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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Almost February

Good Morning! How are you this morning? It is foggy and cold here in California. Though not like the rest of the country. We have a week of storms coming. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know how we love rain! Rain in the forecast is like saying I am going to be opening a present soon of something wanted very badly. Always time for celebrations.

When Pinterest first came on the scene. I pinned a picture of a tea pot. Yesterday while taking Makenzie shopping for her birthday, what did my little eye spy?

The teapot! Now I have want to have a tea party. Since its almost February everything would be hearts. Like heart scones and red and white cupcakes and lots of tea. I might just have to brew some tea this morning and have a cup of tea on this cold morning.

In between working myself silly, gardening and planting seeds. I have been hooking oh so slowly, but hooking when I can. I have done this rug 4 times. This is my fourth. I am using only worms I had left over from other projects. This is for the most part 9.5 cuts. I have sold the other three rugs and I am not selling this one. Its different from all the other rugs. This is called Mother Earth from Maggie Bonami.

 I have never done it with a lighter background and I have to say I am really enjoying it. The colors are different from what I normally use, but I like that too. I need to finish it before Friday so I can say I have one finished project for January.

Ron built this this weekend. Isn't it cool! Its for starting our seeds for the garden. We just started tomatoes and peppers this weekend. We also planted lettuce but its outside. He also planted five oak trees, and two apricots and a lime tree. We got over 200 berry vines in the ground.

Doesn't it look pretty all in nice beds and so clean? I have three five pound bags of seed potatoes and 100 brown onions to plant. Its too bad Ron has to work at a day job. I am finally not sore today so I could plant before it rains. I can always move further out in the pasture if I run out of room here.
Of course, by August I won't be singing this song.

I just love looking at all of these canes. Its hard to believe they will all be leafed out by April. They have such nice buds on them.

That is what I have been doing. Just keeping myself entertained. I have seed catalogs everywhere. When I sit I grab one and the visions just dance in my head.

I hope you have a lovely day. I hope it isn't too cold.


"It is certain, I think, that the best government is the one that governs the least. But there is a much-neglected corollary; the best citizen is the one who needs the least governing." ---Wendell Berry


Kerin said...

Cute rug! Glad you're keeping that rug and will get to enjoy it :)
Super cute little teapot.
When you're not using it for tea, you can use it for your sweet pink roses:)

Have a great week.
Super happy that February is just a whisper away!!

Carol W. said...

Lovely roses! I used to collect teapots, but for some reason I stopped; then a neighbor who was moving gave me 2 lovely flowery teapots & I gladly accepted! The grow station is great! Ron did a very good job! I am anxiously awaiting your planting & harvesting future posts & photos. Maybe someday .... Have a blessed day!

Julia said...

You're so lucky to have roses blooming already. I'm amazed that you planted 200 berry canes, wow. That will be a lot of picking and preserving. You are going to be so busy gardening. I'm sure you'll have lots of help.

Your garden looks so nice and tidy. I'm looking forward to seeing things grow.

I love the little red teapot. Just in time for Valentine.
Take care, Hugs, Julia

Susan Kane said...

What to do with a tub like that, has been in my mind a lot. My idea pretty much matches yours. What are your plants? My tub has a skylight over it, so it gets sun about 2/3 of the day.

I was even thinking about growing marijuana, but that might require more sun than I get.

Your teapot is adorable.

Tanza Erlambang said...

lovely flowers and tea pot
have a great day

TheCrankyCrow said...

Can I come to your tea party???? Sounds like fun...and I so love a good scone. I love the rug...can't believe it's done in a 9.5 cut....looks much more precise. And, yeah...I don't think you will be singing in will be too busy harvesting. Wow! Are you trying to feed 1/2 of California??? But it looks amazing.... Nothing I have ever planted has been that completely weed-free LOL... And I envy you the trees.... I love trees and would like in the forest if I had my druthers. We do have some nice ones on the property, but I could use more... Papa Crow says we're too old and won't see them grow so he won't plant any more. What a party pooper. Hoping you get the rain they are will be such a blessing for your new plantings. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

acorn hollow said...

What a lovely post It is snowing and then we are going below zero. So planting sounds like fun to me

Alica said...

A cup of tea sound really good about now! The single digits are to hit us tomorrow night...but thankfully by Friday it's to be at least a little bit warmer! I love your rug! You do such nice work! I hope you get your rain...oh how I wish I could share some of our moisture with you!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You sure are busy outdoors. It is almost too cold to venture out...but will be talking Cindy out every couple hours. Ugh.
Your rug looks wonderful. I like the light background.

Debbie said...

i love when it rains, it's raining here right now, it suppose to be snow but it's still raining!! the seed starter is in the tub?? that's awesome, what a great use for that space!!

i LOVE the teapot, my stove teapot is red and i love it as well!!

i wish i could be outside, working in my gardens!! the rug looks great kim!!!

Kessie said...

Looks like so much fun to be playing in the dirt! We're all sick with colds over here, so playing outside isn't something I can do.

GretchenJoanna said...

The Valley fog and *damp* cold can be just as miserable as much lower temps that are dry. It's cold here, too this week, and we had one no-burn day and haven't caught up yet on being cozy. The furnace just doesn't keep us as warm!

I love that rug, as much as you have done. Nice to hear that you will keep this one! And the Wendell Berry quote is great :-)

Bonnie K said...

The teapot is perfect! You are way ahead with planting. It was just -5 here. I will have to be content looking at seed catalogs.