June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ramblings With Kim

Yesterday, while out in the garden I had my phone. My phone does color better than my camera so I was able to get richer colors. I loved this dark, purple color. All of the photos on this post will be from my phone.

July is racing on by isn't it? It hit me Monday morning that this is the last week of July and August and school starting is right around the corner. I still have so many things I want to get done before school starts again. I have been in high gear ever since. Next week will be deep house cleaning, windows, blinds, fans, and every thing that can be washed cleaned or straightened. My railings and porches are so dirty and dusty. We aren't supposed to wash sidewalks or driveways. Next week though, too bad. I am washing the outside of the house.

I couldn't tell about this flower, whether it grew this way or something took a bite.

 I have been working on my summer rug. I have loved working on this rug so much.

Pattern by Buttermilk Basin
I have never been able to dye wool and get a good antique black. This week though I used that book by Barbara Carroll and  Emma Lou Lais.

Antique Colors for Primitive Rugs
90-Antique Black
I also managed to get the 1820 Sunflower rug finished and bound. In August, I always think of sunflowers.

1820 Sunflower---Pattern by Cathy Greschner

 I painted some wood yesterday, using chalk paint. Today I am making my signs. Hopefully I will have something to show you soon.

Yesterday, I got out books for the home schooling Moms. Three of the boys will be in third grade. Two of them will be in first. There will be a kindygardener. :) She told me that the other day. Of course, the youngest ones will have to be in school too. There is something exciting about getting ready for school. I can't wait to walk down the back to school aisles. There is something special about new pencils, crayons, and reams of paper. I always want to buy new pens and notebooks. Do you? I always think the most romantic speech is in the movie with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks " You've Got Mail."

  " Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils..." I love that scene with Meg Ryan is walking to the prettiest bookstore in the world with a pumpkin in her arms.

Sorry I am all over the place with this post. It has been my brain this week. All over the place.
I hope you have a lovely rest of the week. Thank you so much for stopping by today.


" If we could simply remember that this is true of everything---that God's purposes are slowly being
worked out for His glory and our good---we would, like the farmer, keep faith and wait quietly.
From A Lamp for my Feet, p.57


  1. Ah, yes, the kids have been playing "school" every morning. They're definitely ready to start. I love that summer rug!

  2. I love the school supplies, too. I must do a little browse at Target or Staples.
    Your rugs are so cute! I love the colors in the summer rug.

  3. Kim - love those morning glories - unfortunately, hubby isn't a fan and has banned me from ever planting them again - sigh! Love your two rugs - you've been busy! Looks like your antique black dye session was a total success!

  4. Are you teaching this year, Kim? I know I've missed a lot this summer, I almost hate to ask!!
    Your summer rug is my favorite, because it has a sheep, of course!

  5. You are always so busy creating beautiful things! I finished the book, BRW! She's really a good writer!

  6. Kim, loved your so callled "ramblings."

  7. we're in the midst of dog days and a blue moon is the 31st; hope the cloud cover allows us to see.

  8. love your blooms. good luck to all your grand schoolers!

  9. Pretty flowers- I hope the grandkids have a wonderful start for school. Mine are gearing up with school supplies and new clothes. When I taught first grade this was my favorite time of year- getting my room ready with fresh new decor...I truly do miss that part of teaching.

  10. I can't believe we are already Wednesday and near the end of July. I'm starting to panic because i have so much still to do and before I know it it will be time for winter mittens. Sigh...
    School seemed to just have ended and it's already time to start?

    Nice looking rugs and great primitive colors.


  11. Beautiful flowers.


  12. LOVING all you've been creating as always....soo pretty! And yest this summer is just flying by isn't it? Though time does period anymore. I used to love "back to school" though I didn't homeschool. There was just something about the whole process I loved. New shoes, new supplies, new beginnings. It all went by soo fast. And now it's amazing to me that I have TWO grand kids who are graduated from high school and moving on with their lives, and another just getting ready to start as a freshman. They were little ones just yesterday it seems.....And yet still more who are just starting pre-school, and still babies in mama's arms. Life just goes on....I miss those days sometimes but soo enjoy my kids living them now. My head is all over the place too, lol. No, we've been nice and warm but just upper eighty's and low nineties here. Goodness 110 is HOT! Don;t melt! Stay as cool as you can....HUGS

  13. The Colours are so vivid! Real beauties! And I love how the rug is coming on! You are making good progress! Looking forward to seeing your new signs!
    But over here it's too early to think about school as it won't start back until September.
    Have a lovely week!

  14. No apologies needed for being all over the place ... who am I to judge as that's the way my posts always are. ha! I love fall and miss shopping for school supplies. I think I went from being a school supply fan to an office supply fan. I still have to drag myself away from that aisle at Target. ha!

  15. Lots of good stuff Kim...and more of my flowers. What's not to love!!

  16. All over the place is fun! :) That's kind of how my life has been....way too busy! Your flowers are beautiful!

  17. Is it your grandchildren you are talking about, in those primary grades? What movie is the Meg Ryan scene in? I haven't seen it. ;-)

  18. I always get that "back to school" twinge this time of year too. I did buy chalk the other day for my new chalkboard. I envy your hooked rugs. I can't seem to get into it lately

  19. Hi Kim, great quote at the bottom. Reminds me of the verse, "Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the the Lord." Psalm 27: vs 14. Beautiful Morning Glories, I should have planted some. Maybe next year... Your rugs and blog always make me want to curl up with a good project! Ha!

  20. Wow! That is one pretty and purple flower!
    Love the summer rug, and the wool turned out so pretty!
    Summer is just flying by! Hopefully, we'll all squeeze a bit more fun out of summer, before it's gone.



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