June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Old Tables and New Rugs

Are your weeks flying by like mine? It seems like every day there is just so much to do. I do wish we never had to eat or sleep. Think of the work I could get done. This weekend when my daughter, Emilie came over she told me how she was looking for new end tables for her house. One of the places that I watch all of the time here in town is a place called Farm Girls Vintage Finds.
 I showed Emilie a table I liked, and I never meant for her to buy it for me but she did. "She sweetly said it was an early birthday present. The only problem was could she borrow my car? " It is way out south of town and I would have never found it on my own so I was glad we went together. Imagine if you will, my pasture out back, filled with old farm junk. Paradise if you ask me.

I admit, a little rough, but aren't all dreams?
Nice legs.
Nice top, though a little warped.   
It has a drawer that needs a handle and a little work.
I also bought that those glass door knobs out there. I have a couple of projects on my brain and I need those for handles.

I want to paint it a cream chalk paint color, put a zinc top on it and a pull to match my hutch. I wanted to use it  draw rug patterns on and I can see that drawer just filled with Sharpies. It is very solid. I think in its real life it was a pastry table. Someone used it and loved it and I will bring it back to life once again. I think it is just beautiful.

I put my latest rug on it to see how big  and nice the top is to work on.

There is lots of room.

This is the rug I managed to steam yesterday and I hope to get it bound and finished today.
Pattern by Bird in Hand Primitives
I have a thing right now going on about whales, and weather vanes.

Since I have learned that I can keep calm if I bring a project with me, I made this up out of some leftover wool pennies I had and sat in the dentist office yesterday and worked on this. It is amazing how much I can get done if I just sit. I really need to assemble more little projects like this and keep them in the car.

Now I need to go play house and rearrange furniture today. My favorite thing to do in the whole world.
One of the funny things I saw yesterday at the Farm Girls place was stacks of old metal buckets. I told Emilie that when we raised " bucket calves." When I was a kid, we used those kind of buckets, you know Julia and Alica, the kind that would hook to the fence, they never worked here because the calf would always hunch (my Mama sayings)  is that the word? Milk replacer would go flying everywhere so it was just easier to hold it.
Anyway, as I looked at them,  I thought they would look nice filled with flowers hanging on the porch. :) So many as Anne of Green Gables would say, " Scope for imagination."

Have a wonderful day,

---The Book of Stillmeadow--- February

"One morning you poke your nose out and you know all of a sudden that there will be
another spring. You smell it in the air; and no matter how deep the snow is, you think nothing of it.
You dash out without your arctics and Mackinaw and catch a raging cold,
but no matter---spring is coming! TallyHo!
Gladys Taber

29 days until the first day of spring.


  1. love the old table! what a sweet gift!

  2. Oooh, that is a very nice table! It will be so pretty when you are done with it. :)

  3. Awesome table! How sweet of Emilie to buy it for you.. what a generous and sweet gesture! Can't wait to see your make-over of the table.
    Love, love the rug!! Are you putting that one in your shop? It will sell so quickly, I'll bet!!
    The buckets sound perfect, especially filled with flowers. Do you think you'll go back and buy them?

    Love the Gladys Taber quote! Yep... Spring is just around the corner :)


  4. it's what i love about knitting!!! i can bring it with me anywhere and HOPE there is a long wait when i have an appointment. i took my mom to the eye doctor yesterday and i only got one row done, i was super disappointed that we did not have to wait longer!!

    beautiful table, i quite like it!!!!

  5. What a sweet woman you raised. That table is wonderful!

  6. I had a table just like that when we moved to our new house. I love that table with a little drawer just like yours.

    I'm so glad you got that table as a gift. Perfect to work with your rugs.

    My husband left the table outside by the basement window and it rained hard all weekend on it and it got badly damaged. I was so disappointed.

    I had painted it yellow to match four chairs to bring some color in my tiny dark kitchen. I love color so much then...

    My calves have white plastic buckets. I'm thinking you're probably talking about galvanized buckets, right? I think flowers would look nice in Galvanized buckets.

  7. Very nice rug, Kim, it looks 'fresh'. I love your table. When first husband I got married, my MIL gave us an old table like yours but it had an enamel top on it... I hated it! Thought it was ugly, but now, I realized it would be quite valuable, wish I had it right now. Nice of your daughter to get you an early present! I've noticed how popular those woolie projects are now.

  8. I LOVE the table but I LOVE that your daughter bought if for you more....what a sweet thing to do i am loving your rug too, Enjoy your week-end!

  9. I can't wait to see the magic you work on that table!

  10. Oh Kim , I love your new table. Isn't it fun to dream up ways to make it your own ?
    Your hooked rug is perfect. Loving that design. Spring is 29 days away ???
    It was -1 degree in PA this morning. I can't even imagine Spring !!

  11. Loved your table, a gem in the rough.
    Show us when you finish with it!
    Love the pennies too!
    Great back ground color on that!

  12. That table will be outright awesome when you've finished with it! Buckets and rugs...more fun!


  13. This time YOU are getting rain, God willing, and we are not! But that snow that may fall in the mountains, oh, that is the thing we need! Your photo of buds at the top is so encouraging, too


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