June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Well...Look Who Is Here...September!

Happy September! Turning the calendar in September is always a happy day for me. Even though we won't have any cool fall days for awhile, September always seems like a good jumping off place. I remember going to school and being so hot at the beginning of the school year, and having to wear shoes all day, when I had spent summer barefooted. Then about halfway through the month, I would have to start taking a sweater to school in the mornings. Even this morning, there is a coolness to the air. I can feel being human around just the corner.

 Today marks the first day of dove season around here. With so many people in this area of town now, I wasn't woke up by the sound of shotguns going off. I told Ron last night, I always got grounded the first part of September. I couldn't leave with my horse and ride out in the fields because of the hunters. I was stuck just riding in the pasture after school. For the first time today, I noticed doves sitting on the power lines. Yesterday there were so many in my back yard it looked like I had another flock of tiny chickens.

I finished a rug and got it steamed and bound. I don't know if I ever show you one that is finished. This is one of the patterns my son, William drew out for me. I am calling it " Waiting for the Master."

This is the first dog rug I have ever done. I made Sasha sit so I could draw her facial markings on the dog in the rug. I also used the white on her chest for this rug too.

I have stared at his face so much. I have another dog rug to start now. I dyed colors for it yesterday.

Can you see how I did the rug the dog is sitting on? I don't know if that is a no-no in rug hooking, but I wanted to look like that. I was looking through a book yesterday and I saw an picture of an antique rug and the person who had done that rug, had a flower she had done the same thing with her binding. I didn't feel so bad then. I always have these ideas, and then wonder about them after I have done them.

I hope you have a lovely day this first day of September.


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  1. Happy September Kim! There is a hint of change coming!
    I do love the dog rug and the colours are so warm and his face is adorable!

  2. Yippee! It's September!
    There is a charge of excitement in the air, with this new and Fall~ish month beginning :)

    Great job on the rug!! I think your buyer will LOVE it!! Love how you incorporated a bit of Sasha in the rug too !

    Have a happy day!


    p.s. Cute header and blog page background.

  3. Happy September, Kim! A lovely time of year, and it does feel like turning a corner, moving into a new season . . . our favorite of all - Autumn! In some cultures and faiths, this month marks the beginning of a new year. Your rug is sweet. I looked at your Etsy Shop - very nice. Have you ever tried a circle-shaped rug? The idea of a round rug causes all sorts of patterns and designs to spring into my mind. Maybe a border of words around the edge, a verse or saying . . .

  4. what a cute, cute rug!!

    yes, opening of dove season here, too.

  5. Yes September has arrived rather fast but I'm loving it.

    And I love that cute dog rug of yours. you are a natural at designing prim rugs. You just amaze me every time.

    Enjoy September.

  6. Oh, yes! Today is the first day for dove hunting! I had forgotten all about that! That never did affect me as a child, nor has it through the years where we have lived. My husband went with a friend one time - about 46 years ago - and brought back several that I prepared for company. My most recent years of school's beginning are from August. Here, the students have already been in school three weeks, and our grandchildren have completed two weeks where they live. xo Nellie

  7. can hardly believe it's September already; I've already been wearing flannel nightgowns. What does that say for the coming winter?

  8. I'm so happy to see September too. I love your dog rug! Your son is a budding rug designer.

  9. If Sasha is as cute as that rug, I can't wait to meet her. It is a wonderful design.

    My niece posted on FB that she woke to the sound of guns this morning. She lives down your way, too :-)

  10. Oh, and yes, I did notice how the rug under the dog changes the edge line of the whole rug, and I think that is a nice touch!

  11. Welcome September to have a wonderful climate. Routine work starts to go to school. Beautiful flower and the rug. Have a nice day and enjoy the climate!

  12. I love the colors you have chosen for the dog ! Happy September to you, Kim ;)

  13. Happy September, Kim! That dog rug - fabulous! It's not feeling very fall-like here, but it won't be long, I suspect. I'm ready for summer to be over.

  14. september and october, my two favorite months. LOVE the rug, you titled it perfectly!!!!!

  15. Hi Kim! The dog rug is darling! SO CUTE! William is a good artist.
    You are a speedy rug hooker, friend!

  16. I really like your doggie rug. REALLY sweet.

    Fall is arriving here too. It's still crazy-hot right now, but every night turns quite chilly and night sleeping with the windows open is wonderful. Happy September.

  17. Happy September to you Kim, Like you I am very glad that fall is almost here. Your rug is beautiful!, William did a great job on the design, you have a very gifted family!
    Hope all is well with you, I have been busy as usual, family visited , and did a few outdoor projects which left very little time for blogging!
    We are still dealing with drought, and extreme heat!
    So nice to visit.

  18. I'm so glad it's finally September! We have one monsoon after another lined up, so it's hot and humid all day, and thundery at night. Your dog looks great!

  19. Love your rug and border . I too like to experiment . I think who makes all the rules . The ladies who used to rug hook used what they had and i doubt if they were too fussy . Great Doggie!


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