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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Signs of Spring

Today I have spring fever. You know how I love storms. Today though, I was really hoping the weatherman was wrong. That we wouldn't get rain. We did get rain and its to wet to play outside. I had to be content with just writing about it today. This is a Cork Elm Tree. It has such tiny little leaves. Someday it will be a Bonsai. For now he is getting to grow so his trunk will be gnarly. Look at that tiny leave on the little branch left over from last year.

Our seeds are up. Tomatoes and peppers. I went a little crazy and bought more seeds than I could possibly grow, but having these growing now makes me feel like I can grow anything. I have enjoyed watching these seeds come up so much. I have things growing every where.

This is our container of lettuce mix. After all of the lettuce scares this year, I decided it was more important that I knew where my food was coming from and what was going into it.

 I have picked, given away and juiced and frozen  orange, lemon and grapefruit and my trees are still loaded with fruit. I guess I need to work more at it than I have.

I was finally able to finish a rug.
Here is my rug Mother Earth by Maggie Bonami.

I hooked it so differently from the times I have done it in the past. I really enjoy the lighter background. I love this rug.

I am doing a smaller mat right now but I am doing it in Oxford Punch needle. I am really enjoying that too. Its so nice to be able to switch it up.

I shut down my Word Press blog for those of you who followed it. It was so different  to keep trying to keep both blogs going. Now that Google fixed comments I just like and know this one like the back of my hand.

I hope you have a delightful day, I am going to hook and read and do all of the nice things a Saturday is when I can go outside.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

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Carol W. said...

Lovely photos! I love springtime photos, each little bloom carries with it so much hope & joy of warmer weather to come. It's been so cold in Phoenix recently, like winter has returned. I don't tolerate cold temps anymore (darn arthritis). Thanks so much for sharing! Have a blesssed weekend!

Julia said...

Seeing your seedlings growing is like a balm to my soul. I still haven't ordered any seeds yet and I better get to it. Instead, I'm spending hours viewing religious videos on Youtube and the evil of New Age and studying my Holy Bible.
Hugs, Julia

Alica said...

Look at your tiny leaves!! That gives me spring fever too. It will be a while here though. There's something about seeing new life that brings me such joy!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your orange tree looks amazing. So does your rug. A perfect finish.
Looking forward to seeing your next project.

Kerin said...

"You're killin' me smalls"!!
Oh, how I wish we were having a dose of spring here :)

Love, love your rug.. the light backgrounds is so happy and fresh feeling.
I love, love, love your citrus... it's all so wonderful!
That's a wonderful little tree with the green leaves.

Happy thoughts from here in the deep of winter...LOL!!

Nellie said...

How wonderful it must be to grow your own citrus! I'd love a good juicy orange or grapefruit, and lemons here are so expensive, especially if one buys organic, and that's what I do. - xoxo Nellie

Gumbo Lily said...

What a lot of green things growing! Wonderful. Glad you're growing lettuce. I love garden lettuce and grow a lot of it -- in spring/summer. Too cold now.

Sue said...

"Hello" dear Kim, so nice to visit you again, I love to see the signs of spring, just yesterday I saw a tree we had planted in the chicken yard/coop for the chickens to play in budding, I was happy. I haven't started my seedlings yet, but will soon do so, I did however work in cleaning my garden this past week, as we had temps. in the 80,s, but now have come back to normal, 50's. Yours look great.. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful creations.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim! Oh, your seedlings are looking wonderful! How fun!
I love the rug, too! The light background is brilliant!
I wish I could come over and pick oranges. I need to run to the store and get some right now.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Sunday Kim.... Oh how I needed this visit today.... Nod is firmly in the grip of Old Man Winter now... 8” of snow this past Tuesday, another 8” Thursday, then -30* windchills (not as bad as -50/60, but still not pleasant), 5” today, and more on the way for this coming week with even larger accumulations. Pretty soon I won’t be able to get out the front door LOL... Those oranges are unreal!!! I would love to be able to walk out and pick some fresh oranges and lemons!!! And your seedlings look wonderfully healthy.... I was never good at planting things from seeds.... Hope the day is good to you.... Smiles & Snowy Hugs from Nod ~ Robin

Bonnie K said...

ImI in shock seeing buds and seedlings. It was below 0 most of last week. Thank you for a glimmer of hope.

Susan Kane said...

Looking forward to seeing your tomatoes!

Trying to create a bonsai? I wonder if I could do that?

Three Sheep Studio said...

As I sit in snow and ice here in PA, your post is a breath of fresh Spring air !!
You have been busy preparing.
Beautiful hooked rug ! Will you hang it or place it on the floor ?

GretchenJoanna said...

The cork elm is very dear!

Debbie said...

oh kim, we are so much alike. i LOVE storms too!!

it is fun to see seedlings and think about spring, it is such a wonderful time of year!!

love the rug, it is really beautiful!!!