now. Every time I see it I think about how in the summer we would come in hungry from outside and eat the cookies he would take in his lunch. He never complained even once. Gardens remind me of them, because they always ate out of the garden too. I feel very rich having all of this food at my finger tips.

This is a tiny butternut squash. I just love baby vegetables. I can't wait until the melons are ripe.
I have also been hooking. I hook a bit in the early morning because we have so many skunks about right now, that I wait for them to go to bed before I go outside to take care of everything.

This was the first rug I sold. I decided that since its my pattern, I could make another. I really love hooking chickens. I am doing the background now so its pretty mindless.

Its a fun little rug to hook and not as big as my whale rug, which is so hot to have on my lap. I really need to hook more.

I hope you are enjoying your summer. We are almost to solstice. Its so nice to have those long summer nights isn't it?

Have a wonderful day,

Author Unknown

How good it is to let our memory wander
And travel back across the fruitful years
To count how many miles we've walked together!
On pinnacle of dreams, through vales of tears,
Along the level ground of every day
We've made our way.
In sickness and in health, in joy and sadness,
Together, side by side, sunshine or shade,
We've worked toward common goals, found
In all the hours of which our years are made.
All things were possible because we shared,
Because we cared.
After many years, we still hold dearest
Of all life's blessings anywhere on earth
The trust and honor that we give each other,
The love that gave our other blessings birth.
Praise be that I am yours by plan divine,
That you are mine!


  1. Such a beautiful poem! Your garden looks amazing! I never tried hard boiling eggs in beet juice, they probably come out a beautiful shade of purple. What a great gift for Ben & Megan -- 10 lbs of seeds! Wonderful start for their garden! They're so excited with their renovations to the single-wide. The farmhouse will be a good home also in the future. They were surely blessed with that property. God's blessings to both of you!

  2. I love all the garden pictures! Look at those plants climbing those arches! That is amazing!

  3. Your arches look so neat and lovely and no weeds at all...
    I'm partial to arches and I wish I had some. I haven't even planted my cucumbers yet. I ran out of space in my shared garden. It rained over night and everything is wet so I'm staying inside this morning and I'm doing laundry instead of pulling weeds.

    I just adore that pattern. So simple and yet so cute.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Your gardens look amazing. Lots of yummy food being prepared and so much healthier. My mom canned and froze many things. Not something she passed on to I am a city girl now and no space for a garden.
    Love your happy chicken rug!!!

  5. Looked at your Bigfoot "garden scarecrow" ... now I know why Ben named his truck "Sasquatch"! Lol! They're doing a fantastic job cleaning up their new property! Praying for them all!

  6. That produce makes my mouth water! Like Rugs & Pugs, Mom had a huge garden and we spent summer canning and freezing. Have to say that I am jealous of you!

  7. The zinnias!!!

    Your post brings me California summer in all its glory <3

  8. i love the idea of only eating those items from the garden. and speaking of the garden, it looks awesome, the vertical growing is working out very well!! my garden in not doing well at all, even though it started out great!! something is eating my cucumbers, plant and all so i don't have high hopes!!

    i have been busy in the pool, enjoying every second!! don't work too hard!!

    oooooh and the rug is beautiful!!!

  9. I love your Bigfoot in your garden, you may be the only one in the world to have him in a garden. When I hear of rug hooking I recall a book I read where there was a club of Christian gals who hooked rugs, and they of course called themselves The Happy Hookers.


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