June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Apple Pie Kind of Day

Flower photos from last year, because of drought. 

Yesterday was an apple pie kind of day. I went outside and there was this lovely coastal breeze that brings with it cooling, invigorating, and making me human kind of weather. I jogged because when it cools off, I just want to run and run. It just feels good to run. I guess it is like Autumn fever. Not to be confused with Spring or Cabin fever.  The light was this pretty golden color and they sky was sparkly, deep blue. The drops of water from my hose as I was hand watering my chickens showed that the water drops were filled with rainbows. Everywhere I looked, I thought Fall is coming, magic is in the air. Anticipation for the trees of a long sleep. For three weeks now, in the evenings I see the Vs of birds flying South. Which is odd because they are flying towards Mexico and not north like in a normal year.

My first Apple Pie of the season
 I don't take good food pictures but I thought this apple pie turned out so pretty. It was so nice to be able to have the doors and windows open and to have the smell of baking apple pie going through the house. I just felt like celebrating.

Today is another play in the dye pot and dye wool day.  I know this is a short post, but I need to go outside and enjoy this weather and get ready for this wonderful long weekend. It is a good thing it is called Labor Day as I have a list of work I want to get accomplish already a mile long. I always like to think it is a kick off towards winter. Time to get things put away and cleaned. Just full of nice things.

I read this today. " Work is a blessing. God has so arranged the world that work is necessary, and He gives us hand and strength to do it." From Discipline:The Glad Surrender, p. 130
"There is nothing better for a man (or woman) than to enjoy his work, because that is his lot."
Ecclesiastes 3:22

Have a lovely day,
Love is the light that you see by.
Bess Streeter Aldrich


  1. Don't the birds usually fly west this time of year? I remember watching them fly out to the coast to their winter sanctuaries at the coast. Interesting that they're headed to Mexico this year.

    I wish we had your cool weather! We're being walloped with monsoon after monsoon. I've been listening to Elizabeth Elliot talk about Ecuador, and thinking, yeah, that's how it feels up here.

  2. Poor Kessie (above) having to deal with Arizona weather. It'll get better, poor girl!
    Your pie looks scrumptious! WOW!
    You jogged? I'm impressed!
    We just had a short rain shower. Yay! It helps!
    Have a happy afternoon! Where did the day go?

  3. Such a sweet post. That pie looks delicious and so glad you are having some cool breezes...

  4. OH I SOO agree! The weather has been much more bearable. Nice and cool last night and again this morning. We are suppose to hit eighty today....just about perfect. That pie is a work of art in my opinion! I can almost smell it too! Enjoy your long no doubt productive week-end!

  5. I am glad it was a good day. I can almost smell that pie.

    Have you seen the birds fly this direction before? Nature is acting oddly lately.

  6. Oh you did create a great looking apple pie! Glad the weather is nice for you too.
    It was officially confirmed today that we have had our coolest summer for years and I believe them!

  7. The pie looks delicious, the weather sounds wonderful, and those morning glories are...well....glorious! I enjoyed the visit here at your blog this evening.

  8. Pretty morning glory & a yummy looking pie. I made one a couple of weeks ago and now my mom wants me to bake another one already.

  9. Ooh that pie looks good. I can almost smell it. Fresh baking makes a house smell like home. Your crust looks perfect and flaky. Good job

  10. Aww! this post was so sweet, Kim, as I am longing to get outside and enjoy fall! I think I have mentioned before, it is my favorite season. ~smile~
    Your pie looks so delicious, apple and pumpkin are my favorite pies!
    Have a happy and blessed Labor Day weekend.
    Hugs, from me!

  11. Kim i hate this drought we are limited to water just twice a week . It is a challenge but i am using dishwater on my potted plants. I can hardly wait for it to get cooler ! I love your pie . I made soup today and it turned out great . Happy Labor Day, hugs cheri

  12. That pie looks FABULOUS ... my mouth is watering. ;-) Glad that you can feel fall coming in.

  13. Kim, that pie is beautiful!! I can't wait to be able to open the windows, it's still way to hot here, 90's every day!!

  14. I love the idea of it being an apple pie kind of day. Perhaps I should be baking an apple pie too.

  15. I was just given a bunch of rhubarb and your pie is giving me ideas!

  16. Your apple pie looks so good it makes my mouth drool. You put me to shame with your jogging. I haven't jogged in years. I only run when it's raining hard and I have to get home without rain coat.

    I agree work is m lot but I'm enjoying some free time in Ottawa this morning and have been leaving comments and reading blog post I have missed when I was too busy. I can't believe how time consuming blogging is. I've spent my whole morning and I haven't even finished reading the missed blog post yet.

    I'm still drooling.


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