June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, May 29, 2015

Odds and Ends

I love short weeks, don't you? Tomorrow, twenty years ago I had our youngest son Peter. I am officially no longer a mother of a teenager. We have been raising kids for 34 years. I think, I can see the finish line right there just a bit further. I am so thankful for Peter as a little boy and now a man, he is still  Mr. Zest for Life. I am so excited to see what God will do with his life. His party will be this evening. Since he has to work on his birthday which is tomorrow.

Last night I took this photo.

 This is William and Makenzie. Just as when Nik walked through the door two years ago, and I begged God for him to please be our next son, and God did. I am once again, begging that God will bring Mackenzie to our family. We all are trying not to get attached, but we can't help it, she is such a wonderful, and beautiful girl. When Peter was going to be born and I was picking names, I wanted a baby girl named Mackenzie. Instead God gave us Peter. Now I know why, God had a better plan. I can't help it but if William and Mackenzie get married. We will be four for four, in having the most awesome people as mates for our children. Remember that verse, "Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” (Luke 6:38) I feel like this, at the goodness of God, to someone like me, who if not for God might have been the woman in Proverbs, " A wise woman builds her home. but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. (Proverbs 14:6) (The foolish part.)

While I don't share many videos on this blog, I have one I would like to share. It is called "Makenzie Photography: A Story of Triumph. 
She was in a car accident two years ago, I received the prayer request two years ago to pray for a young girl involved in a accident. We were in the middle of getting ready for Emilie's wedding, so I stopped and prayed, and was thankful I didn't know the family personally. Then I ran into another friend, a bit later who told me about this beautiful woman who was doing wedding photography. Did I know her? I didn't and didn't connect the dots. Then yesterday when she and William came in for lunch, she told me her amazing story. Last night, she asked if we would like to see the video that a friend had made of her and her story. It won the spiritual short documentary category at the second annual Outside the Box Bakersfield Film Festival. It is worth the watch.  I admit I am in love with this beautiful woman, but after watching this, and talking to her last night and hearing the rest of the story, I am enchanted and praying even more.  I just had to share this little movie because I think it is that good.

I know this is another shameful brag post. William has been so alone and his being alone was hurting my heart, I have been praying that God would send him the perfect girl and to see my prayers answered and to see how perfect they are, well I guess I am a bit giddy.
Have a lovely weekend,

" She stood in the storm,
When the wind,
Did not blow her away,
She adjusted her sails."
---Elisabeth Edwards


  1. so mackenzie is makenzie as in photographer? i tried to play the vimeo but my connection won't play hd very well.

    happy birthday to peter! and geez, no pressure on william! yikes!

  2. I'll just state the obvious and say you have been truly blessed! A mother's prayers can be very powerful. :-)

  3. it's our number one thing...we just want them to be happy, whatever their happy is!!!

    happy birthday peter!!! no more teens is good!!!!

  4. Sending birthday wishes to Peter.... hope it's a great one!!

    Cute film, starring a cute girl! She has a darling smile, and a beautiful personality. Loved that she shared her testimony of the power of prayer!
    Maybe you will get your 'Makenzie' after all.....****smile***.


  5. Happy *Birth* day to you too, Mama. It's so exciting (I think) to watch our grown kids go forward into the Big World.

  6. I hope your prayers come true, Kim!
    You have had a long run raising children...
    Happy B'Day to Peter.

  7. Hope you all have a great birthday party!
    I think it's wonderful for you as a mother to pray for your children's spouses! What a fantastic gift to give!

  8. Happy Birthday to Peter. And you make me laugh. I hope William finds the perfect girl (for him and you). :)

  9. My goodness, I got so choked up over that video. What a wonderful girl! Oh, I hope things work out with her and Will. What a sweet person!

  10. Wow! Didn't the mothering years go fast?
    I think your prayers for your next daughter-in-law are perfectly sweet.

  11. As the mother of 4 adult children I soo understand your desire to have your kids find that special someone to share their lives with. We too have been very fortunate, and I too am praying diligently for my middle son. Looks like he may have found her! I am off to watch the video now but she already sounds like a wonderful girl! Enjoy your week-end!

  12. I just finished watching the video and I just had to come back and tell you how wonderful it was...how wonderful she is...I wept though the whole thing. It was every parents worst fear, and yet every parents best hope in that you would pray your child could face such hardships with this attitude. I can see why you would want to add this wonderful girl to your family!

  13. What a beautiful girl and movie. I can see why your praying for her to be in your family. I have been where Mackenzie mom is with my daughter having MS .There is a tone in a persons voice that comes out relieving a super painful memory .i heard that in Mackenzies moms voice. When there is that moment when you are so helpless you keep praying that the outcome you want is the same as the Lords. A moms heart can feel so much pain, hugs cheri


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