Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today is a New Day

Yesterday was Monday, it was a blur for me. It didn't start out that way. I decided that I would get back to my walking routine again. As I walked by the pumpkin patch, I remembered that we had two empty green trash cans. As I looked at the pumpkin patch, and the pumpkins that needed to be harvested. I decided I was the crazy woman for the job. I knew I had only a limited time before the trash men came.

I grabbed my gloves, a trash can, a wheel barrow and clippers. ( Not all at once, there were trips up and back to the shed and out to the road to make sure the trash men hadn't come early.)

I began my race and for 3 1/2 hours, I pulled vines, cut pumpkins and stuffed trash cans. Then I would pull them to the road and then take a wheel barrow in the yard. I dumped the pumpkins on the grass so that I could wash them. That last trip as I put my tools away, I thought to myself, I think I might of over did it just a bit.

I left the sunflowers. The birds are very happy. I came out here late last evening and it looked like a flock of tiny chickens there were so many doves.

I have two of these wash tubs full of the tiny ones. These about did me in because I picked up and picked up and almost but not quite, wondered what on earth was I thinking planting so many of these.

Once I washed off the ones I picked I came in the house to start my Monday work. I managed to get laundry done but that was it. I had the thought, " Can you die, from picking pumpkins?" I took a shower and went to bed. Isn't that terrible. I slept for a bit and then managed to walk and get laundry done and dinner cooked. Today, I hope to get the work I didn't get done yesterday done today. I did pick tomatoes this morning.

One thing I am very thankful for, is that I can work that hard, I can push myself to my limit. Go to bed and wake up in the morning ready to do that again. It really is a gift I am very thankful for but I don't think I will be doing it for a while. I will wait until after the first frost to take out the gourds. With help.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

" For it isn't normal to always be good---
I don't think you'd want to, and don't think
you should;
Just as food tastes better with a shake of salt,
A small bit of mischief is hardly a fault.
And life would be boring, and life would be grim,
If children were all goody-goody and prim."

---Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls, William Cole, 1964


Nellie said...

Wow! What a lot of pumpkins! It is a very good harvest, though. You must be very tired today. I know I would be! xo Nellie

TexWisGirl said...

amen to good health, even as we get achier and older. :)

Pom Pom said...

You ARE a hard worker, Kim! I pulled up wandering sunflowers and hollyhocks, picked cucumbers and I was exhausted. I am a wimp!
Your pumpkins are truly gorgeous! You have so many! Does that mean fall is right around the corner? Yeep!
Good for you, doing that walking in the heat. Did you wear your "bumper"? That's what Bill and I call our pedometers.
Take care, dear one. I am leaving for the high country soon. We'll be back on Thursday. (BIG HUG!)

Julia said...

That's a good morning workout, no need to do extra exercises. You'll have enough small pumpkins for the whole family.
Amazing what a little nap can do to rejuvenate us in our older age. I'm in need of a little nap myself.

Kim said...

Wow you had a great pumpkin harvest. Your grand kids will enjoy all the little ones

Connie said...

A pumpkin patch is in my plans for next year. This year I have two vines. One is huge and one is tiny. I planted then on the same day :) Still not pumpkins, but around here I still have a couple of months:) Sounds like you got a great workout.
Keep Smiling.
Connie :)

Willow said...

You did a great job with then there punkins Farm Woman :))
You go girl !

Miss Debbie said...

You sure like hard work more than I do!! ha! ha! The little pumpkins are cute and your tomatoes are pretty!

Kerin said...

Hello Kim,
What gorgeous, beautiful pumpkins!!! It's so fun to see them this early in the season too :)
Sounds like your worked yourself to a frazzle; although I can tell from your words that you are grateful to have the ability to work hard.

Those little pumpkins really multiply, don't they??? Last year at the homestead I think we had hundreds of them. Between the baby boos, and the little jacks, we had more mini pumpkins than we knew what to do with ....* smile**.

Take it easy today, and work back into your routine slowly :)


Gumbo Lily said...

That's a LOT of pun'kins! I wonder how many pounds you lifted all total? Those tomatoes look so yummy.

My pumpkins are still very green. Not even close to being orange yet.

annie said...

good for you!
grin, even a little nap will do ya!
I confess at 5 this afternoon, there I was lying down because I hadn't slept well during the night. 15 ,min. later I woke up, but spent the next 30 min. or so trying to figure out how to get some things done in the house. The things didn't get done, but I did feel better afterwards. love all your pumpkin photos.
Will they keep until time for fall decorating in Sept. and Oct. ?

Unknown said...

You have some pretty nice product. Thanks for sharing.

Jacque. said...

ohmy...look at all those pumpkins!! WOW! Your tomatoes look so delicious.

Debbie said...

if you have your health, anything is possible. if you don't, you try harder to make things possible!!!

i really love your pumpkins and i have extreme tomato envy. so far i have gotten 4 and they all $ucked!!!!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow, you are just SO busy! You make me tired to read about all you do. ha!

What kind of tomatoes are those dark ones?

Three Sheep Studio said...

Oh my goodness, you make me laugh, Kim !!
I want that huge big tub of pumpkins !!
I know all about going ballistic just before the garbage men pick up for the week.
What a great feeling to have that work done ;)

Anonymous said...

You are right, it's a wonderful thing the way we can push ourselves to the limit and past it, and find that we recover, and often feel the better for it. I am sometimes amazed at how I recover, after feeling so. beat. Aching feet that I can barely walk on, sore joints in the hands, etc...and then, a day or two later, ready to go at it again. The human body is a wondrous thing.

Meg said...

That is the most hilariously ugly, warty pumpkin I have ever seen. You got a ton of pumpkins!! And they're all so pretty. :)