June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Here's To Your Health---Guest Blogger

It has been awhile since I gave an update on Tangy Tangerine. I thought you might like a different version from someone else rather than me. So I turn my blog over to my other cute half. He is writing the blog today. Happy Monday! Thank you for reading.

I first found out about Dr. Joel Wallach from my other cute half, who had been listening to him on the radio. He is a veterinarian and doctor, and what he had to say was so interesting I bought his book "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" and read it through twice. He explains how mineral supplements are used by those who raise animals and that as a veterinarian and researcher he formulated vitamin and mineral supplements for many varieties of animals and eliminated birth defects, all kinds of diseases and doubled and tripled the life span of many species by doing this. He makes a compelling argument that this should and indeed does work for the human animal just as well. But we can't expect to get the essential nutrients we need from the food we eat, because the soil our food is grown in has been depleted, so we must supplement to get these essential nutrients.

This makes sense to me, so we decided to try the mineral supplement he created, "Beyond Tangy Tangerine". It was spring when we started taking it, and we started noticing little health changes. During a checkup in May my blood pressure was a respectable 116/72, perfect for my age and the lowest it has been in years. My wife's hot flashes, mood swings and other menopause symptoms went away. Her carpal tunnel pain started to ease, now she can do her rug hooking all day without the constant pain in her hand and wrist.

I work at an Engineering firm and I am used to working around top notch highly educated people every day. I rely on people who are experts in their fields, who are mechanical, electrical, civil, and automation engineers. I've read several of the books Dr. Wallach has published, and the quality of his research and work exceeds that of any person I've known. I'm no expert in the field of medicine or nutrition so I have to rely on those who are, and he has made it easy to find out what you need to get healthier. In fact, Dr. Wallach teaches how to reverse disease naturally without drugs and surgery by supporting and promoting the structure and function of the body, using science based clinically verified medical nutrition.


If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Wallach, his protocols and these supplements start by listening to the audio "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie". Contact me at ronh01 _at_ sbcglobal.net and I will send you a link to this audio, or leave a message for FarmGirl asking for it. If you are struggling with a specific health issue I would be glad to send you a link to an archived webinar hosted by Dr. Peter Glidden, a qualified medical nutrition expert who discusses that health concern.

If you want to know where to find and order these supplements go to http://zest4living.youngevityonline.com and enroll for free to become a preferred customer and get a 30% discount on the products.

If you are already taking the supplements and want to share them with your family and friends go to http://zest4living.youngevityonline.com and click Join to enroll as a member for $25, you will get the DVD and full color product catalogs, and you can even earn your supplements for free.

The company that makes these products is called Youngevity, a fantastic company that has a 30 day money back guarantee, they have been around for over 17 years, they have an A1 rating with the BBB, and are publicly traded. But most importantly, their products give results, this is something I've seen personally, and something you must see for yourself.

"It's not what you eat that kills you, it's what you don't eat. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, educate yourself and start with the Healthy Start Pack. The key to health is giving your body all 90 essential nutrients it needs."

Dr Joel Wallach, DVM ND


  1. Great article, Dad! I've been taking it, and as I mentioned before, the Tangy Tangerine supplement completely eliminated my morning sickness. Nothing has ever touched it before, so that right there has me jazzed. I've also had problems with my lips being perpetually chapped, no matter what I did to fix them. The supplement made that go away, too.

  2. another interesting perspective!!!! ps...i love your bonsai trees!!!

  3. Thank you for the verification that taking minerals is critical for good health. I learned about the miracle mineral, Magnesium, from Dr. Carolyn Dean and since then both my hubby and I have been taking magnesium malate (and sometimes Natural Calm which has Mg citrate) and it has done great things for us: no more leg and muscle cramps, back ache, shakiness, or feeling of fatigue. My pregnant daughter and DILs have taken it too and has made a big difference to their overall health. Mg can also be applied topically and absorbed through the skin. (Epsom Salt baths or magnesium oil)

    Since we are ranchers, raising sheep and cattle, I appealed to my husband's "cow instincts" and said, "If you feed your cattle mineral supplements, why don't you think they are good for you too?" I think that's what won him over to trying it.

    Great health perspective. I'll look into Dr. Wallach. Thanks!

  4. This is a very interesting read and you did such a good job in explaining the need for taking minerals....Since I am in the "mature" stage of life, I am very interested in taking care of myself so as to have the best quality of life. I will definitely be checking our Dr. Wallach...

  5. Great article and testimonial Ron. I just wish I could buy it at my drugstore as opposed to ordering it online.

    One thing that concerns me about this Dr Wallach is his vast empire. He keeps getting richer but his product is so expensive.

    He's obviously a very cleaver man and he knows how to make lots of money. His future plans seems to have no ends in site until he has everyone on board.

    Once everyone is totally sold on his products, they will surely keep putting the price up.

    I don't doubt for a minute that his products are good for the health but I'm kind of skeptic on many things that sounds too good be true.

    I have improved my overall health by simply not eating anything with soy or soy by-products as ingredients as it is found in most prepared food we buy. I eat only basic food without lots of additives and my weight has stabilized. My main complaint is my sore shoulder. I do have calcium deposit on my left socket and it can be very painful when aggravated and throwing bedding over the pen rails is hard work on my shoulder.

    I'm glad you have found some relief from pain and different ailments.

    Thanks for taking the time to inform us.

  6. Thanks. I saved the links.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I remember his book years ago and listening to him on some radio show.

  8. I'm a firm believer in minerals and supplements for all mammals, thanks for this great post!

  9. What a nice post. Ron did a great job of explaining the supplements you all take, and why you take them.
    Enjoy your good health :)


  10. nice guest post from your very special guest poster. :) i'm glad this supplement is working so well for several of you!


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