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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Yard Work and Such

After I wrote my post last night, I decided I was going to get some yard work accomplished today. Well unless it was raining, which it wasn't at all. It looked like this.

A blue and white puffy cloud day. With this nice fresh air and it felt wonderful to be outside.

I told you that this was going to be a project. Here is it now. A little before and after.

Sasha likes nice clean places. Isn't it nice? Now, ask me if Ron and I can move? Or stand up
or walk. We sound like old creaky gates. I hula hoed down the driveway. He decided to take the weed
eater and strap it to himself and then he raked piles while I was cleaning down the driveway and when I got
that done I came and raked and picked up piles. Elliot mowed the lawn and Ron got out the tractor and did a little tractoring and I have my first square. I have to break every thing down in squares and that way I can work and get every thing done in that square. Don't ask me why this works for my brain, but it works and I tell Ron I could conquer the world if I could do it in squares.

Then of course, it started raining. It didn't last long and we are back to a puffy cloud day.

While I was dragging a trash can through the front yard to get to the side yard, I passed my very weedy
flowerbeds. Look what I spotted.

Isn't it gorgeous? I think it is a Freesia. Just growing there pretty as a picture.

I do like surprises in my flowerbeds. I had no idea when I planted these, I don't remember them from last year but I must have planted them for Emilie's wedding.

I do wish I could work like that eight hours a day. A gardener broke down in front of the house when I was taking the trash can out to the road, you have no idea how I wanted to ask him since he was already broke down would he just like to grab his weed eater and go to work? I didn't. I just hobbled back down the driveway to put up tools.

Now I have to stand up and start making sounds like I am cooking dinner. But the way I look at it, spring training started today. Now onto March!!!


" Who bends a knee where violets grow
A hundred secret things shall know.
---A Charm for Spring Flowers," Poems Rachel Field, 1957


  1. oh my goodness, you're gonna be sore tomorrow!!! both of you crazy goofs!

  2. You're not kidding when you make up your mind to that Hula hoe. lol. The weeds don't stand a chance. Lucky you that Ron helps with this hard job. My husband is 71 and his knees are stiff so I have to weed mostly myself but it's a long way of before the weeds takes over. lol...

    It looks great. You're so lucky to have some flowers blooming already in your garden.

    I hope you'll rest some tomorrow.

  3. I would say it looks mighty good! Rest day tomorrow???

  4. That is great progress. Beautiful!

    I made breakfast, lunch and dinner and oatmeal cookies and one load of laundry. Crochet kept me awake because it was very cold today with a nice layering of new snow.

    You were supposed to do a small spot so it wasn't so rough on you. I don't listen to my own advice so congratulations on such a great showing.

    The flower is amazing.

  5. We also got a little rain, and then I took pictures of clouds and freesias - I kid you not! But then I watched a movie with my husband instead of putting my pictures in a blog post. Maybe later. <3

  6. ohmy. I don't think I would be able to do what you do. Love the photos...the blue sky and the flowers...here it is gray skies and so much snow on the ground. ~sigh~

  7. Well, good thing Sunday is a day of rest, right? :-D

  8. Wow ! I am impressed. You got right on that huge job and tackled the whole thing !!
    What an accomplishment. Better take a day off today ;)

  9. The only yard work being done in Ohio is shoveling snow. Yes, it's snowing again. Hopefully since March has come in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. One can only hope.
    Love the freesia. Spring, please come quickly.
    Hugs :)

  10. I am itching to get outside and do some yard work, but it is still too cold here and too early, and frankly, nothing to do. We are so tired of winter. That area that you cleaned up, did you pull up weeds, or did he just cut them low to the ground? It does look so much better. I'm going to help my SIL and brother clean out their chicken coop today. Have a good weekend!

  11. You are a dynamo. That's WAY too much work. I'm a sloth.

  12. Man Kim, wow, pow, you kicked it right in the butt!! I am exhausted just looking at the before and after ;)

  13. Wow, it looks great. That's a lot of work. You are going to be sore tomorrow. Have a nice hot soak in that big bathtub of yours.

  14. Oh my, putting up the tools has got to be the worst - ha! By then, I'm usually so sore, so exhausted that it's awfully tempting to just leave them wherever I left them. But a job isn't done until everything is put away right. Take care of yourself - you're going to be sore today!

  15. Wow! You guys did such a wonderful job!! I can see what a lot of work it must have been.... that is a big area to weed!!
    Sasha is a cutie-pie... too bad she can't hold a hula hoe***smile**.

    Love the flower!

  16. "Spring Training".... I like that way of thinking of your yard chores. Pretty cloud photos.


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