June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, May 9, 2016

Oh Happy Day!!

After three days of being off line I am back in the land of the internet. I am tired of people breaking things I can tell you. Friday afternoon, there was a man working on the phone lines. Next thing I know, no internet.
Ron had to spend 45 minutes trying to get it worked out, they even told us we didn't have service. Today there were three work trucks out here trying to fix what they broke on Friday. I feel like I just cringe inside when I see a work  truck pull up outside.

Its spring, and the skunks are back. I thought I would tell you about my little adventure last night. At 3:00 A.M.  I heard all of this noise on the porch outside my bedroom. When I work up my thought was there were burglars and why were they trying to steal our ash bucket. You know how you wake up and things just don't make sense? I kept waking up bit by bit, when I got the bright idea to grab the remote for the lights on the porch. That way I could sneak out and blast the porch with lights and scare off the burglars. Me and my bright ideas.

I did what I just said, only I went out my bedroom door, and what do I see to my absolute horror but this big ole skunk with his plumey black and white tail pointed directly at me. Ron had got out of bed by then and I almost ran over him trying to get back in the house, saying, there is a skunk right there on the porch. I watched the skunk as he raced off the porch, through the bars on the swimming pool fence and out the back way of the yard.

This is of course my fault. We have an 18 year old cat. She just won't sleep in the house anymore. She is this little hunter cat and she spends her days keeping us free of mice and rodents. I keep her bowl of food on the kids little Tyke table. That skunk had got up on the table, and they have such long claws that it was what I heard. I had forgot that skunks just love cat food. Lesson learned.

Our oldest daughter, Kessie and her family will be here on Wednesday. Our oldest grand daughter's birthday will be on Saturday and she wanted a big birthday with all of her cousins and aunts and uncles. She wanted to swim and roast hot dogs and make smores and have and ice cream birthday cake. Our oldest grandson, ( by three days) asked if we can have the fire pit and have smores every night that they are here. I of course told him yes. I am so excited. Kessie has never met Makenzie in person so I am looking forward to them getting to be friends. We should have really warm weather this week, so the kids will I imagine be in the pool. It will be so nice to get to hold the babies.

That is my week. I will get to do what I love best now, feed people. I miss having people around that eat.
I have so much food I want to fix.
I hope you have a lovely week. My lap overflows.


The cat could very well be man's best friend but would never stoop to admitting it. ---Doug Larson


  1. Yikes! Glad you didn't get sprayed by the skunk. So, guess you'll have to not feed the skunks cat food this summer :)
    Yay! I bet you are so happy to have your internet fixed.
    It will be great to have Kessie and her family there and get to celebrate birthdays together!
    Have a wonderful visit, enjoy cooking and s'more making too!


  2. Hey Kim...glad your internet problems are solved. LOVE the red sunflower! Kids and grands...what could be better? Have a wonderful and blessed week. xo

  3. do enjoy that wonderful family time!

  4. Your family time sounds perfect. I can almost taste those yummy s'mores. Holy cow you got lucky with the skunk situation. It could have easily had a much different, stinkier ending

  5. Oh, what fun you will have with the family!
    So happy the skunk decided to run the other way.
    Glad you are back up and running. That is SO frustrating.
    Hugs :)

  6. Oh man, I'm so glad that skunk didn't get you! That would have put a damper on our visit. I've been packing all day, and I'm so excited. The kids keep asking if they can go to bed so it will be tomorrow. :-)

  7. Oh, I do heartily dislike skunks! I have a shotgun specifically designated for skunk elimination. One year our house got sprayed and it was weeks before the smell dissipated.

    Have fun with those grandkids and loved ones!

  8. So glad the skunk didn't get you!
    So excited for you all to have a fantastic time together this week end!

  9. You are cooking and holding babies by this time. I'm glad you are finished with that skunk - ugh. I have had to learn more than once not to leave cat food out at night.

    I'm coming down to the Valley tomorrow, but not as far as you, and I hear it will be 95 degrees! Good for a swimming party :-)

  10. I tell ya...computer problems sure can take up our time. I think I finally figured out I can comment on you blog using Microsoft Edge. IE and Google Chrome would not allow me to comment on blogs. But today I figured out....Computers were supposed to save time, but I find more time is wasted trying to figure out their problems. Glad you didn't get sprayed or your house or cat....such a hard smell to get rid of.

  11. KIM!!
    I found your blog again..I haven't been to my blog in years and wandered on to it this morning and saw that you had left a message that I never read...haha! It really was a pleasant "mistake" finding your blog. Although I say mistake because I can't take the time to read any more..because once I started reading I couldn't stop, dang!! I'll be back though to catch up on farm musings! Much love to you, Colleen S.

  12. first, before i forget, i LOVE those lace hydrangea, i must get one!!

    our skunks are back, keeping all the other yard critters sprayed and company ;)

    and one last thing kim and this is such a true story, i get NOTHING in this house fixed if chuck can't do it. work men come in, always with muddy boots, don't fix what they are there to fix and break three things while they are trying. i have needed a new dishwasher for 10 years, won't do it. when they installed the one i have now, they ripped the kitchen floor, put a huge dent in the oven and i had no hot water in the kitchen for 3 days. no thanks, i'll live without a dishwasher!!! * sigh *

  13. comment moderation??? dang, i proofread when it posts ;)))))))


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