June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hanging Out Photos.

I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July. We had a lovely time with friends and family. It was a perfect day for swimming.

Ben and Megan cooked street tacos for us. It is such a treat to not have to do the cooking.
We made home made ice cream and watched fireworks.

It was a nice hot day, so there was lots of swimming and playing in the water. Here are a few pictures that Ron was able to take. Since I never remember to take pictures.

We looked out the window and here were part of them waiting for it to get dark, with their feet in the water. We thought it was just a nice picture of them just talking out by the pool.

I thought this was just a nice one so you could see all of them talking. It didn't last very long though.
They did get on their bathing suits and had quite a time doing cannonballs and splashing until it was time to light fireworks.

Ron went upstairs and took this picture from one of the bedrooms.  I liked the way the sun was slanting and you can see the whole pool and some of the back yard. My chicken coop too.

Today our two youngest sons, leave for summer camp, as camp counselors. They are going to a beach camp at a beautiful place in Santa Cruz, California. I think it is one of the prettiest places in the world. Not to mention they will be at the beach for a week. With Nik and Emilie. Nik is the youth pastor and this year he is in charge.

Guess what I am going to do? One whole week...Anything I want to!  I am having my own little vacation. Which means, I won't get anything accomplished. I am hoping I can feel like vacation, but normally I just feel guilty.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday. This is our last day of triple digit temperatures so I am looking forward to nice 90 degree days for about a week.

Have a lovely day,

“Freedom so often means that one isn't needed anywhere.”
― Willa Cather, O Pioneers!


  1. I love the pool photos! Street tacos sound yummy! Yay for a week to be relaxed and lazy! Try, Kim!

  2. Looks like lots of fun with family. Nothing better than that! :) Enjoy your mini vacation!

  3. I love the pool pictures. It's such a nice place to gather when it's so hot.
    Whoooo hoooo, one whole week of vacation.Take it, it's an order.... Life is too short not to take this free time a vacate from busyness. Get off your regular schedule and take time to rest your tired body and mind and NO GUILT PLEASE... The world will not stop spinning just because you make some time for you.


  4. The family photos and memory making are priceless, Kim! My DH is always encouraging me to take photos for my blog, I am so thankful for his encouragement, though, I haven't had much time lately to blog.~smile~
    It looks like a fun day, I am glad your temps. are cooling, we had triple digits for over two weeks, it finally left last week, needless to say we were happy and relieved, as it was playing havoc on our vegetable garden!
    Have a blessed personal vacation, and do whatever you wish!
    Much love,

  5. Sounds like a perfect 4th.
    Enjoy your "week" and try not to feel guilty as you do what you want with no obligations.
    Hugs :)

  6. I'm glad y'all had a great time.

    Enjoy your staycation.

  7. It's fun seeing a pool full of people. I bet you could hear the laughter for miles. Enjoy your weeks vacation. Hope you do lots of fun things and share. What are street tacos??

  8. Love those pictures, Kim! It looks like such fun! Do you think you will be able to make yourself do nothing next week? You always have so many projects underway that you certainly deserve some time off! xo Nellie

  9. looks like the perfect 4th. Great pictures....they made me miss our pool. Years and years and YEARS of just such similar holidays and summer days, lol. ENJOY that week off,, but I bet you keep yourself busy with something!

  10. I'm so glad Ron took that picture from above - it gives a nice and broad perspective, and with the kids there, it's very historic :-)

  11. What a fun day! I'm so happy for you to have had a great 4th of July weekend!

    Super excited for you to have a mini vacation, and just do what ever you want to do :)
    Hope the boys have a great time at camp, and enjoy the cooler temps. too !


  12. The pool looks awesome, packed with lots of happy kids!! I love street tacos, I made them twice, I call them walking tacos!!

  13. Wow, what a great crew! And a great time! AND, you didn't have to cook! That NEVER happens here. I'm jealous.


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