June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Walking Around On a Beachy Day.

Today is a perfect beach kind of day. It is overcast and gray and foggy. All I need is the sound of the surf  and it would feel just like a day at the beach. There were even some sea gulls flying over.

Today I had my camera with me and my friend the hummingbird let me take its picture. The day is so gray though, there are no colors.

Normally, when I lift my camera, he flies away. When I lifted it today it just sat there singing its little funny song. I kept walking closer and closer until it did its little dance to tell me I was close enough so I stopped.

It had stopped singing.

It was warning me to stop, and don't come any closer.  I stopped and backed up slowly and it went back to singing. It is a very observant bird. It flies down to watch every single thing we do, it likes to be just above our heads when we are working. It has been chasing off migrating hummers. As far as I can tell I can't see that it has a mate. Birds really are very good at conveying moods, and watching them I can find when something is just not right. Today marks a year ago that I had my first eye surgery. I feel so thankful to live in this time.

Blooming Lemon Tree
Hydrangeas starting to leaf out.
Cherry Tree starting to bloom
It is a lovely morning to be walking around. I hope your day is wonderful and full of laughter. I better get this day going because today I do have miles to go before I sleep.
Happy Wednesday!

"Time is a created thing and a gift. We can't make any more of it;we can only receive it and be faithful stewards in the use of it."
---From Discipline; The Glad Surrender, Elisabeth Elliot.

" See then that you walk circumspectly,
not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time."
( Ephesians 5:15,16)


  1. love your little territorial hummingbird! so cute! and lovely blooms, too!

  2. You got some great shots of your little humming bird.
    I especially like the one in which it's flapping his or her wings.

    How I wish we had some green leaves popping out and blooms. We are under mountains of deep snow.
    It's warming up a wee bit but still feels like cold.

    Happy first anniversary of your eye surgery. I can't believe it already been a year. Wow, time is going so fast.

    Stay happy.

  3. Love the pink of the cherry tree blossoms! Husband and I had a cherry tree when we lived on the farm... the bees just buzzed all over it. Are you having bees in your area? We had a friend at church that was a bee keeper and he'd send his bees out your way to pollinate the almond tree crop.

  4. soooo much beauty today, and hope that spring is coming!! LOVE the hummer in flight!!!

  5. Wonderful pictures of the humming bird! I enjoyed seeing the signs of spring in your garden! It brightened the gray day!

  6. Wonderful photos ! Snowing like mad again here but spring is in 29 days so all could change on a dime for us weather wise here for the better lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  7. Wow, great hummingbird shots! It really does convey the grayness of the day, too. We're supposed to get some nice gray days here in a few more days. I like sun, but I do look forward to a break sometimes. Today I'm making chocolate chip cookies with mini chips, which I haven't made in years. I'm assuming every cookie will be gone by tonight. :-)

  8. Welp, I was hoping for warmth and sunshine when I got up, but I guess I'll take the clouds. I'll just start my tomatoes and peppers. Today has been full of laughter, and good little boys helping me at the grocery store. We even made a detour to the airport to look at some planes. :)

  9. I want to be a California Girl like you!!!!!! 😉

  10. Nice photo of the hummingbird...do you really have flowers blooming? They are beautiful...can you tell I'm anxious for spring over here.Great quote from Elizabeth Elliott, a good reminder

  11. The hummingbird is wonderful! A beachy day? Aw! That sounds GREAT! We're getting more snow this weekend. Weep.

  12. Oh, I like your little hummingbird friend! Those gray pictures make me think of how you might have seen before surgery, and the last colorful ones of how you see now! I'm so very happy for you!!

  13. What a beautiful post, Kim! Wonderful how that hummingbird follows you about. It was certainly not a beach-type day here! The overnight wind chill could reach -16! I don't plan to be out in it! xo Nellie

  14. How can it be you are enjoying a "beach day" ...hummingbirds...blooming flowers...while I'm enjoying another snow day...I agree with Kim...wish I were a California girl...Sending hugs...

  15. Kim...seeing leaf-budding and blossoms and blooms makes me yearn for spring even more. Tired of winter. xo

  16. Great shots of the hummer! With all the blossoms around your place, I'm sure that is one happy hummingbird :)

    The lemon blossom is gorgeous!! I love lemons, and you are so lucky to have lemons right at your fingertips!!

    Love this post.. so happy and cheerful, and full of promise for a bright Spring.



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